Friday, 24 June 2011

It started so simply...

Mordaca, my good friend and fellow writer, sent a request for a story about a collection of jewels that were repeatedly stolen through the years. I said I'd do something about it, but suggested that the most recent attempt be made by a woman called Coco. Then Doctor George offered to help, and so began the story of The Netterton Jewels - a story that comes to a conclusion today.

Soon, we hope to present the first of two stories that answer some questions that you may have noticed - watch this space...

Also today, we offer more memories from John Jacobs as he looks at The Cat's Cuttings.

Seeing as we have both John and Coco in the same update, you may also like to read a story called Reflections in a Cat's Eye...

Finally, and fittingly, Mordaca offers the tale of Some Surprises on the Assault on the Judge's House.

More (including hopefully Dottie and Chase) next week.


Friday, 17 June 2011

200 Posts!!

And you still visit? Must be doing something right here...

Anyway, first up this week is a little tale I call, for reasons that will become clear, Quietly. The antagonist here will return - this I promise you.

I also have a tale called Old Friends - now, I personally do not believe I write humour well for humour's sake, but you can choose to disagree. Antoher example of my feeeble attempts can be found in a tale called Football Crazy.

Finally, Mordaca would like to tell you why Tombstone, his man of muscle, is known in the trade as The Good Burglar.

More, as always, next week.


Friday, 10 June 2011

Request Time!!

All three stories today have come, in one way or another, from a request.

For example, one of the most popular stories of recent months was MythBusters, and as you will have seen from the poll here and over at DeviantArt the appetite for a sequel was clear. Well, who am I to stand in your way - here's MythBusters 2.

Also, my good friend Jim asked me to write a story around a set of photos of ladies in the classic little black dress. The result is the story of The Cocktail Hour - but if you want to see the photos, then you need to tell me...

Finally, I had a request for a private story, and the requester very kindly gave permission for the story to appear here if the names were changed. My pleasure, as they say, so enjoy the story of the Weekend at Paulette's.

And for the classic tale this week, try another requests story - Pretty Maids All In A Row.

More next week.


Friday, 3 June 2011

Well now

How to describe the new tales today?

Well, for starters we continue to follow Susan Proud as the tale of Indecent Proposal unfolds, covering the next day of her "visit".

Then we see how young Heidi celebrates her birthday - if that is the right word - in Heidi and The Birthday Surprise.

Finally, what does it mean for a young man when he has to play a game in a tale called Band of Gold? while we're reflecting, as it were, have a look at another relationship assessment in Tell Her About It.

Next week, God willing - Mythbusters.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June rising

There’s a saying where I grew up – “Ne’er cast a coot ‘til may is oot.” At any rate, here we are in June, and it’s time for the monthly report.

There was a 15% increase in hits last month – 31,664 page views on 5,044 visits by 2,859 people. As always, thank you to each and every one of you – especially this month those from Poland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Jersey – yes, Jersey. I also notice we’re getting even closer to a hit from my home town, but not yet – only 6 miles away now. And on the US watch, no-one from Alaska and Wyoming. Ah well...

As always, the search engines threw up some choice phrases, such as...

He tied her feet to the headboard - Forced to Play The Game

Employee late from lunch - Late Back From Lunch

Women bound and gagged with sticky glue - Return Visit

Mother grandmother stockings tied gagged robbers - Family Legends

Bound long dresses evening gowns gagged - A Serving Of Fear

Hog tying my wife - And So To Bed

I was gagged and blindfolded wearing my school uniform at home - The Japanese Steal Ceremony

Stocking gag - Sister Of The Bride

Tied and gagged in the fifties - Sorority Rites Part 1

Zip tie gagged - Sing For Your Supper

Now, this month the most popular stories, in terms of number of hits, were (drum roll please...)

  1. Indecent Proposal part 1

  2. Work Experience by JennyGagged

  3. DIY

  4. Guests for the Weekend

  5. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

  6. Songs in the key of MMMPHHH

  7. Ollie D Lesbrooke Will Surrender At Noon by Mordaca

  8. Eastern Promise

  9. Puppet On A String

  10. Eurovision Nightmare

  11. The Wedding Display

  12. Project: Dottie – Prologue

Meanwhile, in terms of time spent on the page (and this may be skewed by the avid reader in Manchester) we have...

  1. Project: Dottie – Prologue

  2. Ollie D Lesbrooke Will Surrender At Noon by Mordaca

  3. Queenie and the Madame part 3 by Gillian B

  4. Queenie and the Boxer part 3 by Gillian B

  5. How I Bagged A Cougar

  6. Indecent Proposal part 1

  7. Moving Day

  8. MacKenzie and Marks Undercover in Austria part 10 by Gillian B

  9. Turning The Tables

  10. Le Bal Masque

  11. When Harry met Queenie part 2 by Gillian B

  12. The Kidnapped Sheriff Affair by Mordaca.

As always, my thanks for your continued support and visits. New stuff, as promised, Friday.