Thursday, 27 May 2010

Got time for a chat?

It's always nice to find time to talk with friends and fmaily, share experiences and work things out. For those in our tales this week, however, things could be different.

Take, for example, the three girls who face an Eurovision Nightmare - told in the same style as Olympic Commentary as a homage to Madddog. I'm sure they would have appreciated the chance to talk more lucidly.

Ot how about the tennis rivals and sisters who have to take an enforced Tiebreak - they have plenty of time to talk, but not to play their game.

The best thing of all, however, is when friends look out for friends, which is when you discover The Ties That Bind, according to Mordaca.

Enjoy - and to those who have voted in the recent poll, I do listen to the views.


Update coming later...

I'm getting mildly frustrated with the fact I need to take longer than needed to upload stuff at the moment - but three new tales will be up by the end of today.

Friday, 21 May 2010

A Feline Feeling...

I think that sums up nicely what we have today for our new stories.

Firstly, and naturally, we have our very own Cat, who offers ot share soem fo the tales behind his more private collection in Cat On The Top.

Now then - what is a cougar if not a big pussycat? Yes, yes, I do knwo what the more modern meanign of the word is - and so does the kidnapper who describes How I Bagged A Cougar. This was a story request, and is something I don't usually do. Does it work? Only you can tell me...

Finally, cats like to roam round gardens, and what else do we find in gardens (especially in the UK) but garden gnomes. So whay is this particular group, includins Tombstone, Hunting Garden Gnomes At Night? Mordaca provides the answer.

Yeah, bad link for the last one - so sue me. I'll see y'all next week.


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Boing, Boing

I've had a couple of messages from people who have had trouble accessing the site at times, particularly on a Wednesday evening. I've looked into it, and it looks like that is when the server the site sits on gets backed up or worked on. Unfortunatly, I don't get any warning of it, so I apologise for when it happens and ask for your patience.

In the meantime, I'm cleaning out the litter box for tomorrow's new postings - and that's a clue to who may be in the stories...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Update Friday this week

I'm in the North West of England for a few days on business, and haven't had time to get the update together for tomorrow. Apologies, but I'll have something on Friday.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

How thoughtless of me

I forgot that it was Mother's Day last Sunday in the US. Had I remembered, then I would have directed you to the Relative Perils, Reflections and Family of Crime collections for suitable stories of mothers and their daughters.

As it is, I need to make it up for you, so how about an all new tale of the Family of Crime called A Family Affair?

I'm working on two or three big stories for the moment, so in the meantime please accept this short Reflection on the subject of Relief.

Finally, Mordaca invites you to hear the tale of The Phony Birthday Cake Girl.

Next week I'm busy at a conference, so I'm not sure when the update will be. Keep coming back to see when I get a chance to do it.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dancing with the stars

For this week, three tales involving stars in one way or another.

For example, the three maidens fair in our first tale spend a night (or part of one) under the stars in Queen of the May.

Then we have two stars of our requests and contributed stories - Dottie and Ginger Cavanaugh - meeting in the tale of the Wedding Belles. This, however, is not their first meeting - that is a tale for another day.

Finally, Mordaca offers the tale of one woman's weekend with a former rock star in The "Captive"'s Real Trouble.

More next week - and remember, like the General Election in the UK tomorrow, your vote in the Bondage Awards 2010 counts.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May the Fourth be with you...

Sorry - seems to be a standard of awful joke at this time of year...

Anyway, here we are with the review of how the site functioned in April. Old timers will switch off now, but new readers may enjoy seeing how the site has been linked to and viewed last month.

We had 2,132 visits by 1,100 distinct visitors, with a total of 10,105 page views – up slightly again on March. For whatever reason, apart from the usual visitors from the US, UK, Germany, Brazil and denmark, we had a few new visitors from the likes of India, Australia, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, South Korea and from the Cayman Islands to the Falkland Islands. Quite a spread there - and I still wonder just how much we are seen in China, given we have a lot of visitors but only one hit each.

Lot of referrals from the blog (naturally), Yahoo groups (especially Freddie’s Tales), and a big welcome to everyone who has come here from the Bondage Awards links – I hope you voted for your favourites.

As always, a whole slew of – interesting – search terms have led people here. For example...

she tied the nurse up in her underwear after stealing her uniform – She’s The One
use these hermes scarves to gag her with – Award Night
handgagged girls with face towel – Danger: Dominique!
accumulated flotsam – Underground in Austria
as soon as openend the door knew something was wrong cooking – Off The Record, Generations
bounded and gagged housemaid in long dress and apron – Mole Quest
he unbuttoned her waistcoat – Wiccan Woes, Seventies Bound
The lower part of her face was covered by tightly knotted scarves, scarf gag – Special Request
Woman associated with ropes in the garage – Garage Sale
Dominique at jenny’s feet - Audition

Finally, the most popular stories have been from all sections, including an appreciation for the return of Queenie’s stories by Gillian B. As for those looked at for the longest they are:-

Home Sweet Home by Gillian B
Independance Day
Queenie and the Boxer by Gillian B
Apr├Ęs Skein
Stone Cold Certainty
Mirror of the Soul
A meeting of the minds
Christmas and The Cat
The Perfect Housemate
Le Bal Masque

So, this month - new stories for the seasonal holidays, a special meeting of two popular characters, the Family of Crime will strike again, and whatever else comes either to thsi feverish mind or else to my inbox. Thanks for your continued support.