Friday, 26 September 2014

Lousy cold

so forgive me if I keep this short.

First, part 2 of Should Auld Acquaintance - in which we have big surprises.  Really big ones.

And as a side treat, you can read what happens when Susan and Penny finally end up Coming Home.

Next, a short reflection involving Flatmates

And finally, New Lives for the An Education girls.

More, as always, God Willing next week, but for now I remain


Thursday, 18 September 2014


I'm afraid there is no update this week - I have several stories to finish, and a deadline in my real life work.

We will be back, as always God Willing, next week.


Friday, 12 September 2014

Photo stories - you decide...

I like to do this from time to time - all six of these photos suggest stories to me, but which one would you like to see me do first?  Vote in the poll...

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Fresh this week

Welcome back Mordaca with a sequel to a popular tale - The Unreal Factor 2

As for the Pussycats, the holidays are coming for them in part 1 of 3 of Should Auld Acquaintance...

We also have a special tale of Jay Edwards, called The Williamsons and the Widow.  This has mild spoilers for upcoming stories in An Education, so beware.

Which reminds me  you can now purchase An Education: Friends and Family.

Finally, a short tale called Bound Together.

Also watch for a second post today - I think you'll like it.

More, as always God Willing, next week, but for now, I remain


Friday, 5 September 2014

School's back

but there is still time for The Garden Party, as Jenny and the other girls make an offer their older female relatives cannot resist...

Meanwhile in New York, the question of What's Old Pussycat? needs to be resolved, as forces start to move that will mean grief - for someone.

As regular readers know, two of the things that fascinate me are years gone by and family groups - and both appear on a tale of Generations - Through the Years.

And finally for today, Tull has a second tale of Marie's Motoring Misadventure.

Next week, as always God willing, more tales of restraint, but until then I remain,


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Double the fun

Well, this is a double month, so the first paragraph of the summary will look a little better than normal…

In July and August this year, we had 25, 702 visits by 16, 719 visitors, with a total of 75,568 page  views – and nearly 60% of those were new visits.  A big ‘HIYA’ to those who popped in from Sudan, Guam, Qatar, Rwanda, Serbia and Russia.  In the US, all states visited – in the UK, still no one from my home town.

In terms of referrals, a lot courtesy of the Bondage Awards – and let me take the opportunity to thank all who voted this year.  Will we win anything?  Who can say – but thank you all for your support, whoever you are.

But search terms – the ones that caught my eye this time were…

“her gun” “her gag” – Home Sweet Home Part 2
Mothers tied up playing games – Heidi New Year!
They tied up and gagged the girls – Sara Gets Dolled Up
“and I mean gagged” – Heidi in the Old Country
Bouncing baby kp presents – Bouncing Baby
Can’t get out of the knots tied up struggle – Forced to Play the Game 
Her elbows were tied, nc 17 – Hospital Trauma 
Itching powder story – A Small Town’s Biggest Secret
Old bondage scans  - The Eritrean Contract
Panty gagged sister locked in the closet – The Headscarf Gang
Rope cinch wrists ankles wadding – a Day at the Lake  
Tied up twisting wrists struggling – When a Hero Comes Along

And so to the most read stories in the two months.  In terms of page hits, for both contributing and me, we have…

The Perils of Babysitting by JennyGagged
Double Trouble
No Witnesses by JennyGagged
The Cabin by the Lake
My first, Best Time in Bondage by Jim from Michigan
Birthday Surprise
Babysitter in Trouble by JennyGagged
Mother and Daughter Moments 9
Miss Pringle by JennyGagged
Valentine Surprise
Brat Camp by JennyGagged
The Midnight Caller
It’s Just a Game by Anonymous
Gaining Your Independence
The Wet Hostage by Amanda Lu
Dress Down Friday
The School Photographer by JennyGagged
The Safe Bet
The Thrice Bound Constable by Tull
Possible Response
It Takes A Thief by Doctor George
Calm Before the Storm
Sibling Bonding  part 1 by Amanda Lu
The Wedding

Meanwhile, in terms of time spent on the page, the top twelve are…

  1. Jubilate!
  2. Tales of an Old Cat
  3. The New Teacher
  4. Year of the Tiger
  5. A Reason to Give Thanks
  6. A Bunch of Flrz by Gillian B
  7. The Bad Girls, the Real Bad Girl, the Captives and the Two Real Captives by Mordaca
  8. Private Cheers
  9. Cat on the Prowl
  10. Work Experience
  11. The Black Cat
  12. The Summer Ball

I’ll be back, as always God willing, Friday, but until then, I remain,