Thursday, 31 May 2012

Come, Celebrate With Us

This weekend marks the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, as well as been half term in the UK, and a two day bank holiday.  All of which is a way of saying (a) I'm taking a week off next week for a battery re-charge, so no update before the 11th of June, and (b) I have a bumper package of very special stories for you.

So let us begin the celebrations by welcoming back Mister Tall and Mister Small, in a tale appropriately called Jubilate!  I need to mention a couple of people from FetLife here - first, PetSilkenVixen, who asked to be part of a Gentlemen Robbers story and is the inspiration for Christyne.  Secondly, Detstyle kindly allowed me to use one of his photos as the inspiration for Diana's story in this tale.  My grateful thanks to both of you.

Next up - Barb, who we first met in Quietly, is on holiday in the UK as well, but sadly for her some visitors mean her trip becomes Barb's Binding Holiday.

What else can I tempt you with?  How about the latest chapter in the story of Heidi Strong?  Following the events outlined in Heidi's Surprise Trip and Joanne's Study Group, Heidi, Cindy and Dorothy have some issues to deal with - issues that lead them to experience Heidi's Group Therapy.  At the same time, one of Heidi's friends is going to make a shocking discovery...

Finally, Golavus, the writer of Sara Gets Dolled Up, has graciously allowed us to reprint his latest story here, called The Kidnap Club.  I hope you enjoy it.

Wherever you are, have a peaceful week, and I will see you all again the week beginning the 10th of June.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Looking for a particular story?

Trying to find any stories where the victim is bound with stockings?  Wondering if I have written about a kidnapped bank teller?  Trying to find that elusive tale of the mother, daughter and granddaughter held in a home invasion?  Where on earth do I stuff dirty rags into the woman's mouth?

Well, I'm not sure where they are - but you can find them now using the search facility on the index page of the site.  I'm using a free version, so you will have to cope with annoying adverts on the search results page, but I hope you all find it useful.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Sorry I'm late this week

but I'm here now with three new tales.

First, the sequel to The Awakening and What Are Sisters For?, as Lesley discovers a new and exciting Career Path.

Next up a new instalment of In Their Own Words.

Finally, to mark the Eurovision Song Contest this week, I've re-written five winners in EuroHELP!!!  I also wish to point you to the Eurovison Nightmare.

I've also updated the link to Captain Kidnap's new site here at blogspot.

Next week - celebrate the Jubilee with the Gentlemen Robbers and Barb.  See you then.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bondage Awards 2012!!

Nominations are now open for the 2012 Bondage Awards, after a skip year.  You can post your nominations by going to - and although I hate pushing myself, the categories of Bondage Blog, Bondage Story Site and Free Bondage Site are all ones this site could appear in.

There's also a category for Best Bondage Writer, and I'd encourage you to nominate anyone from this site you feel is worthy.

You have until Midnight July 15th to get nominations in - good luck!

Friday, 18 May 2012


A time when most sane people are asleep - unless, of course, they have business to take care of, and places to go, people to see...

Like, for example, The Midnight Caller, as we finally get round to presenting another tale of his exploits, this time telling of when he visited a woman called Gloria.  This is not for the young or easily offended - so most of you should enjoy it.

For those of a more gentle disposition, may I recommend the tale of a mother and daughter, who after a day riding find out they have to go Home In The Range with an unexpected guest.  This one's for PatThePainter...

Finally, Amanda Lu would like to invite you to a lesson in How To Restrain Your Victim.  Mild warning - young damsel in this tale.

I've also updated the link to my DeviantArt page, and added one to a game you might like, in the Links section.

Next week - not sure, but in two weeks time The Gentlemen Robbers will help us celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in their own way.

Please vote in the two polls to the right for the next stage of Ginger Cavanaugh's tale.

Finally, coming soon to an eBook vendor near you - The Story of Heidi Strong

I remain, as always,


Friday, 11 May 2012

Welcoming Back Old Friends

This week, please welcome back JennyGagged, with a prequel to Brat Camp 2 that tells the story of two girls and their teacher, Miss Pringle.

Also welcome back after a long absence John Jacobs, aka The Cat, as he tells of the times he ended up Playing Cat And Mouse.

Finally, there's a new show on the DiD Channel, called In Their Own Words.

God willing, next week on KP Presents - the return of The Midnight Caller.

As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas - especially for poor Ginger in her current predicament.  I have this horrible feeling a couple of mothers and daughters are going to get caught up in her situation...

Be Seeing You,


Friday, 4 May 2012

The Road to Today

I published this over at my DeviantArt page a week or so back, at the request of a group owner, but I thought I would share it here as well.

