Friday, 27 September 2013

We need to talk about Mark...

You remember Mark - mum Regina, sister Kristen, likes to play tie-up games with them, recently visited by a trio of female robbers?  Well, we have today the next part of his story, as we meet Samantha, a girl destined to become Mark's Soulmate - and wait until you meet her family...

Also today, welcome back Stefanie with part 4 of The Abduction of Amanda.

We also have a new tale from the WABAC Machine, titled for some reason I Wanna Hold Your Hand.  This offers a peek into the past of a fine educational establishment called St Blazius - better known as Crime School.

We're coming to the end of another month, so some time next week we'll look back over September.  As always God willing, I'll be back here next Friday with some new stories, but until then I remain


Friday, 20 September 2013

Ah, the Autumnal Equinox

A sign of the nights drawing in, and the need to curl up with a good book to read.  Well, I can't provide the fire, or even in some opinions the good book, but I can provide this.

First up, the final part of The Gentle Touch, completing what one person has dubbed "the Sara trilogy."  I'm currently putting together, as you know, An Education: Family Ties, and these three stories are in there - but edited to remove the more adult parts.  Which, in the case of this story in particular, is a challenge...

Next up, Amanda Lu wants to warn you of what might happen In The Laundry.

I also have some more Mother and Daughter Moments to share.  These stories have also sparked a little debate, partly over the use of young damsels, and partly because it portrays the protagonist in an - interesting light.  Are they right?  You tell me...

But not before you read a little silly thing called The Three Monkeys.

Next week, God Willing as always, the story of Mark's Soulmate.  I think you're going to like that, but until then, I remain,


Thursday, 19 September 2013

A public service announcement from KP

A good friend of mine, Rosa, is workign with some other people on a new game, which will have a similar structure to the popular Pokemon games, but with a slightly different focus - this one is called Damselmon. 

At any rate, she has started a blog to publicise her work, and those she is working with, and you can find it at  In particular, she is looking for artists who may be in a position to help with some character design work.  I know a few artists read this blog, so if you can help, go and say hi to her and offer your services - she's one of the good guys out there.

Here's an example of what she's looking to work towards from her blog.

Please, show your love for this.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Hello and welcome

to another week here at KP Presents.  Before I tell you about the new stories this week, let me show you something.

This was done for me by my good friend Achast at deviantArt - and if I can get it to work, will be the front cover of An Education: Family Ties.

Now - this week, we draw to a close the stories of Heidi on the Farm and Veronica's Open House.  There are revelations, surprises, clues to future stories and ties to other ones - enjoy.

We also have a new set of stories from John Jacobs, who has noticed the new fashion for animal print clothing - which gets him thinking of encounters we have called Cat Skins.

I note the weather has changed as well - so you may enjoy some Thoughts on a Wet Afternoon.

More, as always God Willing, next week - but until then I remain.


Friday, 6 September 2013

It's that time of year again

when we go from one extreme to the other - starting with a new case of the Midnight Caller, where he visits a woman by the name of Nina.

We also return to the Craig and Holderness ladies, as their weekend of therapy continues in The Gentle Touch - and some hidden secrets are revealed.

Finally, and at the silly end of the scale, who is the Faversham Fox, and why does he target ladies like these two.

More, as always God Willing, next week, but until then I remain


Monday, 2 September 2013

To Every Season...

There are sure signs that the summer is coming to an end - the students returning to university and college...  Schools starting to reopen with the slow return of disgruntled learners...  The fact sunset suddenly starts to appear before 8 in the evening... and the summary of site activity for August appearing here.

Before I do that, however, my thanks to all of you who bought an eBook or asked for a commission between June and August.  Thanks to your efforts, a donation of £50 has been made to Macmillan Nurses - which, with tax relief, will go up to about £63. 

So, August - and we had 9,207 visits by 5,732 people, with a total of 30,533 page views.  Looking as usual at the demographics, a laurel wreath and hearty handshake this month goes to you if you came from Kasakhstan, Guam, Taiwan, Hungary, Serbia or Belgium. 

On the referral front, can someone enlighten me to what has happened at Jodhpur-Fetish?  I can’t seem to access the site, but there is plenty of traffic coming from there.  As for search terms, well...

Babysitter tied up tight - Babysitting Blues
Japanese policewoman outcold - The Wrong Girl
“Gillian b” tightly - The Epping Sapphire
“the sock” “in my mouth” tied - How Not to Spend a Saturday
Boarding school bound gagged - Portrait of a Lady - part 2
Handcuffs blouse see her leg irons - House Arrest, HomeInvasion
Handgagged niece - Heidi New Year!
He uses his sweaty socks to gag me - Tie Me Up Before YouGo-Go
mother and child daughter bound and hogtied and gagged - Mother and Daughter Moments
suspended by a rope constricting her waist - In The Beginning
tied gagged church bondage -prise - The Pastel Pink Rose
women bound , tied & ggagged in high heel patent leather pumps - In Their Own Words 3

And so, the envelope please Dominique....  The top twelve stories for August in terms of hits were: -

  1. No Witnesses by JennyGagged
  2. Babysitter in Trouble by JennyGagged
  3. The Short Career of the After-School Terror by Thomas Silk
  4. Just Sitting and Thinking
  5. Carol’s Quiet Night
  6. Double Cross
  7. My First, Best Bondage Encounter by Jim from Michigan
  8. The Gentle Touch - part 2
  9. Moral Freedom
  10. He’s Not at Home by Amanda Lu
  11. Carnival Crime
  12. Fair Cop

As far as time spent on the page goes, however, we have...

  1. Christmas and the Cat
  2. Order to Go
  3. No Room for Amateurs by Mordaca
  4. Hope
  5. Project: Dottie - part 2
  6. The Netterton Jewels - Chapter 4
  7. Cupid and the Cat
  8. Quiet Company
  9. Mission: Possible
  10. The Perfect Housemate
  11. The Widow’s Shadow - Part 3
  12. Portrait of a Lady - Chapter 4

So, this month, God Willing - Tall Tales...  Barty and Jayes... The Midnight Caller... and more besides.