Friday, 29 January 2016

Spending time together

is very important - for team building for example, as the editorial board of a magazine find out when The Editors Meet

It's also important for families, as the ladies will tell you in part 1 of Happy Families - when they've finished tearing a strip off the men folk...

And it's also important to spend time with your children, as we see in more Mother and Daughter Moments courtesy of the Games Players.

Spending time together also promotes healing, as The Gentlemen Robbers demonstrate in Gently Does It.

Finally, Amanda Lu shares the story of Three Cases, One Detective

Next week, as always God Willing - Dial-A-Fantasy returns.

Until then, I remain,


Friday, 22 January 2016

Nothing Forgotten

Welcome to this week's update - and consider this.  We know, through the various stories, what made the women of the Pussycat Gang who they were, to a greater or lesser degree - but the one we know least about is Diana, and what drove her to do what she did.  Well, as we celebrate the Belles of the Ball, one part of her story is revealed...

We also have a brand new Chase File for you, with the tale of the After Party.

And we also have a new tale from Tull, as Ray Seizes the Day.

I also have one woman's recollection of The Touch.

And Finally, John Jacobs remembers his days of The Cat as a Kitten.

Next week, as always God Willing - The Gentlemen Robbers.

Until then, I remain,


Friday, 15 January 2016

It's time for a party

Especially in New York, as we follow the final preparations of the Belles of the Ball.

Meanwhile, after introducing the Mystery Girl last week, let's see how she managed to find help, albeit in the wrong way, as Alicia and Angela spend some time in Maine, and go Into The Woods.

The man who is Not A Robber has been very popular - and he's back as he interrupts The Robbery Game

And there's a mum and daughter who are about to learn the value of Patience.

Finally for this week, what is the meaning of Well Met by Moonlight.

Next week, as always God Willing - a little surprise.

Until then, I remain,


Friday, 8 January 2016

Onwards and Upwards

Welcome back to KP Presents for our first update of 2016 - I trust you all had a good holiday.

Before I begin, to repeat what I said earlier on Twitter, my thanks to all those who bought one or more of my e-Books.  As you may know, I give at least 20% of all sales to Macmillan Nurses, and this year I have made a donation of £30 on behalf of all of you.

So let's wrap up a couple of bits of business from last year - starting with the last part of The Women in White, and we meet  an old friend...

And talking of old friends and Pussycats...  Remember The Night of My Dreams?  Well, Charles Spencer sent me a nice surprise this week - a re-imagining of the story where instead of three random intruders, we have ladies claiming to be three other women as Mark Plays with Pussycats.

We haven't heard from Heidi for a while - and that will change - but first, a slight interlude that will be reflected elsewhere as we meet a Mystery Girl.

We also meet Sheila again, as she and some friends have no choice but to take part in The Contest.

And finally for this week, a story involving Generations in White.

Next week, as always God willing - Not another Robbery.

Until then, I remain,


Thursday, 7 January 2016

The End of the Year Show

Ah December – the end of a year, and a time to look at things old and new.  So let’s look back at the month.

A total of 12,215 visits by 8,004 people, with a total of 44,651 page views – which I think is a new record, so thank you one and all.  And especially if you visited from Qatar, Curacao, Grenada, Iceland, Bulgaria or China.

Looking at the search terms, the following caught my eye: -

Knotty silk scarf + Thomas Silk – The Headscarf Gang
Gadget penny bound gagged – Possible Response
“mumbled through her gag” – Knocking
Clare wedge story – Comings and Goings Part 1
Girl tied up in underwear – The Cat’s Pyjamas
Kidnap fantasy gagged – The Stolen Warranties
Moms tied and gagged by their children – Behind The Mask
wife ties and gags 21 year old female babysiter in tight jeans bondage storys –  Meet The Williamsons

So, the results for the last month of 2015 were...

Stories by KP
Stories by others (new entries in BOLD)
Double Trouble
The Perils of Babysitting by JennyGagged
No Warning
The First, Best Time in Bondage by Jim from Michigan
In Their Own Words – Family Peril 2
No Witnesses by JennyGagged
Tokyo Nights
Babysitter in Trouble by JennyGagged
Seventies Bound – The St Monica’s Ladies Circle
IT’s Just a Game by Anonymous
The Women in White – part 1
Cowgirl Cathy: The Revenge of Big Benjamin Grundy by Govalus
Twinkle Belles
Tropical Troubles part 1 by Amanda Lu
The Women in White – Part 2
DenMother Gets Tied by DenMother
Santa’s Little Helpers
Brat Camp by JennyGagged
With Due Consideration
Miss Pringle by JennyGagged
Family Afternoon
Tropical Troubles part 2 by Amanda Lu
Mother and Daughter Moments 4
Sibling Bonding part 4 by Amanda Lu

When we look at the results in terms of average time on page, we get: -

  1. Christmas Belle part 2
  2. The Garden Party
  3. The Eyes Have It
  4. The Family Cat
  5. Sing For Your Supper
  6. Welcome to Wissenden
  7. Take Three Girls
  8. While You Were Away part 1
  9. The Two Scapegoats
  10. Lady Alicia
  11. The Christening
  12. Rough Diamonds chapter 3 by Gillian B

I will be back tomorrow, God willing, with new stories, but for now I remain,


Friday, 1 January 2016

My apologies

I've not had the best of weeks, so the first update of 2016 will be next week.  I'll do a review of December next week.