Friday, 26 November 2010

My Apologies

The Dottie story will have to wait a week - I need to rewrite a few parts.

In the meantime, I've added A Friendly Wager to the Rayron D'Olier collection. This is the last of the stories I have available to me, but if anyone has copies f any other stories by Rayron I would be willing to add them. In return, I can offer a selection of bondage cartoons by various artists - e-mail me to discuss if you can help.

Also, for Mordaca, we have the tale of A Very Different Kind of Knight in Shining Armour.

See you all next week.


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Allow me to offer some early holiday reading with Turkey Trot, and also to point you the way of an earlier tale called Thanksgiving Turkey.

More Friday,


Friday, 19 November 2010

Holidays are coming

By a happy coincidence, I find myself blessed today with not one, but two contributed stories to offer you, as well as a couple of my own.

Firstly, please welcome back Bound_Is_Best with a new tale of the Baron's associates, called Game, Set and Snatch.

Then we also have another tale from Tull of Ray, the criminal with a thing for the larger woman, where he shows the truth in the axiom No Job Too Small.

For myself, I offer a short story in the Reflections model called Hope, and a picture tale called The Eyes Have It.

Finally, next week I hope to bring you my annual Thanksgiving tale, so why not look back on last year and A Reason To Give Thanks. Hopefully, I'll also have anew tale of Dottie for you as well.

Until then,

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Quick notice

I was told that the first group I had at Yahoo, kps-dids, had been resurrected. First, it had nothing to do with me. Second, it''s just that latest of a list of old group names to be used by some sort of spamming operation.

So please, spread the word - I have nothing to do with, and want nothing to do with, the group by this name.

Friday, 12 November 2010

A Dedicated Follower of Fashion

That's not me, by the way - just one of my favourite Kinks songs. At any rate, looking at the current fashions led me to thinking about a story I called Buttons and Bows, which you can read from today.

I've also loaded up the latest chapter, as promised, of The Netterton Jewels, set in the late 60's, but also opening the door to what our old friend Coco may do next.

From this week, I'm going to point you the way of some older stories that I think have a special resonance, either with me or from comments that others have made. This week, I ask you to re-consider a Special Request.

Finally, we continue to build the Rayron D'Olier wing up with the story of A Friendly Rivalry.

More next week.


Monday, 8 November 2010

And the Serious

Every year, at this time, I invite those who visit KP Presents to take a few moments, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, and stop to give thanks.

I come from an army background - my father was a career soldier, who signed up in 1942 and fought his way up through the European theatre. He saw things and sites no man should ever have to see, and took many of them to the grave. Some I know - for example, the fact he was in the company that found a wooden stockade hidden in the woods near a town called Belsen. Some I don't - I do know he refused to watch the American TV mini series, Holocaust, because he felt it diluted the truth. He also fought in Burma, and served for over twenty years before retiring. I have over family members who have served or are serving, and even though I walk a different path I know this.

It is through the sacrifice of many men and women, some like my father who survived and others who did not, that we have the freedom to do what we do without fear of persecution in our world. There are many - some of whom may be reading this - who still live under such fear, and they deserve the right to the same freedom. You may disagree with the reasons for wars - and lord knows I do - but the sacrifice of those who died to allow us to disagree should never be forgotten. Today, they still risk all, and lose much if not all, to preserve that freedom.

So, at 11 am on Thursday, stop for two minutes and give thanks. It is a small, inadequate way of paying these people back, but it is what we have, and I for one will do so with respect and gratitude.

Thank you for listening.

The silly

I was reviewing the stats on the site traffic, and decided on a whim to look at the browsers that were being used. The vast majority were Windows and Macintosh - as you would expect. A few Linux, which I remember from my student days using early Unix machines. That wasn't the funny bit, however.

BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android I kinda get as phones, although I shudder to think what the font size is like. Even more so for the iPod - I didn't even think they could have internet access.

Nope - it was the people who access via PS3 and Wii - I almost wonder just what games they are playing before or after the site, or in the case of the PS3 what BluRay they are watching.

Inquiring minds would love to know...

Friday, 5 November 2010


I actually had three stories finished for this week, but two of them need review by those who requested them, so you'll have to wait a little while longer to see who gets the Netterton Jewels next.

The one I can share, however, is part 2 of Portrait of A Lady, as the story of how a girl called Shirley became Madame X continues.

Also, two contributed stories. Firstly, JennyGagged offers the tale of Schoolgirl Hostages.

Also, please welcome Mordaca back after a short break with a story that leaves No Room For Amateurs.

More, as always, next week.


Monday, 1 November 2010

Looking back on October...

There was an 11% increase on hits from September – which, given I was away for three of the weeks, is nothing short of amazing. Thank you to all those who visited – all 2,120 of you from 68 countries. An extra special welcome to those visiting for the first time from Hong Kong, India, Croatia, and Egypt – but sadly, the hunt for a visitor from Alaska continues...

Not much to talk about in terms of sites bringing people here – the usual suspects apply. However, as always, the search terms prove intriguing...

Above below knees bound tight – Helping Hands
Tied wrist behind her back long skirt stories – Family Legends
Left tied to bed in her own home struggles – Forced to Play The Game
Big tits half bra wrists tied behind back – Double Trouble
Brown sticking plaster gagged – Seventies Bound
Female burglars, black tights, stocking masks – Return of the Vixen
Nurse scarf gagged sleepy – Pay the Piper
Asian “wrists tied” officer – When Notorious Reputations Clash
Elbows tied rope leather daisy dukes – Off The Record
I binding she secure with no chance of escape – Turning The Tables
Model named chase from bondage harem – The Weekend Hostage
Mother in law tied up and gagged – A Day At The Lake
Pantyhose tied robbery – Tight Spot
Silk scarf gagged damsel-in-distress - Reunion

And so, in October we have the top ten in terms of actual hits looking like...

1. Waiting for Janet
2. The Hostage Weekend part 1
3. Honey I’m Home by Rayron D’Olier
4. The Campus Kidnappers by JennyGagged
5. (Not) Alone in the Woods by Mordaca
6. Moving Day
7. Ladies in Leather
8. Late Back from Lunch by Tull
9. Lessons in Revenge
10. Bedtime Story

As always, however, a different tale is told when we look at which pages were lingered over...

1. It’s Just A Game
2. The Rare Stamp
3. A Reason To Give Thanks
4. The Smoking Break by Tull
5. The Christmas Fairy
6. Queenie and the Madame chapter 4 by Gillian B
7. Lady Winterbottom’s Pearls
8. McKenzie and Marks Undercover in Austria – Epilogue by Gillian B
9. The Ties That Bind by Mordaca
10. A Week of Living Dangerously by Tull

Now, if you’ll forgive me, I have a couple of ongoing tales that require my attention...