Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Bondage Channel Kowasky

A few people have written to me and asked if I know what has happened to this popular site. All I know is this - my browser is blocking the site and saying it has been infected by some sort of malware.

That has happened to this site before so (a) I suspect Kowasky knows, and (b) it may be a difficult thing to fix. When they hit me, I had to delete the infected page and reload it, but my site is ridiculously simple - his is not.

If I hear more, I'll post here. For now, I can only pray it can be fixed quickly.

Friday, 25 November 2011

If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

then imagine what pictures these two paint in your mind.

For example, this is Mrs Patricia Roung, sitting down in a rather tatty chair for what she believes is an interview for a more senior position at the bank she works at. Unfortunately for her, but not necessarily for us, she is actually attending an Interview For A Kidnapping, in the latest tale in the Chase Files. As always, we have links in the text for more photos that continue the story...

On the other hand, many of you may recognise the photo on the right. This is a real classic, but I discovered recently the photographer now concentrates on 3D rendering, and is known in the DeviantArt community as Detstyle. He recently put this and three other photos up on his page, just as I was plotting out a little tale for the day after Thanksgiving. With his kind permission, I took those photos and used them for inspiration for a tale that just had to be called Black Friday.

For my third story today - well, I heard a certain song on the radio last week, and it just would not get out of my head, as it inspired the tale of one woman who said in her story And Then He Kissed Me.

One more tale I want you to be pointed to today - No Parking. Why? Because next week we will have the sequel, penned by Tull, as well as a new and rather different tale of Coco and Soo, and maybe something from me.

Until then, I remain,


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Finally, for this week.

Please join me in welcoming back Tull, who has provided two new stories for the site. The first appears today, as he tells the tale of The Felony at Flintwick Hall. The second - coming soon...

I also have a tale of The Five Marys for you, as five women are kidnapped for some reason. Why? Read the tale and find out.

Finally, as it is Thanksgiving next week, I draw your attention to a seasonal tale called Thanksgiving Turkey from the archives.

Normal service, or what passes for it around here, will be resumed next Friday.


Monday, 14 November 2011

Favourite Stories

I have been neglectful in posting here that you selected, with the help of friends over at DeviantArt, Case X as your favourite Madame X story and two favourite Gentlemen Robber stories - Like Mother, Like Daughter and The St Monica's Ladies Circle. Thank you for that - now help me pick a China Dolls story for my big project.

In return, you can read the next part of Project: Dottie - one more part to go on this, I think, and then the next time you see Dottie it will be with a very special guest star...

Also, I offer for your consideration a short Relative Perils story called The Warmdown - you will see why when you read it.

Back Thursday with a couple more stories.


Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Special Announcement

Today, I offer one new story, but it is both timely and long planned. Allow me to explain.

Popular to some belief, KP Presents does plan out a schedule of stories. Back in January, for example, Doctor George and I discussed the stories that have appeared around Soo and Coco, and how they could fit in with other plans I had, including an idea I had for a story with Ginger Cavanuagh. At this point, a light bulb went off in both our heads.

From that point, and the realisation of when Armistice Day was. we planned and prepared, and the result is the story you read today, called Remember Them. It's a co-effort by myself and Doctor George, with input from Ed Overton, and is a slightly different tale from the norm with a message for all of us. I offer it as a smal tirbute to those who paid the supreme sacrifice.

Why today? Because we do need to remember and pay tribute. I'm an Army Brat, whose father saw service in the European theatre of war, including going over on D-Day+1, Arnhem and liberating a camp of some small infamy. Other members of my family have served their country, and although for good reasons I chose not to I still honour them and all others who have seen war for our freedoms.

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year, take two minutes and pay silent tribute.

Next update Monday, Thank you for listening


Friday, 4 November 2011

The Midnight Caller

It happens once in a while, but this is one of those days in KP Presents, as we open up a new wing for stories. This one actually arose out of working on the latest Chase Files story, which introduces a man known as The Midnight Caller. What it does is open up the potential for a series of stories, set in the past or present, featuring him visiting a lady of choice.

