Friday, 27 July 2012

Guess what?

Apparently there's some sort of big sporting festival kicking off in London today - you might want to try and watch some of it.

But if you need a break, how about the latest in the series of Seventies Bound tales?  A bit short - but then, so are the dresses and shorts these girls are wearing...

OR maybe you would like a sequel to a tale called Not Another Saturday, as Mark and his family start Dealing With The Aftermath?

Finally, Golavus has kindly agreed to a reprinting of his latest tale of Sara Philips, Girl Detective, where he talks about Sara's Predecessor.

More next week.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

And no

I don't know what's happened to the blog layout - every time I try to put it right, it goes back to this.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Two for Monday

I was worried what sort of reception An Education would get, but so far it has been fairly positive.  I wait to see what you think of the second tale, called After School Special.

Also today, a welcome return for Madame X and Dominique, as they try to solve The Riddle - and how it ties into a certain girl detective.

Now onto the tales for Friday.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mundo Apologies

The next update will now be on Monday - but on the plus side, that should include a new Madame X tale, and there will be two updates next week...

Friday, 13 July 2012

Presenting for your consideration

First, my apologies to Mark, Dave and Mordaca - your stories have been taken far longer than they should have to complete, and I can only say sorry.  I am working on them, and will get them to you ASAP.

Right - as promised, and with the strong warning that the tale contains young damsels, we present the first part of An Education, entitled Learning the Ropes, which introduces to you Jenny and Cassie Craig.  I hope you enjoy the story, and do let us have your feedback.

I also have the third episode of In Their Own Words - and a challenge.  If you wish to send me a photo for consideration in future tales, please do so.  The address is

From the pen of Amanda Lu, we have a tale entitled House Arrest, Home Invasion, where a prisoner on home release gets a nasty surprise when she is brought home.

Finally, with the Olympics coming up, may I point you in the direction of a tale written four years ago, called Olympic Commentary?

More, God willing, next week.


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

So why the Poll?

As you know, some of the sections of KP Presents contain stories that deal with things in a slightly more - adult fashion than others.  Not that the stories are childish, but the content is such that some people find it unsettling, disturbing, or just plain don't like it.

You may also know that I sometimes get complaints when the characters in my stories are a little younger than the norm.  I can understand and appreciate that, and try to avoid it where possible, and when ti is done do it in a way so that it is very clear the younger damsels are not threatened or in any real danger.

Which is all a preamble to saying that this week I will be starting to post up a new collection of stories, entitled An Education, which feature Young Damsels.  The stories have been running for some time at the Tie-Up Games Forum, and I think some of you here would like to see them as well.  You have my guarantee that the stories are told by children, and have their view on what is happening, and also that they are never physically harmed by what happens.

In fact, here's an abstract from the first story, Learning The Ropes : -

 Where was I? Oh yeah - over the last few months we got more and more adventurous in our games, using tape, ropes, cloths - whatever we could find. Sometimes April would babysit for us, and on those occasions it was Cassie and I who were tied up together, but otherwise we would take turns.

As we played more, we still tried to be really careful, but we also probably got bolder, more assured, even cocky - in fact, last week we almost got caught. We were upstairs, in my room, and I was trying to get on with my homework while Cassie was reading a book. She had had a bath, and was lying on my bed in her Scooby Doo pyjamas while I was trying to do an essay on a book we were reading in English Lit.

After a while, I felt a paper wad on the back of my head, and I turned round to see Cassie smiling at me. "Just let me finish this," I said, but when I turned round I felt another wet wad on my neck.

"Cassie, if you don’t stop I'll make you stop," I said without turning round, half guessing what would happen. Sure enough, there was a pain on my neck as she hit me one more.

"All right," I said as I got up and walked towards her, "Don't say I didn’t warn you." Reaching under my bed, I pulled out the bag I kept our supplies in and took out a skipping rope. Cassie tried to get out of the way, but I was too quick, and within five minutes I had her wrists tied behind her back, her wrists crossed and the ripe over the cuffs of her pyjama top.

The second rope went around and between her ankles, and then I tried something that April had introduced us to the previous week. Normally I tied the third rope around her legs, but this time I tied one end around her wrists, and the second around her ankles. April had called it a hog tie, although she did not say why.

"Hey, this is nice," Cassie said as she moved her legs to and fro, "I'm not going to be able to move."

"You won’t be able to talk, either," I said as I took a handkerchief and folded it into a pad, pushing it in as Cassie opened her mouth. It was while I Was looking for a length of cloth that I heard footsteps on the stairs, and Cassie and I looked at each other.

