Friday, 30 July 2010

Take three writers...

First of all, there's Rayron D'Olier, as we continue re-posting some of his more famous stories with Working Late.

Second.we have Mordaca with more tales of The Duchess and her associates demonstraing that Lightnings Are Lazy.

Finally, a small effort of mine at the request of Tull with the title of Brass Robbing. If you get the references, you are as old as me - congratulations...

Now, advance warning - I'll have more work next week, and then it is my annual two weeks off. you have been warned...

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Running a little late

My day job has been challenging for all sorts of reasons this week, so it's likely to be tomorrow before I load up new stuff. In the meantime, may I recommend...

The story that introduces you to the KP world and many of the characters therein, Diamond Lights

The full tale that was George's Journey

Or what happened when the paths of La Ciocolatta and The Cat crossed again in Reflected In A Cat's Eye.


Monday, 26 July 2010

The Missing Link

Sadly, my PhotoBucket acount has been terminated, so the link will just tell you it is no more. I'll remove it when I update later in the week, but thank you to all those who added me to their contact list over there. I still have the collection on file if anyone wishes to trade.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

And so to rewrite

I've always said I listen to those who read my stories, and when some of them (includinf French speakers) say they cannot follow the story in Bastille Day, I know to do something about it. Hence the new version today, with a clearer storyline.

In addition, I visit something I frst two years ago, where different members of a family tell the same tale from their perspectives, with Generations II.

Finally, Mordaca would like to tell you the tale of The Captive's Place.

More next week.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Update coming later

Work and personal commitments have got in the way this week, but there will be new stuff either later today or late tomorrow.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

For this week

First up, Madame X feels her personal security is threatened, which prompts her to act on Bastille Day.

Secondly, a tale of a Party Night that goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Finally, another classic Rayron D'Olier tale in the form of A Wellness Day. Be warned - adult content in this tale.

More next week.


Update coming

hopefully later today - the host server seems to be having a particularly bad time of letting me in at the moment.

In the meantime, I'm starting a new poll here, and I'd appreciate your votes on this one. I've been laying the seeds for some time for a very special story, but I'm still uncertain as to whether or not I should it. Your votes and views may help me make my decision.

Monday, 12 July 2010

A very silly post

It's my birthday this Friday - if you were to get me a present, what would it be?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Guest Week

As promised, three new stories (well, two new and a classic reprint) from the guest authors at the site.

Firstly, Tull tells the tale of Wendy, the traffic warden who previously appeared in An Unauthorised Withdrawal, as she falls foul of crooks during The Smoking Break.

Secondly, Mordaca returns with a new tale of The Black Rose and how she brings a Real Distress Time for Ms Roberts.

Finally, we are proud to reprint the complete story of A Dangerous Man by Rayron D'Olier, as previously seen at Tied And True Tales.

More next week - please, tell us what you think of these and any other tales here.


Monday, 5 July 2010

Looking back on June...

For June, the figures look down slightly, but what the hey...

We had 13,108 page views during 2,757 visits from 1,392 visitors – 44% of whom were new to the site. Welcome to one and all – especially those from Chile, Luxembourg, South Africa, South Korea, and China who managed to gain access for the first time. As for the US watch – we only have one state now, North Dakota, where we have not had a visitor. We wait in hope...

Welcome to those who have found the site through Multiply or FetLife – hope you like what you find here, where we try to cater for most tastes. Don’t believe me? Here’s the pick of the search terms this month and what they led to.

· Buxom orientals – Trapped by an Unsuitable Filming Shoot
· Tight muffling layered knotted silks scarf gags – Just Hopping Around
· “hands tied behind her back” skirt gagged – Invitation to Danger
· “her own gag” – Queenie All at Sea Part 2
· “mother tie her wrists” – Moral Freedom
· "tied up" writs ankles "long dress" or "evening dress" or gown – A Week In The Life
· “wrists tied” poncho – Plaid Piracy
· Agent girl dressed up and gagged – The Bad Girls
· Gagged with ladies handkerchiefs – Wrap up Warm
· Teacher scarf gagging – Lessons in Revenge

So, what was popular this month? In terms of number of hits, we have: -

1. A Girl in Every Port
2. Perils of Snooping by Rayron D’Olier
3. An Unauthorised Withdrawal by Tull
4. Hostage Sisters
5. Chapter 7 of The Salesman Calls by Madddoguk1
6. Just Hopping Around by Mordaca
7. The Doppelganger Affair by Mordaca
8. Bound with a View by Bound_is_Best
9. How Boring
10. Summer Ball

In terms of how long people stay on to read the story, the picture is: -

1. Breaking the Silence
2. Audit
3. Business as Usual
4. Ladies in Red
5. Queenie and the Madame part 1 by Gillian B
6. Holiday Hell
7. Return Visit
8. Cupid and The Cat
9. The Search
10. Flora MacKenzie in the USA by Gillian B

Which shows how things can attract different people in different ways.

Anyway, this week will be guest author week, with new tales by Tull, Rayron D’Olier and Mordaca – I need some time to catch up on a few things. More Wednesday.


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Songs in the key of MMMPH

Happy Canada Day for today and Independance Day for Sunday - here's a little ditty for you

With apologies to Mann and Weil

When the world and I were young, just yesterday
Crime was such a simple game a child could play

It was easy then to tell jewel from glass
Easy then to tell weak from strong
When the rope would hold a lass
Or something else went on

But today, there are alarms and cameras
Today, security is much tighter
Today, there is no simple plan
Only their fear and shame

I remember when the victim just sat through
We had no need to use a gun, our face would do

It was easy then to keep them all silent
They would sit and make no complaint
The gags would hold and we would take
Their valuables and chains

But today, there is Crimewatch UK
Today, there are blogs and they have their say
Today, there is no anonymity
The old days have passed away

It was easy then to know dark from fair
When to take and when to spare
How much time you had to take their stuff
And how fast to run away

But today, there is no finesse or style
Today, there are just threats so vile
Today, she cowers and does not smile
The old days have passed away
They've just passed away…