Thursday, 23 February 2012

This week has been hell

So forgive the shortness of this post.

From Jim from Michigan, we have the story of A Sister's Bridal Shower.

From Amanda Lu, the events of A Secured Weekend.

And from me, the sequal to The Awakening as Lesley discovers What Are Sisters For?

Finally, try a tale of lost love in Tell Her About It.

More, and more talk, next week.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Consider, for a moment

the Family of Crime - Mother, Father, Son and Daughter.  What drives a family to do what they do, where did they decide crime was a way of life for them?

I received a letter from E Reinhardt, a long time reader, asking a question - what if there was a family that committed crimes by getting information from the babysitters from their kids?  I gave this some thought, as well as the question I posed above, and decided that it was time for the DiD Channel to show In The Beginning, a tale of where the Family began.

At the same time, Amanda Lu sent me a story of the family today, a home invasion they perform, and what they find out about one particular occupant.  The result is Caught Short, which we also publish today.

We also finish another story, with the last part of Portrait of A Lady.  It may seem that not a lot happens, but it does answer one important question - where dd Penny from?

Finally, may I draw your attention to a story called How I Bagged A Cougar - because the sequel is coming soon.

More, as always, next week.


Friday, 10 February 2012

Ask KP

Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't - let's see this time.  Do you have a question to ask me about anything?  If so, just post it below, and I'll answer as much as I can.

Busy day today

So let's get right to it, shall we?

First, to the Contributions gallery, where we have a new tale from JennyGagged entitled Babysitter in Trouble.  Read, comment, and enjoy.  We also have a brief update from Amanda Lu on Maggie's War - and more about Amanda later.

It's snowing here in the UK as I type this, so it's kinda sorta appropriate that I can post a story requested by a lovely lady called Veronika Mueller, entitled Weekend at the Cabin.  I hope you enjoy this as well.

It's Valentine's Day next week, so to mark that (in a tangential way) I offer the tale of a man known simply as The Rose, for reasons that will become apparent.

Another man who uses, or rather used, a rose at this time of year was John Jacobs, as he relates in a tale called Cupid and The Cat.  You may also enjoy a tale of Valentine's Visits.

Next week - a look at the Family of Crime from two different perspectives, mine and Amanda Lu, and the final part of Portrait of a Lady.


Thursday, 2 February 2012

You have spoken...

and I have responded, as we open two new sections at KP Presents.

The DiD Channel does exactly what it says on the tin - collects stories that may bear some resemblance to programs on your television.  Here's where you will find Mythbusters, The Assistant and other tales - especially if you tell me which ones you would like to see...

Secondly, we make Heidi a Lady of Note with her own section.

It'll take me a few days to sort out links and other things, so please be patient.

Also, two new stories for today.  From the Chase Files we present another Tale From A Small Town for your delicitation, as we move forward two years.  Micky is a little older, but he still likes to play...

Also, at the request of my good friend PabloDiablo, we offer a tale of his OC Jade Eagle in a case of Green Jealousy.

More, as always, next week.


Wednesday, 1 February 2012


It’s the first of February, which mean two things.

Firstly - White Rabbit!

Secondly, we get to look at the stats for visits to the site for January.  There were 7,372 visits by 4,037 people, with a grand total of 32,532 page view s- up 4.5% on the Christmas period.  Big shout outs this month to those who visited from Kuwait, Moldova, Andorra and the Czech Republic.  Looking at the UK, the quest for a visitor from my home town continues, although it was almost encircled this month by towns in Stirlingshire and the Lothians.

As for the US, only Wyoming and South Dakota yet again produced no visitors - unless of course, the mysterious “Unknown” was from there...

A big WELCOME to those who found the site through my Facebook page - to you we say Welcome - We’re Glad You’re Here.  Winner of the “How the hell...” award for obscure link -

So, what weird and wonderful search terms brought people here?  This month we have...

Closet bound and gagged damsel tubes - Target: Helen
Stories of people been bound and gagged with bed sheets and robbed - The Midnight Caller
Campus kidnappers - The Sorority House Raid
Silk glove hand over mouth - Bedtime Story
“waist slip” gagged - No Witnesses
“home invasion” + “tie me up” - Sara Gets Dolled Up
A substantial spanking for her plump bottom - No Job TooSmall
Dark hiro artwork - Changeling
Girl gets Saturday detention - Like Mother, Like Daughter
Kidnapped my bra panties - eSlave
Taking her shoes and stockings off - House Call

And so - drum roll please - the most popular stories in terms of hits were: -

Best Left to the Experts by Tull
The Babysitter Bandit
Family Gathering
The Awakening
Maggie’s War by Amanda Lu
A Tale of Two Cities
Nighty Night
Jayes and the Borrowed Burglar by Doctor George
Seized from School
The Babysitter Bandit 3
Project: Dottie part 4

In terms of time spent on the page, however, the list is as follows: -

MacKenzie and Marks Undercover in Austria - Epilogue by Gillian B
Rough Diamonds chapter 3 by Gillian B
When Harry met Queenie part 2 by Gillian B
Summer Ball
Off The Record by Mordaca
Waiting for Father
The Assistant
The Black Wolf’s Land Excuse by Mordaca
A Walk in the Park by Tull
Family Gathering
What’s in a Name by Doctor George
No Room for Amateurs by Mordaca

Strange month - anyway, two quick announcements.

Firstly, don’t forget it is now possible to purchase my first collection of stories, Diamond Lights and Other Stories, either from Lulu or on iBooks.

Secondly, if you are involved in one of the Rope Dreams family of Yahoo groups, then nominations are now open for the 2012 Rope Dream awards.  I was honoured to be nominated last year for Best Fiction Writer - maybe it will happen again this year, maybe not.  In any case, read and nominate.

Back Friday with more.