Friday, 27 August 2010

If I may crave your indulgence...

I'm contemplating some changes to the website - nothing drastic, just trying to make it a bit more user friendly and maybe re-organise a few things. It would help, however, if I got some feedback, so if you could answer these questions for me it might help...

What is your favourite part of the site?

And your least favourite?

What one thing could I add to make it a place you would visit more often?

Are there any links you would want to see there?

Are there any characters/collection of tales you believe deserve their own section?

Are there any authors you think would fit in here? If so, give me some contact details, and I'll see what I can do.

Finally, and most importantly, does this shirt suit me?

I await any answers with interest...

Thursday, 26 August 2010

And Awwwaaayyyy We Go...

Three hopefully enjoyable new stories for you today.

Firstly Tull continues his tales of Ray, the ever cautious robber, as he meets old friends and new during A Week of Living Dangerously.

Next up, a short and sweet tale of ladies in tight fitting costumes and impossible heels as someone decides to try to go After The FACT.

Finally, there's this trio of young girls who have been inspired by a certain group to try their hand at larceny. However, as promised by the poll results and requested by TuxedoJarod, they soon discover that Flattery Will Get You Nowhere.

One last, small thing - if you look at the pages linked above, you will see I am starting to sort out one of the biggest niggles I know there has been about my site. Bear with me - over the next few weeks, all the pages will get this new feature, but it will take time.

Have a good week,


Friday, 20 August 2010

That's better

I'm back, refreshed and ready to start again next week. In the meantime, I note the results of the poll - and it is fortunate that I have a suggestion from my good friend TuxedoJarrod that fits the scenario very nicely.

Very nicely indeed.

Right - to the word processor!!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Before I head off...

A little poll for you to think over. Below are scenarios that I have had sitting in my ideas file for some time. Read, consider, and vote for which you'd like to see - and when I come back, I promise I'll write that tale...

Scenario 1

Flatmates together. Two sat on couch. First wearing uniform of white blouse, blue jacket and skirt, grey tights and blue shoes. Second wearing green jumper and pants, with green suede boots. Both tied by wrists, ankles and legs, and gagged with tape. Sitting hoping flatmate comes home after invaders have left, when they reveal she actually arrived half an hour earlier……

Scenario 2

Two housewives are sat on bed in large bedroom. Both wearing summer dresses. They’ve been forced to tie their own legs and ankles together with tights, stuff scarves into their mouths, tie knotted scarves into their mouths as well, and then blindfold themselves with more scarves. Now invaders are tying their hands behind their backs with tights……….

Scenario 3

Mother and daughter are in living room. Mother is wearing peasant-style blouse, long skirt with fringe and red leather boots. Daughter is wearing school uniform. Facing each other, hands tied behind back and chests/upper bodies lashed together. One of invaders is tying daughter’s ankles and legs, another mothers. Third is holding older daughter with hand over mouth, waiting to tie and gag her,

Scenario 4

Woman came back from work, dressed in grey (Lady in grey as title?) Tie-neck blouse, sleeveless cardigan, knee-length skirt and boots. Laid on floor, hands and ankles bound and hogtied. Invader tying scarf over bulging mouth

Scenario 5

Woman is sat in darkened room, crying but afraid to try and speak due to packed mouth and tight white bandage over it. Her husband has been taken away, her daughters are elsewhere in the house, and the woman in the brown catsuit has not taken her eyes off her since they have been left alone. She has no idea why they are there, or what they want with her - but that's not the real problem. The real problem is the imminent arrival of her daughter's friend for the weekend...

Well I've packed my bags...

Before I skip off into the sunset for two weeks hard-earned holiday, I want to leave you with a few choice things.

First, two tales which may be slightly off our usual topic, but still offer a good read. From Jim from Michigan, we find a tale of The Pastel Pink Rose - a prelude which, if you enjoy it, leads to more tales that we can present here.

Second, Rayron D'Olier tells us why She Asked For It.

Then, we have two continuing tales. Firstly, we offer the second part of Dottie's Arabian Nightmare - complete wth the usual embedded links to the pictures that inspired this tale.

Secondly, we present the first part of the story of The Netterton Jewels - a tale that encompass a number of my characters, includign (as always with permission) La Ciocolatta, Madame X and in this part The Dragon Queen.

KP is now on vacation, and the next postign will be week beginning 23rd August. Until then, have a good break, and i fyou have anysuggestions then post them here or send them to em at


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Looking back to last month...

In which I bore the pants off people by looking back at the traffic in July.

There will be an update on Friday, folks, before I take two weeks off. In the meantime...

In July we had 2.868 visits with 12,479 page views – a small increase on the previous month, but still fairly good for a site like this. We had 1,354 unique visitors, of whom 41% were new – welcome to you all, particularly if you are from Ghana, Falkland Islands or South Africa. As for the US Watch – we still await visitors from North Dakota or Alaska...

Plenty of referring sites – but somebody please explain to me?

Anyway, as always when we look at the search terms some interesting combinations come up. Here are some of the cleaner ones for this month...

Gagged wearing operagloves – Family Legends
Her wrists bound over her head from a hook in the ceiling – Garage Sale
Blouse tied gagged vans garage burglars stripped – A Week In The Life
“Tied behind” skirt gagged kneel – Helping Hands
Blindfolded wendi – Morning Caller
Gagged receptionist – Work Experience
Hopping struggle gagged hop away – Just Hopping Around
Stockings tied gagged rope chair heel – The Case History
Use of blindfolds and gags with female victims – Turning The Tables
Scarf gagged mother – Bedtime story
Scarf gagged daughter – The Cat’s Pyjamas

Now, in terms of which pages got the most hits in July we have:

A Wellness Day by Rayron D’Olier
A Dangerous Man by Rayron D’Olier
Bastille Day
Real Distress Time by Mordaca
Party Night
The Smoking Break by Tull
The Captive’s Place by Mordaca
Perils of Snooping by Rayron D’Olier
Generations 2
Just Hopping Around by Mordaca
Dottie’s Arabian Nightmare Part 1
Seventies bound 6

Not too surprising, as I expected the addition of the Rayron D’Olier section to prove popular. As for time spend on the pages...
Here Comes The Bride
Queenie and the Boxer Part 3 by Gillian B
Rough Diamond part 5 by Gillian B
Queenie and the Boxer part 2 by Gillian B
Work Experience
The Stolen Warranties by Mordaca
Queenie and the Boxer Part 1 by Gillian B
Queenie in All at Sea part 2 by Gillian B
Home Sweet Home part 5 by Gillian B
Over The Sea
Turning the Tables
Rough Diamond part 4 by Gillian B

Must have been a Gillian B fan on line.

More Friday.