Friday, 29 August 2014

Summer is nearly over

but the new stories keep coming - including the latest collection on the site of Mother and Daughter Moments.

By the by, if you are the sort of person who likes the tales collected in one place and not on a web page, then by the kind people at Lulu we now have Tales of the Games Player - also on iBooks, and other fine eBook vendors soon.

Next up, please welcome back Mordaca with a tale simply called Busted!

We also have the latest offering from the DiD Channel, in this look at what happened In Olden Days.

Finally for the new stories, the robbery at the art show carried out by the Pussycat Gang has caused some ripples, and we begin to see them in part 1 of What's Old Pussycat.  Part 2 next week.

Now, housekeeping - voting for The Bondage Awards close Midnight Pacific Time Sunday, so if you haven't cast your votes, please do so - and include us in your considerations.

I'll be doing a review of both July and August next week.

Finally, I've realised i neglected some old characters recently - for reasons I'm not going into here.   So expect to see new tales of Jayes, Dottie and other over the next few weeks.

As always, that is God willing, but for now, I remain,


Friday, 22 August 2014

and now they are unpacked

Welcome back, and I hope you enjoyed the break.

We start today with the first part of a tale of Sibling Bonding by Amanda Lu.

Next up, Jenny Craig is on holiday for Easter - but she also has to gain some Work Experience.

As for the ladies of the Pussycat Gang, they are about to enjoy two holidays as they prepare for the time for Giving Thanks.

And as an extra-special treat, why not read the extract from Society! Magazine.

Finally, the man who is most definitely Not a Robber strikes again, this time in The Hotel.

There are ten days left to get your votes in at the Bondage Awards, so please, vote for us if you think we deserve it.

Finally, we return next week, as always God Willing, with a very special tale.  Until then, I remain,


Friday, 1 August 2014

The bags are packed

But before I go on holiday, some new stories for you.

Or in the first case, half one, as Heidi, her friends and their mothers go on holiday in part 1 of Heidi's Mystery Trip.  Warning - spoiler for upcoming An Education tale in here.

Meanwhile, The Pussycat Gang say farewell to Shirley and the others, as things return to normal - as normal as it gets for these ladies, as the prepare for The Safe Bet.  Please note some people may find some content upsetting.

And as for Madame, she looks into A Case of Identity with the help of John Jacobs.

John also offers some stories of his past as The Cat Curls Up.

Honestly, you'd think I plan these things out...

Finally, some light relief as two much loved cartoon worlds meet in Possible Response.

Please, keep voting for us in the Bondage Awards  - voting continues until the end of the month.

And I think that is it, please all keep safe and well, and I will return God Willing in the third week of August.

Until then, as always I remain,