Friday, 31 May 2013

One year ago

I wrote the first part of the first story of what has become the story of An Education - so it seems fitting that today I post the tale of what was going on in the UK while the quartet of Alicia, Suzie, Jenny and Cassie were on holiday in the US.  You can read what happened While You Were Away.

We also have the third part of The Widow's Shadow - and yes this is more violent, more nasty, but the kids are out of this tale, as we meet a key character properly for the first time.

I also have two short stories from Golavus, featuring both his characters and some of mine, in his Tales of Two Penny's.

More next week, God Willing, on Thursday, but until then I remain,


Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Special Announcement from KP

If I may have your attention for a moment...
We have lost members of this community to the scourge of cancer, as we discussed recently - as I said at the time, I have lost a sister-in-law and my oldest niece to cancer, and my wife was treated for breast cancer.  I have been wondering for some time about doing something to raise funds for a group called Macmillan Nurses, who provide support in the UK for cancer patients and their family.
The problem is, I'm a writer, and unlike MCH and the others I do this as a hobby, and sell a few eBooks on the side.  I had therefore decided the time was right to pull together the stories of one of my characters, Madame X, and sell that to try and raise a few pounds.
I'm still going to do that, but I received word today that my mother has been diagnosed with anal cancer, and I think the time has come to start raising funds now.
So, for the next three months, I'm going to try and do a bit of fundraising on my own, as follows.
A) I have six books available thorugh Lulu, iBooks and The Nook - you can read about them at  Any and all funds from any sales of those books will go to Macmillan nurses
B)  One of the books, Diamond Lights and Other Stories, is also available for the Kindle at  Same deal - any funds from the sale of that goes to the charity.
C)  I rarely, if ever, take paid commissions, but for the next three months if you wish to have a story written to request for a donation I will consider it.  Contact me privately to discuss.
I want to do what I can - I hope you will support this.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Open the Soup Tin!

Mark Evanier, at his blog, has a tradition that if his work commitments means he cannot update for some time, he posts an image of a tin of Campbell's Condensed Soup.

I'm a Scot, so I'm posting this.

But the implication is the same - work commitments mean I am saying now there will be no update this week.  Join us again on Friday 31st - and have a great holiday weekend!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Sing Ding Ding Dong and La La La...

Yes, my friends, I am afraid it is that time of year again - the time of year when all right thinking music lovers head for the hills, while the rest of us enjoy the - spectacle - of the Eurovision Song contest.

Last year I posted a collection of my own take on past songs, called EuroHELP!  Well, I'm afraid I've done it again as The EuroAARGGHH Returns!  Looking at them now, I realised that I have done one song twice - but which is the better version?

You may also enjoy the nonsense that is Eurovision Nightmare...

For those whose don't like their music cheesy, how about a young lady who discovers one night that With Friends Like These, even a blind date can go wrong - very wrong.

Finally today, part 2 of The Widow's Shadow, as we learn more of Sara - much more.

As always, more next week God willing, but until then I remain,


Friday, 10 May 2013

As Mother's Day approaches

We focus this week on families - in one way or another.

Especially Heidi and the girls, as for this special time they organise Heidi's Weekend Retreat for their mothers - with a little help from Chloe in the story, and a lot of help from Suestruggles in the writing.

And there are the Craig and Holderness girls - as, for reasons inexplicable for me, I post the last part of Looking For A New England much later than I thought I had.

Ah, but what of the older Craig and Holderness women?  For some time now I have been working with Skybird to use one of his characters - one who has been dreaming of an English house, of families in grave peril, and of a ghost...  We present here the first part of The Widow's Shadow - which contains spoilers for upcoming An Education stories, and is much more adult, so read at your peril.

Back next week, God Willing as always.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Looking back on April

Yeah, yeah - this is late, and I apologise for that, but we are now in a position to look at what happened on the site during April.

4,467 people paid a total of 7,718 visits and with a total of 28,768 page views - down slightly, but it was a holiday month.  A big “Hi There” goes out to anyone from Peru, Ghana, Mauritius, Latvia and Norway, while on the home front - well, still no-one from my home town.  As for our cousins across the water - Why, oh Why Wyoming do you not like me?

Anyway - referrals, and a huge shout out to everyone who visited from the Girl Detectives in Trouble board.  As always, I was - is entertained the right word - amused by some of the search terms and the results produced.  For example...

Kp presents kicked off my shoes - A Gentleman Called...
“her gag”, “her bra”- Under The Sea 2
“Wodehouse” + “wabac” - Jayes and the Country Party
Fiction-women detectives bound and gagged - Heidi’s School Project
Headmistress gagged - Crime School
Incontinent girl - A Secured Weekend
Leather glove rope gag kidnap hand over mouth - The PantherStrikes
Mom in tie up games - Suzie’s Sleepover
Rope back tight mouth eyes - Cat With Ginger
Tied up wearing her nightie - Mission: Possible

So now - what was most popular?  The envelope please - and in terms of page hits, the results are...

  1. Babysitter in Trouble by JennyGagged
  2. Playing With The Family
  3. Guest of Honour
  4. I Missed You Too by Mordaca
  5. An Education: The Price of Friendship
  6. Screenplay: Elle’s Life Experience by Rayron D’Olier
  7. As Time Goes By
  8. A Relative Problem by Thomas Silk
  9. Grand National
  10. Rest and Relaxation by Ed Overton
  11. Mark’s Day
  12. Wrapped Up At Work

As always, when we look at average time spent on the page, the picture looks slightly different...

  1. Queenie and The Madame part 2 by Gillian B
  2. The Cat Was Cool
  3. Home Sweet Home part 4 by Gillian B
  4. The Family Cat
  5. Jubilate!
  6. Rough Diamond part 5 by Gillian B
  7. Flora MacKenzie in The Adventure of the Epping Sapphire by Gillian B
  8. MacKenzie and Marks American Tour Chapter 6 by Gillian B
  9. The “Captive’s” Place and the Real Captives by Mordaca
  10. Tales of An Old Cat
  11. Rude Awakening 2 by Mordaca
  12. Tales From a Small Town part 1

Join us tomorrow as Heidi and the girls celebrate Mother’s Day - but until then, as always, I remain,


Friday, 3 May 2013

Closing a gap

This week, the story of the Craig and the Holderness families finally catches up with the American trip, as they celebrate The Birthday Party for one of the girls - but which one?

Tull has sent in another tale of his friend Ray, and Ray's friend Wendy, as they discover there are just Too Many Robbers.

And as for Kirsty and her family, their plans for a family meal out are scuppered when they are "persuaded" that Staying In is better.

I'll do the review of April on Monday, but as May Day has just passed you may enjoy Queen Of The May.

More next week, God Willing, including how Heidi celebrates Mother's Day.  But until then, I remain,