Sunday, 20 May 2018

Life Sucks

Okay - for those coming in late, my mother in law passed away, and I was going to the funeral while also looking for a new job.

That was the plan - and the plan was to do an update two weeks ago.  I got back from the funeral on the Tuesday - and on the Wednesday, I had a call to say my younger brother had died suddenly of a heart attack.

So - life sucks, and we're late again.

Having said which, you are cordially invited to the wedding of Charlotte Gordon di Cambrello and Pietre van der Byl, as We are Gathered Here...

We follow three women on A Grand Day Out...

A week late, more Euorthoughts in EuroHELP 2018...

And finally, a question of Contrasts.

I am aiming to update again week beginning 4th June, God Willing, but until then I remain,