Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tis the season to be spooky

I've never quite understood why we in the UK have bought into the American approach to Halloween - Personally, I prefer the Great Pumpkin, but there you go. As it is the time of year, however, a couple of appropriate tales are in order.

First, and as long promised, we present Changelings, a sequel to the story of two years ago as Veronica visits a local Lady of the manor, and discovers others have had similar experiences to her - including some surprising people.

Secondly, how about a tale of a girl, tied to a chair, waiting for the kids to come and see her, when the smell of Magnolia fills the air.

Finally for new tales, a decidedly non-Halloween tale, unless you count the fact the Parker Girls are dressing up as in theme. If so, then part 2 of Appraisal is for you.

Do feel free to look for other seasonal tales at the site, but this is all from em for now, so until next week, I remain


Friday, 21 October 2011

I have a couple of short tales and a longer contribution for you today. Oh, the lady on the left? She need not concern you right now - come back next week to see how she is involved in Changelings...

First up, we make a long overdue trip into the Sporting Life arena, with a tale called Ball Tied.

Then we find The Whisperer calling in at a very happy occasion - for some, in a story called Wedding Day Blues.

Finally, JennyGagged offers a sequel to a tale first published here a year ago, called Brat Camp II

For another old seasonal story, may I suggest a small Ghost Story?

Next week - tales of ghosts, spirits and dark nights. You have been warned...


Friday, 14 October 2011

Soo's Education continues

and reaches a crucial stage as she prepares for Going Solo, in the latest tale from Doctor George. Consider this the first of our Halloween themed stories, folks.

Now, on DeviantArt I was asked by Keldo to write a story of Cheerleaders in peril. The result was Private Cheers, which you can read here.

Elsewhere, the Parker Girls have been busy, facing an Appraisal - part 1 today, part 2 to come.

Check out the links section for a few new links to story sites you might like.

Finally, another glimpse of what may appear in the sequel to Changeling, as we re-visit another tale called NightWatch.

More next week,


Saturday, 8 October 2011

I need to thank Captain Kidnap

He alerted me to the fact that one of the oldest.most respected Bondage Stories site on the web is making a gradual comeback.

Which one?  Tried and True Tales, lovingly being restored by Gromet of Gromet's Plaza.  He has a lot still to bring back, but it's good to see Mason's work returning.  Drop by and pay them a visit.

Friday, 7 October 2011

For Susan, the weekend is almost over

As we present the final part of Indecent Proposal. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this longer tale, but for those who prefer the single stories from the Chase Files we have three in preparation at this moment in time, so hold fast.

As promised, we also have a new tale from Mordaca, as he explains why there is A House Haunted By Cops.

Finally for the new stories, we have some more memories from John Jacobs as he remembers being a Cat On The Prowl.

Halloween is coming soon, and so are some stories for the season. As promised, a sequel to Changeling is on the way, in which this photo on the left will play a part. For now, try one of my earlier seasonal tales with three quiet ladies, called Wiccan Woes.

Finally, I've added a new link to the Stories section of the Links page, to a blog called David's Tales. Enjoy.

More next week.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Now that the decorators have gone...

I decided it was time the blog got a bit of a facelift – let me know what you think.

Anyway, September has now been and gone, with a slight drop in the number of visits – 6,292 visits by 3,633 people, viewing 30,884 pages. I don’t mind a little drop, but I think the time is right to try the “tell a friend” campaign. I challenge each and every one of you reading this to tell a friend about the site, and invite them to drop by. I’ll try and make them welcome.

What is encouraging is 50% were “new” visitors – from countries such as Colombia, Ghana, Japan and Singapore. What’s interesting when I look at the UK visitors is that we are getting closer and closer still to my own home town – in fact, the closest place is only three miles away! One day, I will see that name, and then the fun may begin. Meanwhile, in the US only South Dakota (again!) and Wyoming prove immutable to our small offerings...

The referring sites prove interesting as always - particularly the Indian based financial advice site which somehow pointed here. At any rate, amongst the choice search terms this month were such diverse offerings as: -

Slave caravan collar – Slave Caravan

The two women were stripped and tied back to back in their bras and panties – Hunting for the SNARK

Bank staff bound and gagged by robbers – Early Opening

He undone the WPC’s blouse – A Walk In The Park

Double ball gag usage – Hippie Chix

“jacket” “over her bound arms” – A Debt Repaid and A War Declared

Coc Colette “rubber gloves” – Daylight Robbery

Kpp presents hairdresser – The Seven Stages of Highly Effective Robbery

Removing her heels – Dottie’s Arabian Nightmare

Schoolgirls tied up in robberies – A Week of Living Dangerously

Tied helpless her touch – Perils of Snooping

Tied wrists crossed videos - Mythbusters

So, what was the most popular story in September? Well in terms of total hits, we have...

  1. Heidi and Mother’s Day
  2. Marching to A Different Drum
  3. The Bank Manager’s Wife
  4. When a Hero Comes Along
  5. The Step Mum From Hell by Jenny Gagged
  6. Cruise to Terror
  7. Indecent Proposal Chapter 4
  8. Project: Dottie Chapter 2
  9. No Witnesses by JennyGagged
  10. A Wellness Day by Rayron D’Olier
  11. Fat Chance by Doctor George
  12. No More Lies

As always, however, the time spent on the page on average tells a different story...

  1. Elder Cats
  2. Stone Cold Certainty
  3. A Walk in The Park by Tull
  4. Bastille Day
  5. A Small Delay in Our Plans For The Weekend by Mordaca
  6. A Friendly Rivalry by Rayron D’Olier
  7. Flora MacKenzie to The Rescue by GillianB
  8. Cupid and The Cat
  9. Heidi and the Halloween Party
  10. The Swimming Pool by Mordaca

I add one codicil to this – visitors from China did translate a few pages, such as The Ladies in Black, Hardball or Saturday Morning Sparkle. These need to be considered separately, as the translation takes some time.

So, October, which can mean only one thing – Ghost Stories. You can look forward to the return of the Changeling, the next stage in Soo’s training, what happened when Barty Rhymaes and Jayes visited Alexandria, as well as other tales both seasonal and none – including the final part of Indecent Proposal.

Good Reading.