Friday, 30 March 2012

Some quick news points

ITEM!  After next week, I'll be taking a short break, so there will be no update week beginning 8th April.  I need to recharge the batteries and take a complete break from everything computer based for a few days.

ITEM!  Week beginning 22nd April, I'll be in the US on business, so expect that week for updates to happen at strange times.

ITEM!  Don't forget I take story requests, so if you have an idea for a tale drop em a line or post a comment here.

ITEM!  I'm working on a sequel for Weekend at Paulette's, and I intend to have Gag Karaoke as part of the tale.  Any songs you think should be covered?

QUESTION!  Yeah, I'm asking you one for a change - what is it that interest you about these stories?  what first turned you onto the allure of the DiD field?  Enquiring minds (well, me) would like to know...

ITEM!  There is no sixth item.

ITEM!  Do visit Dave and Captain Kidnap at their blogs,as well as Sasha - tell them I sent you.

Back to the grindstone

with two new tales.  Firstly, and as promised, we have a new addition to the Chase Files collection with the story of a visit by the secretary of the local housing association to an 'offending' couple - only for the offence to turn serious in Spider and The Fly.

Secondly, a little reflections tale of a mother and daughter who spend some time Side by Side.

Easter is coming soon, so enjoy an old tale called Easter Hunt as well.

Next week, if all goes according to plan... the return of Ginger Cavanuagh... A new China Dolls tale with some very special guest stars... A tale for the season... and whatever else hits my radar.

Also, my new eBook is now available on iBooks and from next week at The Nook - click on the links to the right for more.

Have a good week,


Monday, 26 March 2012

Please welcome to KP Presents

Sarah Drake, who may be known to those of you who frequent DeviantArt as sjdrake2006.  She has very kindly offered to allow some of her stories of her character, Jacky Graham, to be posted here, starting with Jacky Graham, PI - The Eritrean Contract.

It's a novella in its own right, so I hope you enjoy it - and if you do, let us know by comment or e-mail.  Meanwhile, I still have that Chase story to finish off...


Friday, 23 March 2012

Let's take it down a little

with two more reflective, quieter tales.

It's been a while since we dropped in at Objects of Beauty, so today we offer the thoughts of one of their procurement agents as she arranges for one young lady to be Taken For a Ride.

Secondly, and uniquely for this site, we have an anonymous story, but one I think you will like, as two mothers submit to the pleas of the children that It's Just A Game.

Please, feel free to share and comment on these tales.  As for me, I have a story to finish for Monday, with any luck.  Until then, I am


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Fair Warning

I'm travelling on business over the next couple of weeks, so we're moving from a weekly update to shorter updates every two to three days for the next fortnight.  We start later tomorrow with one new tale from me and one contributed story, and by Monday I hope to have the Chase Files story ready for publishing.

We also have a very special new China Dolls story in review, and other goodies to come.  Bear with us over the next few days - and watch the blogosphere...

One more thing - you can now follow KP Presents on Twitter!

Monday, 19 March 2012

A Propos of Nothing

I've ended the collection poll, because the answer is fairly easy to see.

So you want a variety of tales with more than one woman and past eras?  Well, they say the customer is always right - so (and in honour of an old Yahoo group I had) I present the following: - The OWiD Files

Yeah, it's a godawful cover, but you try and find a free to use image that suggests files and isn't taken from MS Office.   You'll find a number of tales therein - which are going to disappear from here in due course, so fair warning is given.

I'll update as and when it becomes available on iBooks and the Nook.

Oh - and one other thing.  Coming soon - The Saga Of Miss Strong...

Thursday, 15 March 2012

In Two Minds

The author Iain Banks has two different main threads of writing.  When he is writing a Sci-fi work he is billed as Iain M Banks, but for all other works it is just Iain Banks.

Why do I mention this?  Mainly because my two tales this week can be said to be on opposite ends of the writing spectrum for me.

On one end, we have a second sequel to Seized From School, as  rescue plan is hatched.  As you will see in Fly Away Home, however, things can go wrong.  Please, do not go there if you are not of age - it's strong stuff folks.

On the other side, what happens when Heidi has some friends round for the night?  Why, Heidi and the Slumber Challenge, of course.

Somewhere in the imddle is a new story from Amanda Lu, entitled False Arrest.

Finally, it's St Patrick's Day on Saturday, so let me point you to The Irish In Her.

