Friday, 27 January 2012

Girls, girls, girls

I guess that is the theme running through today's update, in one way or another...

First up, as promised we reveal how Heidi, Cindy and the others spend the Holiday period in a tale called Heidi New Year!.  Next up for our intrepid heroines, the worst hell known to young womankind - the slumber party...

Now, Seized At School caused a fair amount of comment, but there was one loose end left - what happened to the two teachers?  Well, we can catch up with Josephine Stanton and Pauline Jenkins as they join The Faculty.

Finally, and long promised, the final story of The Babysitter Bandits.  Warning - hints at young damsels in this story, but none are placed in peril.

Oh - and to celebrate the Chinese New Year, why not read Year Of The Tiger.

Back next week with more.


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Now available to purchase

Diamond Lights and Other Stories, an eBook containing the complete and slightly amended text of Diamond Lights, along with stories selected by you of the characters in the main story.

Over 150 pages, for the princely sum of £2.  any profits (pause for laughter) to go to the maintenance of KP Presents and the associated pages.  My thanks for all who voted in the polls to select the stories, and special thanks to Doctor George who edited a near-final draft and made some excellent suggestions.

I never dreamt, when I started writing these stories, that someday I would be doing this.  What is going to be interesting now is to see if anybody actually buys it...

If you wish to buy it, however, you can now get it on iBooks as well!


Monday, 23 January 2012

I may regret this

but we'll see.

If you have a facebook account, and are not TOO public with it, you can now friend me at my page.

If you do, you also get to see some of my favourite photos, including more than a few that have inspired stories here...

On a related note, I hope to make a second announcement later this week, which may interest some of you...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

You know how these things happen

I post the update last week, and within an hour I find a message for me from Tull, containing a new story about his bank robber Ray.  So, with apologies for the unexpected delay, you can now enjoy Best Left To The Experts.

We actually have two contributed stories this week, as we have the latest tale of Coco from Doctor George.  This time, however, we have an untold tale of Coco's earlier years, as (with a little input from me) he tells the story of Jayes and the Borrowed Burglar.  This is an idea we've batted round between the two of us for a while, and we both hope you enjoy it.

As for me - first up is a requested story of an interrupted slumber party, involving tape.  Lots of tape, in a story called Nighty Night.

Finally, welcome back after a break the Family of Crime in A Tale of Two Cities as Son and Daughter go one way, and Mother and Father another.

Next week - Heidi.


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Using a Sledgehammer to Crack a Nut

is about the best description I can give to the SOPA and PIPA acts been considered in the US.

Don't get me wrong - I support actions to prevent on-line piracy and protection of copyright where required.  Doing it in this way, however, is the wrong approach, as the wording been proposed is so woolly and all-encompassing that taken literally it would spell doom for the likes of YouTube and communities such as this one.

A number of sites are blacking out today in protest - KP Presents is not one of them, but I wanted to state my support of those who are fighting to change these acts before they cause real damage to the internet.

That is all.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Starting the endings...

I've just two stories for you this week, but hopefully you will enjoy both - plus they mean I start to make a dent in the list of ongoing work.

First up, we conclude Project: Dottie - do Rick and his group make it in time, or will a character from Dottie's past get there first?  You will need to read it to find out - but be warned, for mature adult readers only.  Dottie will return soon in a special crossover tale...

Now - I had a letter from a reader known as Thefinal Lover, praising stories like Generations and asking if I would write a story with a number of themes.  These included, but were not restricted to: - Three generations - grandmother, two daughters, four granddaughters; some deeper exploration of the ideas of binding and gagging a woman in a burqa, which we've touched on in stories like Mirror of The Soul and Respect to the Female; a kidnapping arising; and the various cultural and family conflicts there may be.

Tall order - but sometimes, things click, and as I worked on an outline with TFL the story took shape far more quickly than I thought it would.  The result is Family Gathering, presented here for your consideration.  I hope you enjoy it as much as the requester did.

So, two stories on the list down - but the vote continues to see which other ones you would like to see sooner rather than later.

Next week - more endings, another requested story, and the Family of Crime return...


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fair warning

At some point in the next fortnight, I am going to take action to (a) back up the entire site onto some secure media, (b) do a long, LONG overdue update to my picture management software, which should hopefully iron out some glitches in the Chase Files story, and (c) completely replace the Discussion Board with something a little more manageable.

I'll give more notice of when I plan to do this, and during that time there may be some disruption to the site.  I apologise in advance for this, and with luck it will not be for too long.  Bear with me when the time comes.


Monday, 9 January 2012

So, at the moment...

So, for a moment there I thought I may have to do a run off poll, but you have picked The Thrice Bound Constable as your favourite contributed story for 2011.  Thanks to all who voted.

Now, a quick update.  I do accept requests, but right now I am telling people it may take a little while to get round to it.  Why - take a look at what's in my to do list...

Green Jealousy

Excerpt - She lurked in the shadows, watching the two women as they filed the paperwork away.  She knew they had the item she sought, but there was little time to allow them to leave, so regretfully they would have to be dealt with.

The blonde fell first, and the brunette put up no fight.  She secured them before turning her attention to the safe.  It only took her a few moments to release the locks and open the door.

As the mist hit her, she blinked before thinking "Jade, when will you learn?  Engage brain before opening possible booby trapped containerssssssssss..."  

Portrait of a Lady – final chapter

How did she get her current position, when did Madeline go to the US, and how did she meet Penelope?  All to be revealed...

