Friday, 27 April 2012

So, for my next trick

A story from Amanda Lu for the Holiday Hostages section, as she invites you to celebrate Mooncakes Time.

Also, another story from me, but from an angle I don't usually employ - that of a male victim of a home invasion, as a family realise this is Not Another Saturday.

Thanks to all who voted on the continuation of the Ginger story - now we need to identify some more hostages.  Vote, but also add a comment as to what the hostage would look like.

Back next week.


Thursday, 26 April 2012

One more day

to decide the possible scenario for the next stage of the Ginger story - thanks to all who have voted so far, but please, if you say other, you HAVE to tell us what you have in mind!

Anyway, greetings from North Carolina, as I bring you the first of a two part update this week.  Just one story today, but I think you'll like it, as we join young Heidi and her friends again in a story called Heidi's Surprise Trip.  This is a bit of a watershed tale, as it brings us full circle with some things mentioned in the first Heidi story, Heidi and the Mystery Aunt.

It's also a small attempt on my part to mimic a never finished story by a good friend of mine, wwwarmachine.  Some of you may know the tale I refer to.

There's also a companion tale to this, which will appear in the next week or two and fill in a few gaps you may notice.  Watch this space...

I'll be back tomorrow, with a couple more, slightly shorter tales.


Friday, 20 April 2012

A cry for help

No, not from me, although I have no new stories by myself this week.  One or two are near completion, but are not quite ready yet.

No, this cry for assistance, however muffled, comes from Ginger Cavanaugh and her friend in a new tale from Ed Overton, called Eye of the Beholder.  While the story goes so far, it ends at a crucial moment, and Ed would like to ask you, the reader, what happens next.  To help this, I'll run a series of polls for the next two to three weeks, but if you have any suggestions feel free to add them as comments or send them to me at and I'll pass them on.  In particular, if you think Ginger and Tina should not be alone in their predicament, provide details!

Secondly for today, may I welcome back after too long an absence Mordaca, as he relates a story from the past of his character Helen Troy aptly called The First Betrayal.

A reminder that I'm travelling next week, so keep watch for updates at strange times.  I have a new tale from Amanda Lu to review, and there is a strong possibility that Heidi and her friends will return.

Be good,


Monday, 16 April 2012

Back again

Refreshed, and ready to start writing again.  A quick word - some of you (Mike, Zoe, BBG-Lover, and others) are waiting for me to finish stories for them.  My apologies for the delay, but here is the good news - I'm travelling to the US next week, so I'll have time to get most, if not all, of them completed to first draft stage.

If you're a frequenter of the Tie-Up Games board, I'm also going to finish off the two current stories very soon.

So today - and this is one of those story ideas that just would not go away.  When Crossed Wires first appeared here, we got a response that went something like the following.

What would happen if the China Doll Gang visited Collette Aldington at home?

Now, I'll be honest here - my first reaction at the time was "I don't know, what would happen?"  As time passed, however, my good friend Doctor George kept thinking this over, and eventually he said "What would happen?"

We batted some ideas about, and the result is a story called Best Served Cold - for reasons that will become clear as you read the tale.  We also have some special guests stars in this story, so look out for them.

On Friday - Ginger Cavanaugh is back, and she needs your help...


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Holidays are coming

and I'm an idiot.  I had the new China Dolls story ready to load, and then the file got corrupted.

And I found I had accidentally deleted the e-mail with the file attached.

So....  I'm awaiting a replacement.  If I get it today, I'll load it and do an extra blog post.  If not, look for it when I return from my holidays on or around the 15th of April.

Having said that, I don't want to leave you without new stories, so if you're sitting comfortably...

First up, a request from BoundBlackGirlLover, as we relate the story of what happened to three women on One Dark Night.

I also have an Easter tale for you, as we relate why Maggie ends up Hopping Mad.  You may also like to look at an old tale of mine called Bunnies in Blankets.

Amanda Lu has just sent the second part of Maggie's War, so we've added that and re-organised her section of the Contributions folder at her request.

Finally, for now, Tull has a story of one of his favourite characters for you, with the tale of The Disappearance of WPC Drummond.

I also have a message from Tull for you - Nina and Janet are now working at the same business, where Security is somewhat lacking....

If I don't post again today, have a safe and happy holiday period, and I'll be back week beginning 15th April.

Happy Trails,


Monday, 2 April 2012

Another new month

We saw a light dip again in visits in March, which is not unexpected - after all, there are other things that demand our attention at times.  We had a total of 6,963 visits by 3, 741 people, with a total of 24,806 page hits.  About 45% were new visitors, which is an encouraging sign as well.

Looking at geographical location, a big shout out to the visitors from Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, South Africa, Andorra and Iraq.  Closer to home, we’re still no closer to a visitor from my home town - still six miles away - while on US watch it would appear that only Wyoming was immune to our charms this month.

So where did people find our site from?  Well, one or two are still coming from Facebook, despite my implosion there, so if you are one of them tell me what’s happening over there.  As always, however, we had a strange and beautiful collection of search terms leading to the site - here’s just a sample...

Slave girl caravan - Slave Caravan
Tied-up mother kp - A Day At The Lake
Woman attempting to speak while tied up and gagged - Turning The Tables
Dottie dilemma - Dottie’s Dilemma
Natalie and darling bound and gagged side by side pictures - No Witnesses
“The cuffs around her wrists” - The Netterton Jewels Part6
Bandits tied her up - The Babysitter Bandit 2
Dark hiro bondage - Changeling
Handcuffs bondage “her badge” -costume - Bad Deal
Mouth stuffed with wadded panties - Private Cheers
Rope cinch “her wrists” gag wadding “she tied” - Wedding Belles
Tie her gently - The Cat’s Pyjamas

Now, before I look at the hits for this month, thanks to all of you who have been in touch to say how much you’ve enjoyed The Eritrean Contract.  I can’t track that particular page in the same way I do the others, but I’m glad you’re enjoying the story by Sarah Drake.

So - the envelope please - the most popular stories in March in terms of hits were: -

  1. It’s Just a Game by Anonymous
  2. The Utility Man
  3. Taken For a Ride
  4. The Repentant Robber by Tull
  5. Fly Away Home
  6. Party Girl
  7. Watching
  8. Heidi’s Slumber Challenge
  9. The Panther Strikes!
  10. No Witnesses by JennyGagged
  11. False Arrest by Amanda Lu
  12. The Three Ages of Gwen part 3

As always, however, if we look at the average time spent on the page, then the top twelve are...

  1. The Swimming Pool by Mordaca
  2. Garage Sale
  3. The Cat’s Cuttings
  4. Redeye
  5. Lightnings are Lazy by Mordaca
  6. Surprise Surprise
  7. A Very Different Kind of Knight in Shining Armour by Mordaca
  8. Elder Cats
  9. The Eyes Have It
  10. China Doll
  11. The Salesman Come Chapter 6
  12. Amy’s Night In

What this tells me is we need more tales from our old friend Mordaca - I’ll see what we can do about that.

Anyway, I’ll be back Wednesday or Thursday with more tales.  Until then, I am,