Friday, 28 November 2014

Just in passing

Spending a week with shivers, a weeping nose and a splitting headache - sorry two weeks?  Not fun.

So this week, I have a new story from Tull, entitled WPC Drummond's Last Case.  You need to read it to understand why that is the title, and then both Tull and I welcome your thoughts and comments - is this really the end of the road for Wendy Drummond?

Meanwhile, we also have some more Mother and Daughter Moments - including the identity of the copycat Games Player.

John Jacobs also has some short reminisces for you as The Cat Holds Court.

And last, but by no means least, it's Spring Break in New York (yeah, I know - Irony) as the Pussycats relax, have fun, and help out A Friend In Need.

Oh - and you may enjoy this.  Or you may wish to lynch me...

Next week, as always God Willing - I finally get some long promised stories out.  Until then, I remain,


Friday, 21 November 2014

Slightly late

but at least we made the update this week.

So first up - Dominique is summoned by Madame X to deal with a business problem, while the Pussycats also deal with details from another angle, in Anna and the Prince of Siam.

Meanwhile, young Fiona Kerr learns more secrets as she sees Holderness Manor Through Fresh Eyes.

We also have a short tale of One Night.

and finally, part 3 of Dominated by DNA, as Sara discovers her calling, and you see the first rumblings of her connections to a certain family...

Next week, as always God willing - a new tale of Mark and his family.

Until then, I remain,


Friday, 14 November 2014

Believe it or not

I don't just throw this lot together - well, not normally, but this week there is a coincidence.

You see, I realized I only ever published the first part of the origin of Sara Smite, aka The Pink Widow, aka Sarah Holderness-Carter, so let's rectify that now with part 2 of Dominated by DNA.

And more recently, we can see what happened when Sarah and Brian called on Jay and Mrs McPhee to give A Helping Hand.

Meanwhile, in New York, a friend of Susan's comes to visit, and then joins Doc as they spend a Weekend at Diana's.

Finally, a tale called Casa Susanna, about which I am saying absolutely - nothing.

Before  I forget, The Black and The Grey, containing Gentlemen robbers and China Doll stories, and the collected first stories of The Pussycat Gang, are now available on iBooks, and hopefully soon elsewhere.  Links on the right if interested.

I return, as always God willing, next week, but for now I remain,


Friday, 7 November 2014

OH my

Three weeks to thanksgiving, and only seven weeks to Christmas?  Time is flying by.

So this week, we bring from New York the story of Saving Angel, as Doc Carlton discovers who her real friends are.

We also go back to the twenties as Barty Rhymaes meets an American Heiress and her friends, in a  tale called Jayes and the Ghost.  My thanks to Jennifer Jay for her input on this tale.

Elsewhere, Barry Hampton needs help in Facing the Carpetmen.

And finally, a story from Golavus that introduces The Guild.

More, as ever God Willing next week, but until then I remain.


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

October past...

So here we are – October has been and gone, and certainly here in the UK the winter has started to bite.  So let’s see how we did this month…

There were 13,834 visits by 9,098 visitors, with a grand total of 41,835 page views.  This month, we send a big hello to visitors from Madagascar, Bahrain, Uruguay, Colombia, Serbia, Taiwan and Israel. 

As for search terms – let’s have a look…

“strip of tape” “I won’t hurt you” “tears” – Surprise Caller
Teacher bound and gagged stories – Suzie’s Sleepover
Itching powder panties – Party Girl
“too well gagged” – I Missed You Too
Elbow behind gag knot – Staff Training 
Girls own kidnap club – Tales of Two Penny’s
Lady burglar gagged – The Case History
Mother kept daughter tied and bound always – Mother and Daughter Moments
Teen girl handgagged – House Call

So – most viewed stories in October 2014.  We shake the magic 8 ball, and the answer comes out…

Stories by KP
Stories by others
The Perils of Babysitting by JennyGagged
Double Trouble
No Witnesses by JennyGagged
Not A Robbery: The Office
The First, Best Time in Bondage by Jim from Michigan
Make Her Comfortable
Babysitter in Trouble by JennyGagged
Angela’s Secret
Miss Pringle by JennyGagged
White Ladies
It’s Just A Game by Anonymous
New Starts part 2
Eileen Gets Off Lightly by Tull
On A Summer’s Day
Brat Camp by JennyGagged
Charlie Says
My Very Last Job by Mordaca
Weekend at the Cabin
The Abduction of Amanda part 1 by Stefanie
Bedtime Story
Babysitting Blues by Doctor George
Dinner at Veronika’s
The After School Terror by Thomas Silk
Should Auld Acquaintance… Part 3

Meanwhile, in terms of actual time on the page, we have…

  1. Sins of the Past
  2. Looking for a New England – part 4
  3. The Cat was Cool
  4. Jayes and the Mummy Problem
  5. A Quiet Evening at Home
  6. The Cat Shares
  7. Dancing With A Stranger
  8. Watching Me Watching You – Part 1
  9. Stone Cold Certainty
  10. Paying for the Vacation
  11. Witness to Distress
  12. Home From The Mall

We’re back, as always God Willing, on Friday, but until then I remain,