 I've been asked on a number of occasions a deceptively simple question – why?  Why do I write the stories I do, where does the motivation come from, and what led to a nice, ordinary guy like moi writing the type of stories, and appreciating the sort of art that appears here?  I've cited the three major influences several times, but perhaps now is the time to put it down in more detail.

In my case, there is no definitive "wow" moment, but a gradual learning and appreciation – and we have to go right back to my early years for the start.  Given I'm approaching my fiftieth next year, that means the late 60's, and British television, which in my case meant one thing – Emma Peel.

Yes, if I'm been honest again, The Avengers was a very early influence, and the sight of Diana Rigg in green leather (black and white filming) stays with me even to this day.  It wasn't just her, however – before that there was The Saint with Roger "The Living Eyebrow" Moore, and over the next few years, the production house of Lew Grade at ITC also gave us series such as The Baron, The Persuaders, The Strange Report, Department S and Jason King.  All these series had several things in common – exotic locations, fast living, and beautiful women in sexy clothes who managed to find themselves in distress.  To the impressionable mind of the young KP, growing up on a council estate in Central Scotland, it was an education and a half, and I would watch and ask myself what I would do to rescue them if I was there.  How that led to writing about how they got into that situation – well, I'll get to that.

The second great thing I found was comics – to be specific, the comics been produced by Marvel and DC in the mid-seventies, when heroes were heroes, and women were there to be hostages to the villains and crooks.  It was a golden era, with writers like Deny O'Neill, Marv Wolfman, Mike Fleisher and Steve Gerber, teaming with artists like Jim Aparo, Gene Colan, John Romita and Frank Robbins to depict the tales.  Mainstream titles like Lois Lane mingled with Spiderwoman, or Adventure Comics with The Spectre would rub against Guardians of the Galaxy – and the covers!  My god, the covers were designed to catch the eyes of the teenage boy, especially one like me.

And that was just the American comics – the British scene of weekly publications was even more wild and varied.  I also have older sisters, so it wasn't just the war and sports comics I read – it was titles like Judy, Bunty, Jackie, Misty  -and those titles seemed to focus even more on the Nancy Drew and "girl detective" genre as well.  It was an eye-opener, with page after page of the plucky young girl either been held hostage by the bad guys, or kidnapped and forced to work for or dance for cruel masters.

So I was watching television, reading comics – but not just comics.  My school education was eclectic and far covering, so while I was focusing on sciences and mathematics I was also studying things like History and English – and been introduced to masters of the art such as Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens, P G Wodehouse, Wilkie Collins, F Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway – the list goes on and on, and I devoured it all.

All these things sitting there, percolating away in my over-stuffed brain, and I knew the sight of a girl tied and gagged was arousing to me.  What pushed me into the world of appreciation more was when I discovered (on attaining the correct height) the Detective Magazine, and the covers that adorned them.

I attended University in Newcastle upon Tyne, and in the Grainger Market there was (and still is) an old bookstore.  They used to stock collections of these magazines, and it was a Mecca for me to look through, wondering what the back story was behind the pictures depicted at the front.  I'd but and read them, but I also started to make up my own back stories to explain how they ended up in that situation.  I never wrote them down, but kept them secret.  Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...

That was the situation for many, many years, my hobby been a quiet secret, but built up quietly.  So what moved me to start writing, to put some of the tales down on paper?  When did a private thought become a public property?  Blame two things...

The first was Yahoo groups, which I discovered a few years back and wanted to participate in.  In one small group, I was asked if I could share some photos, but I didn't have that much at that time to share – or a private computer to share them on.  So I offered to write a couple of stories instead.  I'd never, ever written a story like these ones, so I wasn't sure if it would work, but I put two down on paper - Like Mother, Like Daughter and Goose Fair.

I posted them, fearful of what the reaction would be, but to my eternal amazement I got a very positive response, so I wrote another story.

And another one.

And another one.

I discovered two things – for whatever peculiar reason, people seemed to think I was good at this, and I enjoyed finally getting my ideas down on paper.  Eventually, I set up my own Yahoo group and put my stories there.  That was a popular group, but I fell afoul of Yahoo three times.  After the third time, I decided enough was enough, and started my own story site.  Six months later, that was moved to the current location, and KP Presents is now in the fourth year of existence.

It was shortly after that I joined DeviantArt, initially to provide another route of access, and I discovered the like of David-Presents, Nid311 and ThePhoenixKing, and many others over the last few years.  They have encouraged, offered constructive criticism, and otherwise supported, and this amateur thanks you for that.

