Thursday, 28 April 2011

It's A Right Royal Weekend!

Good morning, and let me wish the happy couple all the best for tomorrow.

What happy couple? Read the papers – but I know another couple who contracted a very special organisation to proved The Wedding Display. While there, why not read On The Way To Be Sold, the first tale of this elite group.

Elsewhere, we continue the story of Portrait of a Lady, as Madame X tries to flee for her life – with little luck.

Finally, Mordaca offers a tale of The Ladies In Black.

More next Friday.


ADDENDUM - I must have mistyped the link to the Portrait of a Lady chapter - it's been fixed now.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Easter/Passover/Holiday weekend!!

First of all, yes it is Thursday, but we are entering an unprecedented week in the UK with two long holiday weekends, so for this week and next week the new stories will appear on Thursday and not Friday.

With that – first up we present the final part of Bargaining Chip, as Anne comes to the end of her time with Mister Black. If you have enjoyed this tale, then watch out for a very special, very long tale called Indecent Proposal...

Secondly, we welcome back Jim from Michigan with another of his tales of ladies in smart dress and distress, called Sorority Sisters Return.

Finally, I offer a short reflective type of tale for the season, called Easter Hunt. As it is the time for Hot Cross Buns, allow me also to point you the way of a couple of Hot Cross Bunnies in Blankets.

More next Thursday.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Before I begin

A big shoutout to The Greyman, who has been kind enough to add my site to his list of links at his blog. In return, I've added his site to the Links section here. Now, first of all today I have a story done as a request for Caz, a friend of mien over at DeviantArt, who wanted to meet a certain John Jacobs. The result is the tale of the night she received a Surprise Caller. Caz, by the way, is engaged to David, whose characters were the stars of Debbie's Narrow Squeak... As you know, I also accept challenges to write stories around photos supplied by people. Mordaca, my good and kind friend, set me just such a challenge which result in the tale of Hunting for the SNARK. This tale comes with embedded links to the photos, all of which are (C) their respective creators and photographers. Finally, from JennyGagged the tale of a Saturday Detention. More next week - keep safe. KP

Friday, 8 April 2011

Tull, Mordaca and I

invite you to enjoy three new tales today. From Tull, we present a reunion of two of his main characters, Ray the robber and Wendy the traffic warden, as both take A Walk In The Park. From Mordaca, what happens when a high-powered female executive arranges a weekend of submission, but when her mistress arrives she announces A Small Delay In Our Plans For The Weekend. Finally, for me the tale of The Coffee Morning - as inspired by a couple of photos I came across. Oh - and as aonther example of what can happen when a photo inspires, try A Mother's Tale More next week. KP

Friday, 1 April 2011

March Madness

Sadly, as previously stated, I don’t have new stories for you today. I’ve been out of the country for most of the week, and no spare time (or power on my laptop, but that’s another story) so better to wait for a week and finish things off.

It does, of course, allow us to look back on the month of March, when we had 4,254 visits by 2,456 people, viewing an amazing 20,940 page views - which is the first time I think we’ve broken the 20,000 barrier. As always, my thanks to each and every one of you – especially those who looked in from Lebanon, Bahrain, Poland, Russia and Moldova. To my regular visitor from Manchester, thanks for staying on line so long, and to those of you who look in from the US I missed visits from Alaska, Montana and South Dakota – again...

Quick word on DamselTube, before I forget – I’m waiting for them to sort out my new account, and when I do I’ll update the link. Don’t forget I’m always looking to add new links to the collection, so if you have any to offer drop me a line.

Now, the search engines, and this month the weird and wonderful included...

She was made to kneel with her wrists crossed behind her back – Serpent In The Smog

Sorority kidnap – The Sorority House Raid

“to her horror” tied gagged – A Friendly Rivalry

“neck scarf” teacher gagged – Bound With A View

Bladder – Late Back From Lunch

Drew “her wrists” rope Nancy – The Case History

Gagged Teresa – Scarves of Honour

Masked female kidnappers – Hostages' Progress

The kidnapper he gag a mother with duct tape – Morning Caller

Tied layer gag kppresent – In Exchange

And so, without further ado, the top ten stories in August in terms of hits were: -

  1. Late Withdrawal

  2. The Thrice-Captured Constable by Tull

  3. The Irish in Her

  4. The Dinner (A surprise there, and we still have no-one identifying the root stories...)

  5. Bargaining Chip Part 2

  6. Heidi and the Halloween Party (Another surprise there...)

  7. Garage Sale

  8. Forced to Play The Game by Rayron D’Olier

  9. Back to the Cat-Walk

  10. The Green Team

I detect a St Patrick’s theme here – but what’s the story in terms of time spent on the page?

  1. When Notorious Reputations Clash by Mordaca

  2. No More Lies

  3. The Perfect Housemate

  4. Reflections in A Cat’s Eye

  5. Snow Bound

  6. Tight Spot

  7. Le Bal Masque

  8. Mirror of the Soul

  9. The Best Laid Plans

  10. The Plumbers

Slightly different – which is no bad thing. At any rate, I will see you next week with all new stories.