Wednesday, 30 June 2010

To round off June

Let's round off the story of The Salesman comes, as Madddogmk1 provides the final chapter.

I also have a new story of Dottie, or at least the first part of Dottie's Arabian Nightmare. There are embedded links to some photos, and on that a quick word to Dottie - I'm having trouble loading up one of them at this point. You will know which one, and I'll find a way round it later.

Finally, the fashion of the high street has got me giving the WABAC machine a prod, with the result that I offer for your delectation and amusement Seventies Bound 6 - subtitled Maxi(mum) D(ist)ress. You'll see why when you read it...

Please let us have your comments, suggestions and criticisms. I'll talk to y'all later.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

All right then....

Let's see.... Special story for Canada Day, check.... Penultimate chapter of The Salesman Comes, check... Rayron D'Olier, check... New Reflections tale, check.

I think we're ready for - I'm sorry, you were asking about something? All in good time, all in good time.

First, around about 4th July last year I promised that this year I would do a story set around Canada Day - and I like to keep my promises. So, please enjoy the tale of Four Seasons in One Day. Yeah, I know Crowded House are not Canadian - but I like the title.

Next, I have a tale of someone watching events unfold from Under the Table - with a little twist in the tale.

Then, I offer the last but one chapter of The Salesman Comes, as Detectives Orbach and Hirsch fill in a few more blanks.

I think that's... oh yeah, you're right, one more announcement.

Ladies and Gentlemen, examine if you please the following drawing.

This is the work of one Rayron D'Olier, well known artist of justifiable fame and appreciation, but what you may not know is he also writes stories on a similar theme. KP Presents has been fortunate enough to obtain permission to reprint some of his stories, previously only seen in sites like Tied and True Tales, and we begin today with the tale of the Perils of Snooping.
More to come from Rayron, and others, next week.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I'm making a small change

to the index page, in anticipation of something later this week.

Heh, heh, heh...

Monday, 21 June 2010

Happy Solstice!

The good news is today is the longest day of the year.

The bad news is the days get shorter from here, so I have a chalenge for you, if you are willing to accept it.

It's simple, really - tell one person you know about this site, and send them the URL ( inviting them to drop in. They will be most welcome.

In fact, tell them that on Thursday they will be able to see the full story that this is an extract from :-

The clock was striking ten as the party sat watching Groundhog Day on the large television screen. June had her arms round Winter as they sat there, comforting each other while Fallon sat between Maurice and Jacques. Miss Grey sat looking at some sheets of paper, while April sat mutely looking on. A length of rope had been tied around her wrists bindings and then passed between her legs, pulling her skirt slightly between them, before the loose ends were secured around her ankles. Her scarf had been pushed into her mouth, the ends sticking out.

“Well, I did tell you to be quiet,” Miss Grey said as she looked over at April, and then at her daughter and granddaughter. “We are watching her,” she said in answer to their mute query, “and I promise you, you will all be fine. Ah, the film is finished – Maurice, why don’t you go and arrange some coffee with the charming Fal.”

“I don’t drink coffee this late at night,” June said, “It keeps me awake.”

“Ah, but I want you awake,” Miss Grey said as she stood up and walked over to April. “Will you be quiet now,” she said, and the older woman nodded as she looked up. Gently removing the scarf from her mouth, she placed it in a clear plastic bag as April whispered “Thank you.”

“Jacques, please release her from her bonds,” Miss Grey said to the remaining man. “I think she would appreciate the chance to – freshen up and change her clothing for something more comfortable.”

“What’s going to happen next,” Winter asked as she watched the man take a penknife from his suit pocket and cut the ropes around April.

“We will all have our coffee, and then you will all have the opportunity to wash and change your clothing. After that will be a pleasant surprise.”

“Pleasant? What do you mean by that?” June was getting angrier, only to be surprised as her mother stood up and touched her on the arm.

“This could be a lot worse, dear,” she said quietly, “Let’s just see the night through and get this over with.”

“Excellent advice, April,” Miss Grey said as the door opened and Fallon brought in a tray of steaming mugs. “I should thank you, Fallon, for your hosting duties tonight.”

“I don’t have a choice, do I?” she replied as she glared back at the woman, who just smiled. “Nevertheless, thanks are in order. Now then, These two gentlemen will watch you while I escort April to the bathroom and her bedroom. Please, sit nice and quiet and don’t try anything foolish – they know what to do, right boys?”

Not to mention this :-

The chair she was pushed into was partly hidden by a couch that was between it and the table, but I could see her legs kicking up and down as the man with the knife held stood to one side of her and leaned over. The whimpering had turned into muffled speech, which sounded to me like “dnt hrt...”, but that was followed by a sound I had never heard before. It was as if my friend Robert had decided to walk over rough sandpaper, the way it scratched and tore. I looked at the other man and saw he had something shiny in his hand that seemed to be growing in length before he too leaned over.

