Sunday, 28 February 2010

Coming soon...

On Wednesday I wrote the following on the blog...

"Two other things from this tale. First, at some point in the near future I'll create a new section on the site that will collect both of these tales with some others that are planned. Second, long time fans of Gillian may pick up a reference or two in this story. To them I say - yes, very soon.

Cryptic, ain't I?"

Let me be less cryptic - on Tuesday, we recreate another popular part of the Restrained Tastes site here.

Come then to find out which pge...

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Doctor Is In...

Two new stories - but as one of them is very special and a bit longer than the norm, I hope you understand.

The response to the return of La Cioccolata in The Chocolate Cat has been very positively received, and I'm also pleased to see so many of you re-acquainting yourself with the stories by the much missed Gillian B in the section of her tales. I've recently been working with a new author to this site, who goes by the name of Doctor George, on a number of story ideas for Coco, and I'm proud to offer the first of these today. It's called Reflected In A Cat's Eye, and tells of what happens when a robbery at a friend of John Jacobs (aka the Cat) implicates a certain Miss Aldington. I hope you enjoy it, and your feedback is appreciated.

Two other things from this tale. First, at some point in the near future I'll create a new section on the site that will collect both of these tales with some others that are planned. Second, long time fans of Gillian may pick up a reference or two in this story. To them I say - yes, very soon.

Cryptic, ain't I?

Oh - and before I forget, for those who are asking who Gillian B was, I refer you to this previous blog post.

For the other story today, we start to close off on the journey of George Simpson with a tale called Snowbound.

Enjoy, and I'll see you next week.


Monday, 22 February 2010

Caution: Men At Work

I'm going to be makign a few changes ot the structure of the site over the next couple of days, following feedback from some visitors I trust. Briefly : -

  1. The Longer Form page will be closed down, and the stories there moved to the sections that are most approproate, with a note they are longer then the norm
  2. The WABAC section will be organised into rough decades, so those who like the Seventies tales can find them together.
  3. The tales of Madame X, The China Doll Gang and The Gentlemen Robbers will go into a chronological order.

Hopefully, this will make things a little easier to follow. I can also confirm another very special tale will appear on Wednesday - but more of that then,


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Good, good

Glad you remembered it was Wednesday this week...

As you will know if you have been to the links page, I have a DeviantArt site which acts as a teaser for new stories here as well as old ones. One of my good friends there is David, who asked if I would create a story around Debbie Drummond and her friends, all of which are his original characters. So, here is the tale of Debbie's Narrow Squeak - and visit his page at for more tales in a jugular vein...

Avon Calling is our first visit for some time to Objects of Beauty. This was originally planned as a longer tale, but it never quite got there. I hope you enjoy what it offers.

Finally, our weekly visit from Mordaca offers the tale of a special firm who offer The Unreal Factor.

Hopefully, next week I'll have a very special story with a new guest writer - coem back next Wednesday to find out.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

News Views and Muse

First, news - for the next couple of weeks, there will be one update a week on the site on Wednesday. This is partly due to work commitments, and partly to give me a chance ot build my back catalogue up again.

Now views - thank you to those who voted on the picture story poll. Only 11 votes, but most liked what was happening. To the two who said stop - if it is a matter of taste, I understand. If it is a particular issue, please contact me by private e-mail to discuss your concerns. Thank you.

Now, new stories - and we open with a long tale from Mordaca of the night there was a Triple Assault at the Blackmailer's Party.

Next up, a short tale of Office Politics.

Finally, a mother reflects on the events her family are experiencing when she hears the words And So To Bed.

As always, we welcome your comments, criticism, or even just if you are enjoying what we do here. See you Wednesday.


Monday, 8 February 2010

At the end of the road

We're pleased to present here today a story called Occupational Hazards, and with that complete the collection of La Cioccolata stories written by Gillian B. It is our hope that you have enjoyed reading both old and new favourites, and that you'll pass the word on - these stories are staying heer for the foreseeable future.

And as to the future - watch this space...

More Thursday.


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Going back to my roots...

It's a little over two years since I started doing this thing, so this week I have new stories with the characters that started it all off.

Firstly, The Gentlemen Robbers show how the eyes can be the Mirror of The Soul.

Secondly, the China Doll Gang interrupt a late night Lock-In at the local pub.

Finally, and not to be left out, Mordaca offers the cautionary tale of The Wrong Girl.

Let us know what you think of the recent stories.


Apologies for the delay

Connectivity issues that needed to be addressed. I'll have new stories up by 7 PM EST tonight.

Monday, 1 February 2010

White Rabbit

As it's the first of the month, here's a little extra look at what you, the readers, were doing in January thanks to the handy dandy tracking software...

The site had 1,946 visits from 783 visitors in 39 countries, averaging out at about 25 visitors a day. They came from countries ranging from New Zealand to Argentina, and Russia to Malaysia, but the majority seemed to come from the UK, the US and Germany. I want to give a big thumbs up, by the way, to the reader in Aarhus - thanks for dropping by so often. Special mention also to the visitors from Pakistan, Bahrain and Guernsey.

As for where they come from - most referrals from other sites came through the update blog, Flickr and links in Yahoo groups – but a sizable number from also came from and the Bound and Gagged by Burglars dreambook. Hope you liked what you found.

The search terms that are used always intrigue me - here's a sample from last month and what they linked into...

The girls mmphed through their gags - The Babysitter Bandit
Found wearing only her panties - Whatever happened to Polly? and Seventies Bound IV amongst others.
Rope mummy - Reliving Your Past and A Reason to Give Thanks to give two examples
Towel gag out of bath towel when gagged - China Doll

So, what were the most popular stories in January? In no particular order, the twelve that came out at the top of the list were...

Home Revision
Tell Me On A Sunday
Home Sweet Home (Thanks again to the family of Gillian B for that)
Another Ordeal (From Mordaca)
Jackie’s Tale
Dottie’s Dilemma
Apr├Ęs Skein
Robber Burns
Family Legends
The Inconvenient Witness (From Mordaca
Desert Dream
The Chocolate Cat

What does February hold in store - I have no idea. That's entirely up to you...

And so we say goodbye

to Coco and the Harmans as we publish the final part of Home Sweet Home. As I said previously, La Cioccolata will return, but I'd be interested in hearing your views on this tale.

More Thursday.