With that in mind, read the story, especially the form he uses, and if you want to suggest a possible candidate for a visit let me know. His preference is for mature women in a stable relationship, who dress well and have a good background. You will get the idea from the story - let's see if any ideas come forward.

What else do we have today? A couple of years ago, I wrote the story of the day The Gentlemen Robbers encountered The St Monica's Ladies Circle. Today we offer a sequel to this tale, called The St Monica's Ladies Day Out - a day I'm sure they will remember for some time to come.

We also return, after a break to the story of Portrait of a Lady, as Madame X gets her revenge on Master.

Finally, welcome back please Golavus with a new tale of Sara Phillips, entitled Sara's Internship.

I leave you with two words that will be explained next week - Remember Them.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The nights are drawing in...

The clocks went back in the UK this week, and suddenly it feels as if Autumn is here and Winter is just around the corner. Even as I type this, however, I’m aware of what has happened on the Eastern seaboard in the US – not a nice thing at all.

So October has been and gone – what happened at KP Presents this month? Well, we had 6,627 visits from 3,845 visitors – an increase on September of just over 2%. Not to be sniffed at, that. Those visitors viewed a total of 31,852 pages, and I hope they all found something to amuse them on at least one of the pages.

So where did they all come from? As always, a plethora of countries, but a special shout out to New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Luxembourg, Japan, Ghana and the incredibly popular “Not Known as the tracking software can’t find out.” Looking at the UK, still no closer to my home town (hint – at least two of my stories make direct reference to it), while in the US we got every state except Alaska, Wyoming and – South Dakota. If I was a vulnerable person, I’d begin to worry they did not like me there...

As usual, the referring sites threw up an interesting mix, although I’d still love to know how I get referred to from financial sites. Ah, but what of the search terms? Let’s look at some of my favourites this month and where they led...

The ropes pulled up her skirt and pressed against her pantyhose – In Dad’s Footsteps

Denise scarf bound – Abigail’s Secret

Mmmppphh – Sorority Rites part 2

Gagged by kidnapper – Forced to Play The Game

Handgagged mom daughter – Sunday Best

Stocking masked woman – Ladies in Red

Both legs pushed into one leg of the tights – Moving Day

Bound gagged grunt – Danger: Dominique!

Lying hands tied behind gagged with her own panties – The Drama Queen Takes A Detour

Remove+bra+robbery – No Witnesses

Shop bound gagged tricked – McKenzie and Marks in Underground in Austria, Chapter 10

Young girls screaming into her gag struggling – Bouncing Baby

So, to the final countdown – and in terms of page hits, the top 12 stories this month are: -

  1. Ball Tied
  2. Private Cheers
  3. Appraisal Part 1
  4. Wedding Day Blues
  5. Indecent Proposal Chapter 5
  6. Going Solo by Doctor George
  7. A House Haunted by Cops by Mordaca
  8. Brat Camp 2 by JennyGagged
  9. Hunting for the SNARK
  10. Perils of Snooping by Rayron D’Olier
  11. Cat on the Prowl
  12. Tales from a Small Town part 1

If we look at time spent on the page, however, the top stories are...

  1. Rough Diamond part 3 by Gillian B
  2. St George’s Day
  3. Incidents After a Way Too Successful Job by Mordaca
  4. The Black Wolf’s Land Excuse by Mordaca
  5. Elder Cats
  6. Queenie and the Boxer part 2 by Gillian B
  7. Indecent Proposal part 2
  8. Rude Awakening by Mordaca
  9. The Inconvenient Witness by Mordaca
  10. Jayes and the Masked Marvel
  11. Flora MacKenzie to the Rescue by Gillian B
  12. The Ties That Bind by Mordaca

So what to expect this month? More from Chase and Dottie... A very special tale from Doctor George and myself... We return to Portrait of a Lady... the St Monica’s Ladies Circle face another unexpected crisis... and the usual nonsense. Stay tuned until then - and I'll add the links to the stories identifed by search terms later...