Thursday, 28 July 2011

A special request

from Ed Overton, custodian of all things pertaining to Ginger Cavanaugh. Ed?

"I am currently starting a bank robbery story for Perils of Ginger based on a 1980's American TV show, Our Family Honor - Hostage Espisode. I need help for descriptions of the 4-5 other hostages...can you get some people to give some ideas for me, maybe someone they would like to read about bound and gagged, i.e. girlfriend, wife, mother, co-worker, etc....age, height, weight, and clothing description would be great. Thanks for the help.

If you have a - willing volunteer, send an e-mail to me or reply to this message.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I'll begin. First, a short announcement - because of work commitments, there will be no update next week, but we will be back on Thursday 4th August.

Now, by way of introduction to our first new tale today, I have a guest blogger in the form of Doctor George.

"After the untimely death of my wife Gillian B in 2006 (she was only 51), and the closure of Restrained Tastes which had hosted her writing, her stories disappeared from view for several years. However, in 2009, KP contacted me with a view to writing a crossover story linking Gillian's La Cioccolata with his own character, The Cat. I agreed provided I could also stick my own oar into the process. The result was 'The Chocolate Cat'.

Since then KP has kindly provided a home not only for Gillian's previously published oeuvre of work, but also for a small number of previously unpublished stories, notably 'Occupational Hazards', which has provided a springing-off point for a new series of La Cioccolata tales. The subsequent new stories involving La Cioccolata either centrally or peripherally have been collaborations between KP and me to some extent or another, a collaboration which we both enjoy and which seems to have proved fruitful.

This week KP has provided space for a brand new story of La Cioccolata. The writing is mine, so the style is a little different to Gillian's but is hopefully in the same spirit. 'What's in a Name?' picks up on past events referred to in 'The Netterton Jewels' and previously hinted at in an earlier collaboration between KP and me, 'Crossed Wires'.

I hope that it's as much fun to read as it was to write.

Doctor George"

My thanks to the good Doctor. I would only add this is a story I've anticipated for some time, in that it finally answers a question that I have had for some time - how did Coco get her name of La Cioccolata? We've been seeding this for some time, and now the truth can be told.

Now, what else? How about a new tale of Jayes and Barty in Jayes and The Wrong Hostage? I hope you enjoy this as well.

One of the more popular stories of recent weeks has been Sara Gets Dolled Up, and I think it's time we had another tale of Sara Philips, Girl Detective. Please welcome Golavus to our Contributors section with Sara At The Races.

Finally, I am also honoured to welcome another new contributor - Charles Spencer, whom some of you may be familiar with from other sources. He has offered to provide slightly amended versions of his tales here, starting with Randi's Rueful Idea. If you enjoy it, let us know.

I will see you all in two weeks time.


Friday, 15 July 2011

You never know

which stories are going to prove popular here. It's always the ones I'm never quite sure about that seem to be the best received. Here's an example - at my DeviantArt page, I get a respectable number of hits, but not that many in comparison to others. This week, that rocketed - and all because I posted the first part of a story called The Three Ages of Gwen. This is my first attempt at a FanFic - see what you think. Legal note time - all characters in this story are (C) Cartoon Network.

It's also been a while since I did a Challenge style photo story, so this week you can read a tale set In The Country. All photos are (C) their respective sites. Another story you might like inspired by a photo set is Cath's Caff...

Finally, welcome back JennyGagged with a timely story called Game, Set and Match.

Quick word to all contributors - the site will be taking a two week break from updates in August, so if you have any stories ready get them to me by the end of July.

More, as always, next week.


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Please give a big welcome

We have a new writer making their first appearance today at KP Presents, by the name of Golavus. You can find more of his works at his DeviantArt page - - but he contacted me some time ago to ask permission to use The China Doll Gang in a story with Sara Philips, one of his characters.

Well, how could I refuse? Please read Sara Gets Dolled Up, and let us know what you think. I hope to provide more tales of Sara and the Carrington Girls Detective Agency in our Contributions section in the next few weeks.

Actually, while we are focusing on the girls in grey, why not read one of their more unusual past tales, in a story called Wiccan Woes.

Now, I think it is also time we caught up with Susan Proud as she continues her weekend visit in the third part of Indecent Proposal. Be warned - this chapter is definitely for Adults Only. I cannot emphasise that strongly enough.

Finally for this week, remember The Whisperer? Well, Barb was not the first person he visited, as we discover in the story of Amy's Night In.

More, as always, next week - and on Friday again.


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Story Excerpts

I recently ran a journal entry at my DeviantArt page to solicit new story ideas, and below are 100 word drabbles to provide initial ideas for some of those ideas. Your task, if you choose to do so, is to indicate which you want to see first.

The Perfect Hosts

"Mister Tall?"

"Yes, Mister Small?"

"Have you completed the transfer of data?"

The smaller of the two masked men looked up from the computer screen. "A few more minutes should see the job done?"

"Excellent – keep an eye on our hosts will you?"

He turned in the chair to look at the older woman lying on the couch, and her two daughters on the floor. As the taller if the two men left the room, he said "Just stay calm – we will be on our way soon."

They would have complained, but they could not – and their manners took over.

Jayes and the Wrong Hostage

"What do you mean, we have the wrong girl? I tell you Jayes this is Gladys Pugh?"

"With all due respect, sir."

"She is – she has the auburn hair, the clear blue eyes, the long lost expression..."

"I entirely agree sir, but there is one thing?"