Three Ages of Gwen – part 3

A priority to get finished

The Faculty

Where did the two teachers from Seized at School go?  To a very special private school, where two of the “teachers” have been met before...

The BabySitter Bandit III

Will they be caught, and what happens next?

A Tale of Two Cities

The latest Challenge KP story – two sides of one kidnapping from two different cities in the UK.


A quiet night, a moonlight visitor, and soft scarves are the order of the day...

A Dish Best Served Cold

The China Doll Gang meet Coco and Soo – and kinda sorta lose...

The Family Gathering

Story request – one grandmother, two daughters, four granddaughters, three robbers, one night and lots of social differences...

The Cougar and The Kitten

Sequel to How I Bagged A Cougar

Daisy Pulls It Off

But what, and how?

Project: Dottie – Conclusion

Dottie faces her greatest threat head on, as an old adversary reappears – will Rick get there in time?

Nighty Night

Simply put, six girls, one slumber party, one set of tapings per girl – but who is doing it?

When Dottie met Debra

Planned this for some time – Dottie welcomes Debra (last seen in DIY) to conduct a priority audit into suspected fraud.  The man responsible, however, knows she is there, and has made plans for both ladies...

The Man from the Utilities Company

He is not all he seems to be...  this has been mostly mapped out.

Tales from a small town, part 2

Two years have passed since Micky’s dad visited Terri, and as she shows a new arrival to town a potential house she has no idea of what is about to happen...  Mapped out with Chase and will start writing soon.

There is also, in preparation by Doctor George, a very special tale of Coco's early days that you may want to watch out for...

So, as I say, I will take requests, but forgive me if they take a while.  In the meantime, what here catches your eye?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Gently, Gently

I'm easing myself back in this week with a pair of short, simple tales, as well as offering the first part of a new tale from Amanda Lu.

First up, Memories are what come to mind for one woman when she is surprised in her own home by an intruder.

Secondly, for young Lesley the opportunity to live out a long held fantasy of hers leads to The Awakening of something more.  This is based on a private request I filled out, with a few details changed to fir the theme of the site.

Now, from Amanda Lu we have the first part of Maggie's War, set in the dark days of World War II.  As new parts arrive, we will add to his page, so watch out for updates.

I'm working on a schedule for the next few months for new stories, and on is the second sequel to a story that I seem to get around to once every eighteen months or so.  As a taster of what is coming, please enjoy the first tale of The Babysitter Bandits.

Next week, God willing as always, the final part of Project: Dottie.  Stay tuned...


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to work...

Quick note before I look at the December figures – in the vote for the best contributed story, we currently have a three way tie – and one of those is for Other.  Guys and gals, if you are voting Other, PLEASE tell me what the other is.  End of public announcement.

December, like July and August, is a bit of a strange month with holidays and other things going on, so a slight drop in visits is not that surprising.  There were a total of 7,040 visits by 3,981 people, viewing a total of 30,362 pages.  As always, we had some interesting visitors from countries like Macau, Venezuela, Iran and South Korea, but for some reason the Czech Republic was very high on the hits list.

Still no hits from my hometown – the nearest this month was six miles away – and on US watch we had no hits from Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota.  The wait continues...

Now, looking at referring sites – how the hell do you manage to link to here from  Or, for that matter,  Actually, the second one I can kind of understand, but the first?

Fortunately, the search engine terms do not disappoint.  Witness the following: -

Gagged and tied sister-in-law - Bound on the Fourth of July
Tie up by aunt - The Play's The Thing
“cute kid” + “tied her ankles” - The Cocktail Hour
Murder ziptied duct tape - Jury Service
Gag gagged “stuffed mouth” wad - The Worm That Turned
Lovingly kissed her bound rope - Working Your Way Up
“her tights” bank uniform skirt jacket - A Week of Living Dangerously
Bind and gag grandma - Protector
Burglar forced to strip- Off The Record
Gagged with a huge foam ball - A Night To Remember
Lady in her 50’s tied up and gagged images - Reflected in a Cat's Eye
Large strip of plaster gagged - Midsummer Bound
Terrified bound gagged - Turning The Tables
Tied to a tree in my panties in the woods - (Not) Alone In The Woods

So, in terms of actual hits the most popular stories for the last month of 2011 were...
  1. Seized from School
  2. The School Photographer by JennyGagged
  3. A Quiet Dinner
  4. Pebbles
  5. Kidnapped Rita Meter Maid by Tull
  6. Wrapping Things Up
  7. My Spoilt Birthday by Amanda Lu
  8. Turning The Tables
  9. The Thrice Bound Constable by Tull
  10. Pumpkin Day
  11.  Heidi’s Smashing Saturday
  12. Cruise to Terror

Meanwhile, in terms of average time spent on the page, we get
  1. MacKenzie and Marks in the USA part 6 by Gillian B
  2. A Family Affair
  3. MacKenzie and Marks in the USA part 2 by Gillian B
  4. Jayes and the Masked Marvel
  5. Cupid and the Cat
  6. Pumpkin Day
  7. Return Visit by Doctor George
  8. Indecent Proposal Chapter 3
  9. Trapped by an Unsuitable Filming Shoot by Mordaca
  10. MacKenzie and Marks in the USA part 5 by Gillian B
  11. Pumpkin Day
  12. Home Sweet Home part 3 by Gillian B

Is it just me, or was there a pattern in that last list?  Anyway, come back Friday when I have a couple of short tales, and the first part of another story from Amanda Lu.  After that?  Who knows...