Over time, my style has changed a great deal, and I've experimented with new ideas – some of which have worked, some have not.  To my continuing amazement, that level of popularity has been reasonably well maintained, even when I've written tales in a much harder and more 'probing' style.

My proudest moment?  I'm not really sure, but I think one of them has to be The Chocolate Cat - that helped re-introduce a much loved character to our world.  Another has to be The Three Ages of Gwen - my most popular tale here by a country mile, and some day I may figure out why.

So there you are – definitive proof that a childhood misspent can lead to something entertaining, and not too embarrassing, in the end.  Every day I learn something new – and hopefully you can take that lesson too.

Now, if you will forgive me, I can hear Jayes, Heidi and others knocking on the door, with more tales to tell...

Is It Safe? Is It Secret?

Sorry - I was at the dentist's yesterday, and somehow that film always comes back to me.  It also got me thinking of another possible story, but that's for the future.

For now - last week we published the latest story of Heidi Strong, called Heidi's Surprise Trip.  Well, that only told half the tale, and for the other half you will want to read Joanne's Study Group.  I need to give out a PG17 warning for this story, as it contains themes of a sensual nature.

At the other end of the spectrum, we join the lads round the table for another beer and story session on Poker Night - and I've linked to the photos that illustrate their tales.

Tull has sent another adventure of Heather Drummond, our favourite WPC, for your entertainment, called WPC Drummond Is Home Alone - Or Is She?

Anybody wash their face in the morning dew on Tuesday?  No?  Well, here's a tale I wrote a year or two back of Queen Of The May.

I've a second blog post coming soon after this, fro your amusement, but I'll be back with more tales (including the return of JennyGagged) next week.


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Short Summary for a Short Month

Given I was away for much of April, the viewing statistics for the month don’t look too bad - once I figured out how to use the new reporting system for this.

So, in summary, we had 7,642 visits by 4,189 visitors, viewing a total of 29,387 pages - more visitors, less pages, but also less stories this month, so that’s good.  Looking at the demographics, we give a big shout out this month to visitors from Qatar, Jersey, Uruguay, Lebanon, Vietnam and Israel.  Looking closer to home, still no closer to anyone from my own home town, while in the US we have the usual two states proving a little difficult to break into.

From a referral viewpoint, it’s good to see more people coming from Dreambooks to have a look in.  I think that’s a good thing to encourage.  As always, however, the real fun is when we look at search terms such as...

Chair tied woman gurgling and grunting through a gag attempting to speak - A Wellness Day
Gagged with 4 layers silk scarves - Wrap Up Warm
I saw her wearing a stocking mask and leather gloves - Waiting For Father
Rope no slack knots out of reach her fingers - Navy Wives
Bandits tied her up - Holiday Hell
Bound gagged mother burglary - Football Crazy
Gagged her with winter scarf tied up with tight sweater prisoner - Over The Sea
Gagged in a long night dress - Ghost Story
Opened her mouth wide before tearing a wide strip of red tape off and smoothing it over her lips - A Girl in Every Town
Selfbondage story teen wrists ankles shirt hogtie - BadDeal
Tg gagged gag ransom - Hostage Sisters
Why tie legs together below the knees - A Quiet Eveningat Home

So, let us look at what was popular last month.  As always, we look first in terms of total number of hits, and the top twelve are:-

  1. No Witnesses by JennyGagged
  2. One Dark Night
  3. The Disappearance of WPC Drummond by Tull
  4. Eye of the Beholder by Ed Overton
  5. It’s Just A Game by Anonymous
  6. Best Served cold by KP and Doctor George
  7. Hopping Mad
  8. The First Betrayal by Mordaca
  9. Maggie’s War part 2 by Amanda Lu
  10. Bunnies in Blankets
  11. Side by Side
  12. The Spider and The Fly

In terms of time spent looking, the list is as follows: -

  1. Best Served Cold by KP and Doctor George
  2. Home Sweet Home part 5 by Gillian B
  3. Rough Diamond part 5 by Gillian B
  4. Queenie and the Madame part 4 by Gillian B
  5. McKenzie and Marks Undercover in Austria part 2 by Gillian B
  6. Dancing With a Stranger
  7. Rough Diamond part 3 by Gillian B
  8. Mission: Possible
  9. McKenzie and Marks in the USA part 3 by Gillian B
  10. Remember Them
  11. Rough Diamond part 4 by Gillian B
  12. Home From The Mall

What this tells me is someone or some people have discovered the tales of Gillian B - and I am so glad they did.

Back on Friday with some of the following...  A new tale of The Cat...  It’s Poker Night again...  What happens at Joanne’s Study Group...  What is The Riddle...  and more.