Sunday, 22 April 2018

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Okay - two months.  Two freaking months, and I am so sorry it has been that long.  You deserve an explanation - especially if you do not follow me on Twitter or DeviantArt.

After the last post, I was told I was one of a number of people at my place of employment been considered for redundancy, and I had that process to go through.  That was one thing - then, just as I got that completed, my mother in law fell ill, and after a short illness passed away.  While that was going on, they made their decision - and this week I was put on three months notice.

So all that meant I was - distracted, hence the lack of updates here.  I'll try and do better.

But I also have an appeal - any funds raised from my eBook sales at  for the next few months will go to McMillan Nurses.  I have new books there, including an Objects of Beauty collection - please visit and consider giving.

And talking of Objects of Beauty - are you ready for a Mature Selection?

We also have Jay Edwards and Mrs McPhee spending a Japanese Day

And some Japanese Lessons.

Amanda Lu wraps up Sibling Bonding

And finally, the Crime of the Century in the last part of Two Weddings and a Robbery.

I have a funeral this week, but I hope, God willing, to be back in two weeks.  Until then, I remain,