Saturday, 10 December 2016

Only two weeks?

Sheesh - which means I apologize even more for the late update.

First up - a seasonal tale of Jay Edwards and team as we view Jay's Christmas Cheer.

And one woman is about to experience a Holy Night.

Meanwhile...  The WABAC Machine has been to a familiar place, with the story of the St Monica's Young Mothers Group.

And after the events in Marseilles and Monaco, a change of scene and life are called for for Charlotte and her mother Francesca - but it will involve Trials and Tribulations.

And finally this week, Rebecca tells of the joys of Going Out.

More, as always God Willing, next week.  For now, I remain,


Friday, 2 December 2016


We all have our own dreams - for example, Charlotte Gordon often must have dreamt of the mother she never knew, but now she has met her, then the concept of what is Best Served Cold is tested.

As for young Sheila in the late seventies, then she has the matter of Sheila's Christmas Wish.

And the young lady undergoing the disciplinary action of The Firm dreams of it ending.

And as for the women caught up in Midwinter Modesty just want to know what is going on.

Finally this week, the story of how Rebecca discovered Straitjackets.

More, as always God willing, next week, but for now I remain,


Friday, 25 November 2016

A Shock to the System

is exactly what Charlotte Gordon is about to get in Best Served Cold - and I mean a big one.

Meanwhile, a Sunday afternoon is interrupted in Coming For the Ride

And a family get involved in Decoy

The Rebecca tales continue with a story of Handcuffs

And finally, Mordaca offers The Weird Encounter.

More next week, as always God willing, but for now I remain,


Friday, 18 November 2016

As I look back upon my life...

good things come to mind - just ask our first narrator as he remembers Five Nights with Helen.

Or John Jacobs as The Cat Sits Back.

Rebecca also has more childhood memories - this time of Crime and Punishment.

And from Amanda Lu,  more Sibling Bonding and the start of how The Firm applies disciplinary procedures.

Finally this week, more revenge is Best Served Cold.

More, as always God Willing next week, but for now I remain


Friday, 11 November 2016

There is a saying

that revenge is a dish Best Served Cold - and that is the title of the next Pussycat Gang story, as the Sisters of Maisha both honour the fallen, and launch a campaign to avenge the attack on Laura.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and her sister have a bad case of Babysitter Blues

And talking of youngsters, some more Mother and Daughter moments.

We also have another tale from Den Mother

And finally, an Examination.

More stories, as always God Willing, next week, but for now I remain,


Saturday, 5 November 2016

We all need time to reflect...

and enjoy life - just ask The Collector.

Or indeed, ask the latest person to host Adam and Eve for Farm Days.

We also wind up Sins of the Past, with the Battle of Bavaria Lodge, and a few surprises...

Mordaca would like to tell you of When 'The Games' Were Crashed.

And finally for this week, Rebecca continues her childhood memories with Escape Artistry lessons.

We will be back, as always God willing, next week, but until then I remain,


Friday, 28 October 2016

Happy Hallowe'en!!!

Well, that was fun - and I want to thank whoever did the survey that failed to tell the development company that cut through the server cables for not finding them.
But it is Hallowe'en on Monday, and while I personally prefer to say to all Happy Samhain for those who celebrate that, or Feliz día de los Muertos, the tradition is seasonal tales - and for that, I offer a story of Looking.

It's also good to see Jay Edwards, Mrs McPhee, and their associates enjoying the experience of the day in Jay at Hallowe'en
People also like to dress up at this time - which leads to The Costume Crime.
Another Den Mother tale as well, as Den Mother Ties Herself
We also have part 2 of Sins of the Past - if you follow these stories at my deviantArt account, I mentioned there was a part of the story we had to miss out there.  This has that missing part - to illustrate there are true horrors out there.  I apologize if it upsets anyone.

And to make up for it, a treat - I have been meaning for some time to start posting some stories I found on another site.  These are the childhood stories of a woman called Rebecca, and in this first tale she tells of The First Time Tied up.  Let me know what you think.

More, God (and major project contractors) willing next week, but for now, I remain,