Well, I panicked. There was a roll of clear tape on my desk, and I grabbed it, ripped a length off and stuck it over Cassie's mouth before pulling my covers over her, and then running back to my desk. I had just picked up my pen when Mum walked in with a pile of ironing.

"I just need to put these away, Jenny," she said as she walked to my chest of drawers. "Is Cassie all right?"

I looked over to see that Cassie was lying with her head on my pillow, facing the wall. "Oh yeah," I said, "She’s just dozed off. I'll make sure she goes to her room in a few minutes."

"Well, so long as she doesn’t disturb you," Mum said as she put the clothes away, and walked over to Cassie, brushing her hair as she lay there. "Ten minutes and then in your own bed, Cassie," she said, smiling as my younger sister nodded her head. As she walked out of the room, I let out a sigh of relief as Cassie turned and smiled through the tape at me - we had got away with it that time.

Obviously, if this is not for you, then do not go to that section.  I hope, however, that you give them a try - I guarantee innocence.

Friday, 6 July 2012

As Promised

We start today with a new Chase Files story, simply entitled The Jewel Job.  As always, it is accompanied by a set of photos from the old Bondage Harem site, for your perusal via the embedded links.  I'd be interested in what you think of the ending to this particular tale...

We also have the latest chapter in the story of Heidi Strong, as she tries to combine the fun of going with her friends to Cindy's birthday event with dealing with Heidi's School Project.

We also have a welcome return from Amanda Lu, as she re-visits two of her characters when they become the Dragon Boat Festival Hostages.

Thanks to those who have voted in the poll - there is a very specific reason for asking, which I will elaborate on next week.  Hopefully, we will also have an answer to The Riddle by then, but you may wish to see what happened another time when Mordaca challenged with a set of photos, which led to Le Bal Masque.

As always, I am


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Where on earth did the month go?

June seems to have flown past, especially given I was on holiday for a good chunk of it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back and see how the site coped.

Visits were generally on a par with May - there were 7,398 visits by 4,152 people, just over 48% of them new, and a total of 27,067 page views.  Looking at the demographics, we give a big “HI THERE” this month to the visitors from Ghana, Luxembourg, Israel, Switzerland, China and Mexico.  On the UK front, still no closer to my home townL, while in that big country across the pond only South Dakota and Alaska failed to look in.

One thing I’ve not looked at in the past has been the languages that people visiting the site use.  My tacking software tells me (if you count American and UK English as separate languages) that there were 56 in total - fascinating...

Anyway, referrals were as always eclectic and varied, with the one that got me thinking “Huh” been from  As for the search terms - well, see for yourselves...

Gagged sleeping sack - Brat Camp
“her wrists” tied gagged ankles sisters - Home Truths
Actress with adhesive plaster tape over their mouths - Private Collection
Escape artist bondage escape stories - Randi's Rueful Idea
Girl silenced tongue gagged - Mythbusters 2
Hostage bra panties - Case X
I was completely tied up and she just laughed at me - Picture of Fear
My skirt and stockings were stolen by a robber - A Week of Living Dangerously
Purse your lips tape gag - What Happened to Jenny?
Tie her to the chair said - Saturday At Home
Tied her silk scarf - Wrap Up Warm
Tight knots ropes wrists tied behind back - Invitation to Danger
Victorian kept her tied up - Paige's Day Off

So, what were the most popular stories in June?  Looking at the number of hits first as always, the top twelve were: -

  1. The Kidnap Club by Golavus
  2. Sara’s Gentlemanly Intrusion by Golavus
  3. Barb’s Binding Holiday
  4. No Witnesses by JennyGagged
  5. Double Punishment by Amanda Lu
  6. Jubilate!
  7. No Room For Amateurs by Mordaca
  8. Family Ties
  9. Marie’s Medical Room Mystery
  10. To Serve...
  11. Sunday Best
  12. Return of The Vixen

As always, when we look at the top in terms of average time spent on the page, the picture is slightly different: -

  1. When Harry Met Queenie Part 2 by Gillian B
  2. Portrait of a Lady Part 3
  3. Keeping It In The Family
  4. Rough Diamond Part 4 by Gillian B
  5. The Search
  6. The Ties That Bind by Mordaca
  7. Waiting for Janet
  8. Some Surprise on the Assault on the Judge’s House by Mordaca
  9. Home Sweet Home part 5 by Gillian B
  10. Jayes and the Mummy Problem
  11. Weekend at Paulette’s
  12. Mole Quest

I’ll be back Friday with, God willing, a new Chase File and other tales.  Until then, I am,