Friday, 31 October 2014

Spooky ghost, Spooky ghost

First, the blessings of the Goddess on those who worship today as a festival.

So, ghost themed stories - starting with a wartime tale called Spirits in the Night.

Also, three years after the sequel and five after the original story (Sheesh) a new story of the Changelings.

And Juliette Huntingdown is about to meet an ancestor in the form of The Manchester Ghost.

As for the present day ladies, we find Carina meeting her father's family in White Hats - and that even has a bit of a supernatural feel...

Next week, as always God willing - Barty and Jayes are back.

Until then, have a safe Halloween, and I remain,


Friday, 24 October 2014

It's getting colder...

But for the ladies of New York, things are heating up, as we visit the White Ladies.  A few surprises in here, ladies and gentlemen, which J-Jell and I hope you enjoy.

Meanwhile back in the UK, Rachel takes up the pen to talk about what Charlie Says...

Also, a special one off tale as we reveal Angela's Secret.

Finally, Tull would like you to know why Eileen Gets Off Lightly.

Next week, as always God willing - the annual Halloween special.

Until then, I remain,


Friday, 17 October 2014

Catching up on Photo Stories

Two more this week.  First, three sisters in Hong Kong go home after a birthday party for one of them - and then they are forced to tend to their pregnant sister and Make Her Comfortable.

Next up, a return to the characters we first met in Weekend at the Cabin, in a story set other thirty years ago called Dinner at Veronika's.

We also have part 2 of New Starts - with a warning that there are some scenes that may upset people.  I know, it's the Pussycat Gang - this is different.  Trust me.

Finally today, the man who is Not a Robber visits The Office.

More, as always God willing, next week, but until then I remain


Friday, 10 October 2014

Looking back to September...

Got it done early...

Okay, so September – schools go back, autumn starts to settle in, and as far as the site goes 8,221 visitors paid a total of 12.429 visits, and had a total of 37,194 page views  - my thanks to all.  A special thank you if you came from Rwanda, Estonia, Guyana, Qatar, Ukraine or Taiwan.

Looking at the referring sites, the Bondage Awards and Bondage Beacon sent a few new users out way, as did the sites of Skybird, but I’m curious about – anyone know it?  Looking at the search terms, the following caught my eye…

Dirty panty gagged kidnapped by woman story – The Abduction of Amanda Part 1
Bound gagged in g string – Mother and Child Reunion
“gym socks” “sock in her mouth” – The After School Terror
Aunt gagged – Babysitting Blues
Detective gagged with scarves – Heidi and the Birthday Surprise 
Gagged muffled cry – Bedtime Story
I layed bound and gagged on the bed with opera gloves and a gown – Slumber Surprise
Please don’t gag me with my panties – The St Valentine’s Day Kidnapping
Tied up while babysitting – In The Beginning
Women tied up with nylons – Lessons in Revenge

Hmm – a theme developing?

Anyway, the top stories in September in terms of hits were: -

Stories by KP
Stories by others
Double Trouble
The Perils of Babysitting by JennyGagged
Bound Together
No Witnesses by JennyGagged
The Garden Party
My First, Best Time in Bondage by Jim from Michigan
The Williamsons and the Widow
Babysitter in Trouble by JennyGagged
Generations – Through the Years
Marie’s Motoring Misadventures – 1983, by Tull
Coming Home
Miss Pringle by JennyGagged
New Lives
Brat Camp by JennyGagged
Should Auld Acquaintance… Part 2
Forced to Play the Game by Rayron D’Olier
What’s old Pussycat Part 2
The Unreal Factor 2 by Mordaca
Should Auld Acquaintance… Part 1
It’s Just a Game by Anonymous
Mother and Daughter Moments 10
The Headscarf Gang by Thomas Silk
What Are Sisters For?
The School Photographer by JennyGagged

In terms of time on the page, however, the top twelve are: -

  1. Double Cross
  2. McKenzie and Marks Undercover in Austria Chapter 4 by Gillian B
  3. Time for Tea
  4. The Doppelganger Affair by Mordaca
  5. Out With The Old, In With The New
  6. Priya’s Photo Shoot
  7. Moving Withdrawal
  8. Snowbound
  9. McKenzie and Marks Undercover in Austria Chapter 3 by Gillian B
  10. Charity
  11. Over the Sea
  12. One Burglar Too Many

Thanks you for your continued support – I remain,


Oh, before I forget

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Good Morning

First, yes I know - the September review is overdue.  I'll post it over the weekend.

Now then - after the events of New Year, you'd think the ladies of the Pussycat Gang would want some down time, right?

Nah - they just need New Starts.

Also, a bonus story to start the Halloween series, as Juliette meets The Manchester Ghost.

Meanwhile, welcome back as promised Barty and Jayes as Jayes Makes an Omelette.

Also I offer the second photo-inspired story, one with a case of Music Appreciation.

And talking of Halloween, and with the third story coming soon, enjoy the original Changeling.

More, as ever God willing next week, but until then I remain


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Now going through the publication process at Lulu - the stories covering the first year of the Ladies, from their first appearance to Carina's Graduation.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Someone asked about the Bondage Awards

And the results are up - so we got three honourable mentions

Bondage Blog
Bondage Story (The Disappearence of Joanne Smith)
Bondage Story Site

So no gold, silver or bronze - but a mention in one more category than last year, and my thanks to all who voted for me.

The full set of results are at

Friday, 3 October 2014

October is here...

The nights are getting longer, the days are getting colder, the leaves on the tress are turning, but it could be worse.

You could be StJohn Stevens, who is about to discover he has crossed the wrong women in Should Auld Acquaintance - and in particular, one long established character shows a very different side.

On the other hand, Heidi and the girls come to the end of Heidi's Mystery Week.

And the first picture from the recent photo poll leads to the Gentlemen Robbers visiting On A Summer's Day.

But October also means Halloween approaches, so enjoy one of my old seasonal tales called Nightwatch.

And finally today, Mordaca wishes to share the tale of a burglar and My Very Last Job.

Next week, as always God willing - Jayes and a tale of Japanese ladies.

Until then, I remain,