"What is that?"

"Miss Gladys Pugh does not wear glasses – her twin sister, Daphne does."

I looked through the doorway at the woman trussed in the chair, her eyes staring round the room through her wire rimmed spectacles.

"You have a point, Jayes, you have a point. What do we do about it, eh?"

Cruise to Terror

JC could not believe her eyes. She had left Brenda in the lounge while she went to change into something for dinner, and now she had disappeared? The sleeves of her white blouse billowed in the sea breeze as she stepped onto the wooden walkway.

"Good evening, Miss Harper?"

She turned to see the captain walking towards her.

"Do you have any idea where all the others have gone, Captain? They all seem to have disappeared or taken ill."

"Indeed, I do, Miss Harper," he said as he produced a pistol from behind his back and pointed it at her.

Green Jealousy

She lurked in the shadows, watching the two women as they filed the paperwork away. She knew they had the item she sought, but there was little time to allow them to leave, so regretfully they would have to be dealt with.

The blonde fell first, and the brunette put up no fight. She secured them before turning her attention to the safe. It only took her a few moments to release the locks and open the door.

As the mist hit her, she blinked before thinking "Jade, when will you learn? Engage brain before opening possible booby trapped cotnainerssssss..."

Doll's Night Out

Karen looked over her shoulder as the two white faced women secured her two flatmates. They were the innocent parties in this – she was the one who had worked with the agent to provide the inside information.

She had never thought it would lead to trouble for them – and that the trouble would come from one of the most notorious gangs out there. Now all she could do was mmph through the cloth gag as the ropes went around their arms – and sorry was not going to be enough. Not nearly enough for what they were losing personally or socially.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Let the parade begin!

My best wishes to my American cousins on this day when you remember when you did the right thing, and broke free from British rule.

In celebration – and because it’s that time again – let’s look at the site results for June. There were 5,853 visits by 3,290 people, viewing a grand total of 36,284 page views – an increase again of about 20% on the previous month, with over half new visitors. As always, my thanks and gratitude to all of you – especially those from Guernsey, Thailand, South Korea and India. Looking closer to home, we’re getting closer to someone from my home town visiting – it was the district this time – while on the US front only Alaska, New Mexico and Wyoming did not pay a visit this month.

A BIG increase this month in those visiting from dreambooks – so in return, let me point you the way of and - two of my personal favourites.

Now, what did the search engine throw up this month? Let’s take a look...

“bound and gagged” + hopping, hop, hops – Just Hopping Around...

Bound and gagged in a bikini during a home invasion robbery stories – Rude Awakening 2

Gagged in a gown by an intruder - Reunion

Woman struggling against bound wrists and tape across her mouth – The Plumbers

Bound with lips glued shut as a gag – Midsummer Bound

Business woman tape gagged mmmmmm stories – Seventies Bound

Military woman silk gagged – MacKenzie and Marks American Tour Part 1

Knotted handkerchief in her mouth – Hotter Than My Daughter

Teacher “bound and gagged” panties – Lessons in Revenge

Tied hands were covered by the raincape - The Japanese Steal Ceremony

Trussed up stringently – The Sorority House Raid

Wrists tied behind my back desperate to pee – Return Visit

So, what were the most visited stories this month? In terms of hits, the answer is...

  1. Mythbusters 2
  2. The Cocktail Hour
  3. Quietly
  4. Weekend at Paulette’s
  5. Heidi and the Birthday Surprise
  6. Pretty Maids All In A Row
  7. Indecent Proposal Chapter 2
  8. The Good Burglar by Mordaca
  9. Old Friends
  10. Forced To Play The Game by Rayron D’Olier
  11. Family Legends
  12. Tell Her About It

While, in terms of time spent actually reading the story, on average the top twelve were...

  1. The Drama Queen Takes a Detour by Tull
  2. Apr├Ęs Skein
  3. Another Real Fictional Ordeal by Mordaca
  4. Reflected in a Cat’s Eye
  5. A Friendly Rivalry by Rayron D’Olier
  6. Dancing with A Stranger
  7. Avon Calling
  8. Over The Sea
  9. Turning The Tables
  10. Home Truths
  11. It’s Just A Game
  12. The Return Home.

So, coming soon – the next part of Indecent Proposal... A special guest contributor takes on the China Doll Gang... Madame X knows despair and triumph... Some young ladies take a trip into a new life... The truth behind the quiet English village... And The Whisperer returns.

See you on the flip side.


Friday, 1 July 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Two new stories, three past references for the time of year, and a couple of pieces of news - ready to begin?

I've been starting to use a new editing tool for the web pages, and it is fair to say I have had a few issues. With that in mind, if there is a problem on any of the pages please drop em a line at and let me know. I'd appreciate it.

For the first new story, I have a short tale that has been knocking around in my head for oh so many years, simply called Knocking.

Then, we have the first part proper of Project: Dottie, complete with the usual photo links. If you read the prologue, worry not - it will all make sense soon.

Recently, I posted the tale called Quietly. Well, it has been selected for inclusion in a monthly e-mailing from DeviantArt called Darkest Corners Lit - an honour I really do not deserve.

Can you believe it is July already? More to the point, that it is the major holiday weekend in North America? So, for the Canadians, you may enjoy Four Seasons In One Day. For my American cousins, how about Bound on the Fourth of July? Finally, let us not neglect my European friends, with a (slightly late) look at Midsummer Bound.

More (provided I get the hang of this new system) next week.