Friday, 31 August 2012

Good Grief!

Summer is almost over, the schools in England and Wales go back next week - where did the time go?

Anyway, after last week's events, I thought you may enjoy a small bumper load this week.  First up, allow em to present the continuing adventures of Cassie and Jenny Craig as they enjoy some quality Family Time.  Please remember there are youngdamsels in this tale, but I guarantee this time there is no danger or threat involved - unless you count their parents finding out about their games...

Talking of families, I was asked if I could write a story where a young lad and his cousin play some Tie-up games with his family.  The result was My Cousin Teddy.

On a slightly more serious note, you may enjoy a tale simply called Chocolate.

And while I'm thinking of reflections tales, why not visit an old classic - Jackie's Tale.

Finally, Amanda Lu has a new story for you, simply called Under The Sea 2

As Is aid last week, hopefully we are now back on a weekly schedule, so God Willing I will be back with new tales next Friday - but look out before then for the review of August.  I can tell you I have a new tale from Jim from Michigan at the next update...

Until then, I remain,


Wednesday, 22 August 2012


With regret, I have to announce what is hopefully the last skip week this year - I've come down with a throat infection, which has led to some rather vivid, if disturbing dreams and a general feeling of bleech, so I need some time to recover.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Just Passing Through

with a quick update on a few things.

First up, Amanda Lu has a new tale for you called Under The Sea.  I've also added a link to her story site on the Links page - do go and visit, and tell her I sent you.

We also have the latest story of Heidi Strong and her friends, called Heidi's Test.  Personally, I don't think it's the best Heidi tale ever, but your views may differ.

Next, peruse this picture.

This is the work of a fine artist called jstreel, at DeviantArt, and has inspired a story called Hospital Trauma.

One last thing - I've tried to update the eBooks page to work properly.  Let me know if there are more problems.

More, as always God Willing, next week.


Friday, 10 August 2012

So, today

Good news and bad news - although it may be good news to some of you.

I need time to finish a couple of stories off, including a short Heidi tale, so no new tales from me until next week.

Instead, two guest stories I know you're going to like.  Firstly, Golavus has another tale of Sara Philip's grandmother as she relates Marie's Flower Power Predicament.

Secondly, and it gives me great pleasure to say this, I have received two previously available tales from the pen of Rayron D'Olier in the post.  Please enjoy the first today, the story of An Unexpected Pleasure.

I'll be back next Friday, God Willing.


Monday, 6 August 2012

As promised

We add a new chapter to An Education today, as Cassie and Jenny are taken by their grandmother on a Play Date - one that goes slightly awry, as some very special guest stars turn up.  I need to remind you that these tales involve young damsels, and although they come to no harm you should bear that in mind.

Talking of youth, or in this case my youth, I recently got bitten by the Fanfic bug again, so join me in a trip down memory lane as we uncover The Great Pitstop Pandemonium.  More to come on this tale.

Finally, Amanda Lu asks you to consider what can happen On A Little Street In Singapore.

More Friday, and I am as always,


Friday, 3 August 2012

Reviewing a wet July...

Well, given I will not be updating until Monday now, let’s fill the gap in by looking back at what you read in July.

We had a total of 7,950 visits from 4,490 people, viewing a total of 30.747 pages.  Looking at the demographics, we give a laurel wreath and hearty handshake this month to visitors from Peru, The Isle of Man, Colombia, Taiwan, New Zealand, China and Denmark.  Looking at the UK, we’re still really no closer to anyone from my home townL, while in the US - well, for the first time I can remember all fifty states have had at least one visitor, from 367 visits in New York to one in Wyoming - and that includes DC!  Must have done something right for once...

So where did they come from?  A fair number from the TuG forum site, although many of them I suspect have been lured by the An Education section.  Otherwise, the most unusual referring site has to be

And what of the search terms?  Well, here are some examples from this month, and where they led...

hot blonde chairtied arms tied over the chair's back and ankles cross tied - Heidi and the Slumber Challenge
gentle duct tape mouth fear gun - The Babysitter Bandit 3
“high heels” “made her struggle” - Eye of the Beholder
Bondage team building sorority - Sorority Rites Part 1
Detention time scarf gagged - Santa’s Helper
Ladies bound and gagged with gag wads - Welsh Rarebit
Madame X gagged Shirley - DebtRepaid
Miss Bond baroness - Work Experience
Pippa gagged - Waiting forFather
Rouge tied up and gagged - She’sThe One
She struggled against the ropes - Kidnapped Rita Meter Maid

What I’m really interested in, of course, is which stories you made most popular, so let’s have the envelope please.  In terms of number of hits, the top twelve were...

  1. Learning the Ropes
  2. The Jewel Job
  3. House Arrest, Home Invasion by Amanda Lu
  4. After School Special
  5. No Witnesses by JennyGagged
  6. In Their Own Words 3
  7. Heidi’s School Project
  8. Dragon Boat Festival Hostages by Amanda Lu
  9. Seventies Bound 8
  10. Le Bal Masque
  11. The Riddle
  12. Olympic Commentary

Meanwhile, in terms of time actually spent on the page, the top stories were...

  1. Moving Pictures
  2. St George’s Day
  3. A Reason to Give Thanks
  4. Band of Gold
  5. Wedding Day Blues
  6. Nigthwatch
  7. Prescription for Peril
  8. Seized from School
  9. Best Left to the Experts by Tull
  10. A Tale of Two Cities
  11. What are Sisters For?
  12. Back to the Catwalk

Anyway, onwards and upwards, and I will see you all on Monday, God Willing


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Update Monday

Real life got in the way again.