Friday, 28 June 2013

A day for experimenting

Well, I have three stories for you - one of which...  Well, let's see what I have.

First up, and as promised a few weeks back, we have the second new story of Ginger Cavanuagh by Ed Overton, in which she has to Dial 4357 - I'm sure you'll figure out the meaning.

I also have another story in the series I call Generations, where different members of the same family of different ages give their view on a robbery they were involved in.  Here we have a pair of - but again, read the story and find out.

Now, the use of Young Damsels is always a thorny subject, which I usually deal with in An Education.  Today, however, I offer a slightly different take with some Mother and Daughter Moments.  I'm not sure how you're going to take to this one, so let me know.

While I'm thinking of families, why not read Black and White as well.

More, God willing as always, next week - and it's Independence Day, so who knows what might happen.  Until then, however, I remain,


Friday, 21 June 2013

Good Morning

Couple of housekeeping things to deal with first.  Firstly, Dottie, Chase, Mark and others who are waiting for my stories, I am truly sorry.  I have had to deal with some personal and work issues, so I'm behind, but I am trying to catch up.

Talking of Chase - I've been told that some of the photo links in her stories have stopped working.  I know why, and over the next few weeks I'll fix it, so please bear with me and accept my apologies.

Finally, yes the May over view is late - i may have to do a combined June/July review at this rate if I cannot get it done this week.

So, for today - last week Heidi and the girls were taken off to the farm, but we left Amy and Dorothy in something of a bind.  So let's find out what happened to them as we accept an invitation to the first part of Veronica's Open House.

Next up, I asked a lovely lady who has posted some photos on the net if I could do a story based round them.  she kindly agreed, and the result is the story of Linda.

Finally, Davey of Davey's stories has asked if I could do a tale for him - so here (finally) is Deep Space Peril.

Oh - and it's Midsummer's day, so celebrate with a tale called Midsummer Bound.

More, God willing as always, next week, but until then I remain


Friday, 14 June 2013

Ladies night

That's what it feels like today, as for starters John Jacobs offers some more memories from his career, with a link of ladies in black - to match the title The Black Cat.

As for Heidi and her friends, they are going to receive an invite they cannot refuse to spend the weekend with Heidi on the Farm.

Finally, we have a story from Spandexm involving my favourite Southern Belle, Ginger Cavanuagh and her son in law Ed, as they get caught up in a Store Robbery.

Finally, my thanks to all those who have responded to my attempts to raise money for Macmillain Nurses by buying my eBooks or commissioning some work.  Keep it up folks.

More, as always God Willing, next week, but until then I remain,


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Yes, a day early

But you're not complaining, are you?

First up, the final part of The Widow's Shadow - I hope you have enjoyed this tale, and if you want to know how Sara managed to become the woman she is, I direct your attention to here.

Next up, remember Mark, his sister Kristen and their mum?  Many of you have said how much you enjoy the stories of them, so I hope you enjoy The Night of my Dreams - because this story is different from the others.  You'll see what I mean.

Finally for today, welcome back JennyGagged as she explores The Perils of Babysitting.

I have not forgotten the review of the site in May - that will appear either later today or tomorrow.

Until then, and next week's update, I remain