Friday, 17 December 2010

Ding Dong Merrily on High...

All right - first up for this week a tale from Mordaca of Tombstone and his associates, involving An Unexpected Profit.

Now, a couple of new reasonably seasonal tales from me. For example, the owner of Harpers department store, and his family, got a most unwelcome surprise When Santa Came In.

As for Elaine, meanwhile, the return home After The Party is equally eventful.

Delving into the archives, we can also offer two more occasions when parties go wrong thanks to the Secret Santa, and The Christmas Fairy - the latter having the distinction of the first appearance of Penelope and Madame X.

I'm going on holiday for the Festive period, so let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for dropping in and reading the tales that have appeared here. On behalf of Mordaca, Tull, JennyGagged, Rayron D'Olier, Bound_Is_Best, Ed Overton, Doctor George and the family of Gillian B, as well as myself, I want to say how much we have enjoyed your support and encouragement as we have tried to entertain you over the last twelve months. In the world of the internet, 14 587 unique visitors may be incredibly small change, but hopefully each and everyone of you have found something here. I also wish to thank the above named contributors, without whose efforts this would be a much less interesting place.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, or whatever the relevant festival name is for you, and that you get all that you wish for and deserve in 2011. We will be back on Friday, 7th January with new tales, but until then keep well and keep safe.


Monday, 13 December 2010


I have been informed that a Trojan Horse got attached to the front page of the site. I have removed the offending file and will replace later, but for now if you have visited the site in the last week run an anti-virus program such as Malwarebyte and clean your system.

I would like to personally apologise if this has caused problems for you.

UPDATE: Problem solved, but please contact me if you find any other problems.

As the end of 2010 approaches

You have one week to vote from what the stats suggests are the most popular stories, both by myself and by others. No prize will be awarded to the winner, bu tit gives you a chance to show your appreciation for what appears here.

On which note - following the update later this week, I will be taking my annual Christmas break, and there will be no new postings after then until the first week of 2011. I will share my greetings for the season on Friday.


Friday, 10 December 2010

Let us celebrate

in a number of ways, as John Jacobs reflects on the various winter festivals we have in the tale of The Winter Cat.

Christmas, by the way, is also a time for ghost stories - so this week let me point you to the best ghost story I think I have written, Changeling.

It's also a time when old black and white movies appear on the television - which may have influenced a story I call Blackmail. The linked photos, courtesy of Tex, may also have had an influence.

Finally, JennyGagged wants to tell you all about the Brat Camp.

More next week.


Friday, 3 December 2010

Are you sitting comfortably?

Good - then I'll begin.

Firstly, Dottie has returned from her Arabian Nightmare, but she still is not 100% herself. Will Dancing With A Stranger help? Read the story to find out...

Tull has also sent me a new tale, relating the events of The Heir Hunters' Bad Day.

Finally, Mordaca digs into the past of two of her most popular characters with a story called Under Pressure.

Christmas is coming, and I have some stories planned, but for now re-visit an old tale with the story of the Secret Santa.

Finally, as promised I've updated the links page with a link to my page at DamselTube.

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, 1 December 2010


So my Multiply account had become the latest to be deep sixed. A pity - I had built up a good rapport with some people there, but I won't be going back. No disrespect to those I was friends with there, but it seems a mild coincidence that the day I post that I was not willing to be bombarded with posts of boys in various forms, I get nixed.

Anyway, may I direct you to my DamselTube account at - this is where I will put the vids for now, and will update regularly. I'll sort out the links with the weekly update on Friday.

Christmas is Coming...

The goose is getting fat,

Please put your jewellery in the little black sack,

If you haven’t got some jewellery, your money will do.

If you haven’t any money then we’ll shoot you.

So, let’s look at November. In total, 15,366 pages were viewed on 3,676 visits by 2,120 visitors from 63 countries. As usual, we thank each and every one of you for dropping in – both from the usual countries, and places as far flung and exotic as Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar (Burma), Nicaragua and Panama. It looks like an increase again of about 10% on October, so keep spreading the word out there.

Question of the week – I’m familiar with most operating systems, but what the heck is SymbianOS?

Visitors came from all the usual places, but a special welcome to those of you who found me via DamselTube – I’ll be adding a link to my page there at the end of the week. Also, the usual unusual search terms have yielded...

Bound with her rival’s lingerie - Ladies Night

Bank robbery gagged teller - Early Opening

Boss handkerchief gagged - Bound for Follyfoot

Things to look out for when tieing rope around boobs - The Salesman Comes Chapter 2

Female kidnappers leather gloves - A Girl In Every Port

Rope “tie your friend” - One Burglar Too Many

“so much rope” mummy “gag her” - The Kidnapped Sherrif Affair

“the girls had been stripped” - The Campus Kidnapper

Flower sandals bound gagged - Return To The Sorority House

Evening dress high heels gag binder story - Helping Hands

So, what was popular? In terms of hits, the top stories were: -

  1. Schoolgirl Hostages by JennyGagged
  2. A Friendly Rivalry by Rayron D’Olier
  3. No Room For Amateurs by Mordaca
  4. Game, Set and Snatch by Bound_Is_Best
  5. The Eyes Have It
  6. Portrait of A Lady Part 2
  7. Hostage Weekend part 2
  8. The Campus Kidnappers by JennyGagged
  9. Forced to Play The Game by Rayron D’Olier
  10. Special Request

If, however, you go by how long people spend on a page, then the leaders are: -

  1. The Perfect Housemate
  2. Flora MacKenzie and the Millenium Bug by Gillian B
  3. Audition
  4. The Best Laid Plans
  5. Queenie and Purdah on the Scotch Express by Gillian B
  6. Gated Community
  7. Dottie’s Arabian Nightmare Chapter 2
  8. The Getaway by Mordaca
  9. Morning Caller
  10. Generations

Be back Friday (weather permitting) for our next update.