Jenny screams, and then goes silent again as the ripping continues. After a few minutes, I see the man kneel down and take her ankles. She’s still wearing those red leather boots she likes – the ones with a tassel down the back and that go higher up the front of the bottom of her legs. I like playing with that tassel sometimes, but right now I can hear the ripping again as the man passes the shiny thing around her ankles, the length of it growing and shrinking as the ripping continues.

So I won't - but feel free to tell your friends.


Friday, 18 June 2010

Please, join me in welcoming

the man known as Tull to our growing list of contributing authors. He was the one who made the suggestion that led to the story called No Parking, and offers for your consideration the tale of An Unathorised Withdrawal. Please, make him feel welcome.

We also have a very new story from Mordaca, which I know you're going to love, called Just Hopping Around...

And from me, a tale for midsummer with a couple of old friends as they get involved in a Summer Ball.

Now, I have a couple of new tales to finish off for next week, including a long standing promise for those of you north of the 59th Parallel...


Friday, 11 June 2010

Trying something new here

We have a bit more flexiblity now in the design of the blog, so let me know what you think of this new look.

On the other hand, I'm having real fun updating my site today - it seems to be slower than a Geordie down the Bigg Market in Februrary to realise how cold it is - so this is me telling you of the two new stories today here first.

As promised, a nic elong tale that is a sequel to a previosu entry, called A Girl in Every Port - and there are embedded links to the pictures that inspired the tale as well.

Also, the first in a new series of Noir tales by Mordaca called The Doppelganger Affair.



Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Some visitors dropped in

First of two updates this week - on Friday a new photo story, but for now enjoy these two.

The time is near to wrap up the story of The Salesman Comes, so it's appropriate that Madddogmk1 has returned with the next chapter, as the full scale of the operations of the gang is made clear.

Secondly - well, have a look at the picture to the left. It's by an artist over at DeviantArt called Dravuor, and provides the inspiration of a tale I had to call How Boring.

See you on Friday.


Thursday, 3 June 2010


You know how it is - every so often, events at work or home conspire to stop you getting done what you had planned. So it is this week - I have three stories nearly ready, but not ready enough to post up here, so this sadly has to be a skip week. My apologies to all.

Let me instead point you to a couple of seasonal tales you may have missed. For example, it's now June, and soon will by the summer solstice. I have something special lined up for that this year, but last year I offered the tale of Midsummer Bound.

The WABAC machine likes to spend time in long hot summers as well - try, for example, the second of the Seventies Bound series, or the tale of the Summer of Fear.

Summer, of course, means swimsuits, so here's a tale of swimsuits and American Beauty.

Do enjoy these, and I promise I'll be back next week with all new tales - including a possible and very special contribution.


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Merry Merry Month of May!

So, as May passes out and June leaps in, how did the site fare last month?

Thanks mainly to the nominations for the Bondage Awards, and other things, we saw an increase in visits to 2,907 visits and 15,799 page hits from 1,375 people. On the awards – although we did not place in the top ten in either category, my thanks to those who may have voted in either best writer or best free site – your support was appreciated.

Said visitors came from 57 countries – and new this month seem to be Mexico, Bolivia, Slovenia and Luxembourg. Welcome to you all and the new visitors from Australia and India as well! Just as a passing comment, when I look at the US map on my tracking software, there are six states that I got no visit from – South Dakota, Hawaii, Alaska, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana. A site like this, I would have thought my problems may be in the “Bible Belt”, but places like Louisiana, Missouri and Alabama are the most popular...

Referrals from a lot of places, but as always the most intriguing to me are some of the search terms that point people to the stories – including this month...

Tickling lena armpits – The Bad Girls
Ladies securely gagged for complete silence – Bound with a View, Garage Sale
Leather knee length boots gagged – Moral Freedom, A Serving of Fear
True crime photographs of bound & gagged women burglary victims – As Real As In Fiction
Maid gagged contract rope – Audition
Girl kidnapped captive basement bound gagged – The Sorority House Raid
Robbery tied gagged in girdle stockings – Danger: Dominique
3 handkerchief roll shove into her mouth gag – The Faithful Bloody Maria
Aunt Mary’s black nylons – Jury Service
Blindfolded gagged burglar story long hours ordeal – Occupational Hazards

As for the stories themselves – the ten that had the most hits were: -

She’s The One
Wedding Belles
A Family Affair
The Captive’s Real Trouble by Mordaca
How I Bagged A Cougar
The Phony Birthday Cake Girl by Mordaca
Queen of The May
Award Night
Garage Sale
Cat on the top

If you look at it in terms of how long people read the stories for, however, the top ten are: -

The Bad Girls by Mordaca
Occupational Hazard by Gillian B
China Dolls
The Faithful Bloody Maria by Mordaca
Big Dan Had An Idea by Mordaca
It’s Just A Game
Bad Deal by Mordaca
The Kidnappers that Weren’t by Mordaca
Flora MacKenzie and the Millennium Bug by Gillian B
A Little Coco at Bedtime by Gillian B

Which is nice.

More on Thursday hopefully.