Monday, 21 December 2009

Seasonal Greetings to all

Be it Solstice, Kwanzaa, Christmas or just a holiday blowout, may you have a peaceful and joyful holiday this week. For my part, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

To mark the occassion, George Simpson has made a friendly stop at a house where he is Santa's Helper.

Another tale from Mordaca weaves its spell on you with the tale of The Bad Girls.

Finally, one of my regular readers from Germany. Xenn, asked if I was going to, as I put it, "provide a drop of the hard stuff." It may not be vintage proof, but I hope you enjoy the story of Family Bonding.

There will be no new update now until 4th January 2010, so I will see you all in the New Year. Until then, look round, have a read, and please let me know what you think.


Thursday, 17 December 2009

And now, as promised

KP Presents is proud to announce the arrival of The Chronicles of La Cioccolata to our site. You can find the complete published stories to date by clicking on the highlighted link above, or else on the link on the home page. We also have permission to post some previously unseen work, which will hopefully added over the next few weeks. We've also taken care to recreate the look of the page at Restrained Tastes - which prompts me to think about the look of the rest of the site. Stay tuned...

Once again, we think the family of Gillian B for allowing us to do this, and hope you enjoy the stories.

I'll be back Monday with (hopefully) three new stories before the Christmas break.


Monday, 14 December 2009

Good Morning - I have a tale to tell...

I have one new story for you today, but before I give you the link, please, sit back and relax – I have a story to tell…

It’s just over two years now since I first put finger to keyboard and started to write the two stories that became Like Mother, Like Daughter and Goose Fair. That was to allow entry to a Yahoo group, and in January 2008 I started KP’s DiDs, the first of what was to be three yahoo groups where I made my little tales more widely available. In November 2008 the first version of KP Presents was launched, before moving to the current home in April 2009.

As those of you who have been here since that time will know, I have always acknowledged the support of Joe and Dominique, the group owners who first allowed me to post my stories. Some of the subsequent tales have percolated in my mind for many years. For example, you do not want to know how long the tale that became Saturday Morning Sparkle sat up there, going through various iterations. Others have been inspired by one or two photos. Throughout, however, the works of two authors now sadly no longer with us have been in the back of my mind.

One of those was Captive Penny, while the other was Gillian B. I came across both at the same time, Penny at her site and Gillian through her posts on Canuck’s original board. In Gillian’s case, I then came across her stories at the Restrained Tastes site, and immersed myself in her world. The passing of both was a sad day, and they are both missed. Indeed, as some of you will remember, the Yahoo groups were dedicated to the memory of Gillian B.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and I contacted Gillian’s family to ask permission to write one of her characters in one of my stories. They were open to the idea, and for some time now I have been working on a story that would reflect the styles of both Gillian and me. As is right and proper, they have been involved throughout the process and given the right to refuse to allow the story to be published if they were unhappy.

I am pleased to say that they are very happy with the result.

Ladies and Gentlemen, KP Presents is humbled and proud to present The Chocolate Cat, a tale of the time John Jacobs, aka The Cat, meets a lady named Colette, Coco to her friends, and known internationally to law enforcement officers as La Cioccolata. The Chocolate Cat appears here with the full blessing and approval of the family of Gillian B, and I thank them for their support in this.

For those who were fans, friends and readers of the tales of Gillian, I hope that you enjoy this extension to her story.

In fact, I have one further announcement to make. Starting on Thursday, I am pleased to announce that the tales of La Cioccolata will appear here in their own section, starting with the original tales from Restrained Tastes and eventually presenting some unpublished work. Again, this is happening with the permission of Gillian’s family.

For now, enjoy the new tale, and I will see you on Thursday.


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Doubling up with Mordaca

Given I only have been able to make one update this week (computer problems, and putting the finishign touches to first drafts of a few stories), I'm enliisting the help of my good friend Mordaca in a number of ways.

First, however, and long promised, please enjoy The Babysitter Bandit 2. At this rate, part 3 will apeear some time in 2020...

Now, Mordaca had an idea for a story involving a stewardess with a sideline in larceny. The result is a story you just have to call Redeye.

Next, one of Mordaca's short stories with the tale of The Getaway.

Finally, and as a special treat, oen of my all time favourite stories by Mordaca makes an appearence in the sectino we call The Longer Form. Sit back, fix yourself a drink, and enjoy The Sorority House Raid.

More next week.


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sorry, folks

My laptop died on me again, so while it's been repaired the update has been pushed back to later this week.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

En Vacance

I'm actually on holiday this week, catching up with a few things and, somehow, getting a whole slew of story ideas going. These include :-
  1. Working With Ed Overton on a Christmas story for Ginger Cavanaugh
  2. Working out a story around a set of photos sent to me by Mordaca with a working title of "Tell Me On A Sunday"
  3. The WABAC machine seems to have got stuck in Austen country for "Tied with Prejudice"
  4. Xeenuser has asked for another story like "Guests for the Weekend."
  5. The Babysitter Bandit 2 is coming - honestly
  6. I have a second private commission to finish up, whivh I'm about halfway through.
  7. Finally, a story of The Cat which, if it suceeds - well, let's just say it will mark a historic point.

Talking of history - I let it pass, but KP Presents just celebrated it's first anniversary of leaving Yahoo and setting up on its own. Thank you all for sticking with us through all the changes and moves - I appreciate all the support.

SO, today - two Multiple Maidens stories with Maria Santa and No More Lies, and a nice little tale from Mordaca about The Dancer and the DA. Enjoy - new stories Tuesday next week, and on Friday I'll look at the site hits for November.