Friday, 28 August 2009

Fair warning

It is a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, so the next update will be on Tuesday next week, not Monday as usual.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Straying into strange areas....

I offer three tales today, that in their ways go up against some of the boundaries I set for myself. Let me explain...

When it comes to tales of the Family of Crime, you expect a bit more of a physical meance and threat than with, say, The Gentlemen Robbers. In House Call, we focus on the men of the Family, who are joined by Uncle as they gather "collateral" for some business.

We also offer a tale of the Sporting Life called Match Tied, where the assailants are perhaps not the most friendly of people.

Finally, one of my cardinal rules in my stories is that children are not placed in peril as such. If we are being honest, however, criminals do occasionally deal with children, and it may be that should be reflected in some way in these tales. For that reason, today The Cat offers some tales of how he dealt with children in his profession in Cat In The Cradle. I state here - no children are actually harmed, but do let me know if this is a step too far and the story will be amended in a suitable manner.

You'll know which part I'm talking about when you read it.


Monday, 24 August 2009

I'm back

Refreshed, revigorated, and with some new ideas to try out. If you'd like a sneak preview of five upcoming stories, than have a look at

As for today - well, you may remember the narrator and Jay from In Exchange were last seen heading over the border. We catch up with them as they explore the question of just why She's The One.

With many thanks to Mordaca, we can now add to the On My Own section a tale of Daisy Dukes and bare soles as Mary-Lou discovers she is not Safe At Home.

In fact, why no thave an extra Mordaca story this week in the form of Intruders At The Cuckoo's New Nest.

More Thursday.


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Holiday Reading

I will be off on Holiday from Friday 7th to Monday 24th of August, so it is extremely unlikely there will be any updates until then after today. Which means I need to give you some holiday tales to pass the time.

How about another of my tales in The Longer Form, as Dominique is asked to carry out a Mole Quest.

In addition, how about a special tale from Mordaca that could only be related Off The Record.

Please welcome Sir David J to the list of contributing authors on the site, with his tale of Carol's Big Break.

In the On My Own section, I offer a cautionary tale of the importance of Safety First.

For those who consider Robbery at the Sorority House a favourite, what do you think will happen if we Return to the Sorority House? Read the tale, and see if the linked pictures help.

An unusual tale has just been coughed up from the WABAC machine - could this be a case of Sour Grapes?

Finally, a special Reflections tale called Special Request. I cannot be the only one who could relate to this tale, so share your thoughts on this or any of the other stories here or at the discussion board.

Finally, a special request of my own. With all the moves between hosts and sites, I've lost my copy of a tale called "Safe at Home" If anyone has this tale, please send it to me for uploading at some future point.

That's it - have a good time and I'll see you all on the 24th!


Monday, 3 August 2009

This week

There will only be one update - on Wedensday - before I take off on a couple of weeks holiday.

See you then.