More next week - hopefully with a Chase File as well.


Monday, 12 March 2012

A word in season

If you are a member of the RopeDreams community of Yahoo Groups, you will have seen the nominations list for the 2012 RopeDream awards.  Scour the list carefully, and cast your votes, but note in particular two classes.

Firstly, I am nominated for Best Fan Writer 2012, alongside MCH and Blu Angel, Jeb, Frank Knebel and MWB.

Secondly, The Midnight Caller is one of four nominations for Best Story.

I'm not going to tell you to vote for me - I am asking you if you are taking part to give it due consideration.

Thank you for your time.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Completing another marathon

This one started in May last year, but this week we offer the third and final part of The Three Ages of Gwen.  All characters in this tale are (c) Cartoon Network - and yes, this is a fan fic.

We also have a new tale from Tull, following on from Best Left To The Experts, entitled The Repentant Robber.

Finally, the WABAC machine stuttered into life to deliver a tale called The Panther Strikes!

Next week is a week of contrasts - join me then.


Friday, 2 March 2012

Well, that was fun

My host server decided to remove the old editors I was using and impose new, better, easier ones - which, quite naturally, screwed up the files I put in today.  I think I've repaired the damage, but if not let me know.

So, we offer a new Chase files story today, as Lisa MacGregor meets The Utility Man, and is taken for a ride.  As always, pictures are available via the links.

You may remember Amy from Amy's Night In - she has another encounter with a thief in Party Girl.

Finally, a short reflections tale called Watching.

One other quickie - my Facebook page, where I had been putting pictures from some of my stories, has been disabled.  Don't know if I will get it back up and running, but if so I'll let you know here.

UPDATE - Yeah, Facebook have kicked me out.  I invite anyone from there to subscribe to the blog, or else  to add me as a contact on Yahoo.

More next week.


Thursday, 1 March 2012

February made me shiver...

Well, February has been and gone, with the shortness of the month and certain issues taking my attention from here for a while.  Nevertheless, let’s look at the stats for this month.

We had 6,504 visits by 3,679 people, with 27,163 page views.  Down on last month, but this happens from time to time.  My personal answer to this, as always, is to encourage you to tell anyone you think may like this site about it.  A big shout out this month to visitors from Gibraltar, Greece, Thailand, Serbia and Finland.  Still no closer to a visitor from my home town, while on the US watch we had only one state not dropping in - Alaska.
Unless, of course, they were the mysterious “Not Set”...

Referring sites were the usual bunch, although sounds intriguing.  So, what unusual search terms were big hits this time?  Let’s take a look...

Search tied up and gagged in plastic clothes - Sara's Internship
Stories of bank staff bound and gagged by robbers - Early Opening
Wpc getting gagged - Appraisal part 1
Sorority initiation gagged tied - Sorority Sisters Return
“Gillian b” wrists tightly - A Little Coco at Bedtime
Pair of socks stuffed in her mouth -monkey - A Tale of Grace
“wear diapers” stories “all girls must” - No Witnesses
“she poured chloroform” - Daylight Robbery
Detective “tie her up” chapter - The Sorority House Raid
Her stocking gagged niece - The Cat Drops In
She struggled against her bonds - Quality Time
Transparent plaster gagged and bound fiction - A Friendly Rivalry

And so, the top stories in terms of hits for February 2012 were: -
  1. Babysitter in Trouble by JennyGagged
  2. No Witnesses by JennyGagged
  3. Award Night
  4. Tales From A Small Town part 2
  5. Weekend At The Cabin
  6. How I Bagged A Cougar
  7. In The Beginning
  8. Caught Short by Amanda Lu
  9. A Secured Weekend by Amanda Lu
  10. A Sorority Sister’s Bridal Shower by Jim from Michigan
  11. Target: Helen by Mordaca
  12. Maggie’s War by Amanda Lu

Just in passing, I’m glad so many of you like our contributed stories - be sure to let the writers know through the blog as well.

If we look at time spent on the page, the top twelve are:-
  1. George’s Big Job
  2. Private Viewing
  3. Band of Gold
  4. Just Relaxing
  5. Avon Calling
  6. Redeye
  7. Crime School 3
  8. Staff Training by Doctor George
  9. Fair Cop
  10. A Sorority Sister’s Bridal Shower by Jim from Michigan
  11. Work Experience by JennyGagged
  12. Slumber Surprise

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new Chase File for your amusement.