Friday, 31 January 2014

One down, eleven to go

Months, that is - so be here Monday for the review of January.

For today, however, from Jjelley and myself, thank you for your welcome for the Pussycat Gang.  I wasn't sure how they would be received, given the departure from my usual style, but you seem to like them, and the way we show you their lives.

So today, see what happens when one of them is critically injured in a robbery, and the others seek a form of Pussycat Vengeance.

Another series that is surprisingly popular are the Mother and Daughter moments, and again I have no idea why.  But I've never argued with the readers, so we have a fresh batch of tales for you.

Also returning today is Tull, with the third part of the Ray and Wendy trilogy - one that involves The Two Scapegoats.

Finally, and talking of sequels, Priya from One Day at Home is offered a way of trying to forget what happened, with Priya's Photo Shoot.

Next week, as always God willing, more from me and the return of Rayron D'Olier.

Until then, as always, I remain,


Friday, 24 January 2014

Welcome back

Firstly, this week, to Bartholomew Judas Rhymaes and his faithful gentleman's personal gentleman, Jayes, in the tale of Jayes and the House Guests.

The introduction of The Pussycat Gang last week has raised some - interesting correspondence, so it's time we looked a little closer at why these ladies are the way they are, starting with the question of Paying for the Vacation.

We also meet up again with Cassie Craig and her family, as they go on a summer Road Trip - and meet a few people along the way.

Finally this week, a question from Mordaca - "Is Revenge that Necessary?"

More, as always God willing, next week, but until then I remain,


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The results are in...

And, in third place for your favourite story of mien this year, combining votes from deviantArt and the blog, is...

The Midnight Caller - Nina

In joint second place...

Playing With The Family and The Birthday Party

and the clear winner, and your choice for the favourite story by me this year...

Missed Her By That Much!

Thanks to all who voted.

Now vote for your favourite Contributed story - we have a fine choice this year...

Friday, 17 January 2014

Looking good

was so important in the Sixties - so important that it could lead to Design Wars - a story suggested by Thomas Silk around two of the photos of girls in mini-skirts I posted a while back.  Another one coming soon...

Also new today, a new program to the DiD Channel, profiling a pair of new crooks known for Putting Family First.

And Heidi, the girls and their parents spend Thanksgiving dealing with recent events, in Heidi and the Healing Touch.  It's worth saying this contains possible spoilers for a couple of upcoming tales, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Reaction to The Pussycat Gang so far is generally positive, but yes - it is violent.  The question I and jjelley will be exploring in future stories is, how and why did these ladies become this way?  Some answers are coming very soon...

More next week, as always God Willing, but for now I remain


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A little something different

I don't normally do midweek updates, but - look, let me put it this way.  I have a very wide of readership here, with a wide range of tastes in their stories, so if your thing is the softer form of the stories, and you do not like some of the stronger stories, leave now.  I will see you again, as always God Willing, on Friday.

Still here?  Right, if you do not like explicit language or violence in your stories, time for you to go.

If you are disturbed by stories like Guests for the Weekend, best you leave as well, and I'll see you Friday.

If you are still reading this, or wondering why I'm saying this, then you'd better prepare yourself to meet The Pussycat Gang.  This story is written in collaboration with a reader known as jjelley, and - well, it goes places I have rarely, if ever, gone before.  So, I invite you to read, to comment, and to say if you wish to see more of these ladies again. 

God willing, I will be back Friday.  I hope you will be too.


Friday, 10 January 2014

Welcome back

Let's get the new stories for 2014 off to a start, with more tale from John Jacobs as The Cat Shares...

We also welcome back the Family of Crime, as they ruin one Family Christmas.

I also have a nice juicy request story for you, as a party of girls from Pakistan take part in a Terror Trip.

Now, the vote is on for your favourite story by me in 2013, based on the tracking data.  Cast your vote - and if I'm missing any, let me know.  Where's Cassie? has already being mentioned.

More, as always God Willing, next week, but until then I remain,


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

With regret

I have been asked to remove a story from the site, as it bore rather too close a resemblance to one that had been published elsewhere by another author.  I have checked and verified this, and so the story has gone.  No more will be said on the subject - save that I regret the inconvenience.

Friday, 3 January 2014

At year's end

Welcome to 2014 – and one or two last bits of business from last year, starting with a review of December.

We had 12,645 visits by 8.442 people, with a total of 37,807 page views – not too shabby for a quiet month.  Welcome and hello to the visitors from New Caledonia, Jersey, Nigeria, Bulgaria and Serbia.  Looking at the US of A, all states had at least one visitor, while on the home front, still no closer to home.

Looking at referring sites, no surprises, but search terms...

Woman tied up tightly to a wooden chair and gagged – Going Solo
Bound and gagged students – Robbery at the Sorority House
Boy scouts mother tied – Heidi in Charge
Her hand tight over my mouth – Hospital Trauma 
Knit scarf gagged – A Friendly Wager
Pair of panties is put over her face – Trick or Treat
She needed to be tightly gagged – Helping Hands
Tied her riding boots  - Truth or Dare
Tied up games sweater bondage – What Are Sisters For?

So, for December, the top twelve stories in terms of page hits were: -

  1. No Witnesses by Jenny Gagged
  2. Babysitter in Trouble by JennyGagged
  3. The First, Best Time in Bondage by Jim from Michigan
  4. The Perils of Babysitting by JennyGagged
  5. Miss Pringle by JennyGagged
  6. The Thrice Bound Constable by Tull
  7. Bad Santa by Tull
  8. Meanwhile...
  9. Coming Home for Christmas
  10. Mother and Daughter Moments part 5
  11. Brat Camp by JennyGagged
  12. One Day at Home
  13. The Chronicles of the Dark Ones Chapter 1 by Mordaca

As for in terms of time spent on the page, we have...

  1. An Education: Suzie’s Sleepover
  2. The Triple Assault at the Blackmailer’s Party by Mordaca
  3. Portrait of a Lady chapter 4
  4. Four Seasons in One Day
  5. The Cat’s Eye View
  6. The Coffee Morning
  7. The McCulloch Legacy part 2 by Tull
  8. The Ties That Bind by Mordaca
  9. The Riddle
  10. Bastille Day
  11. Portrait of a Lady Chapter 5
  12. Sara’s Gentlemanly Intrusion by Govalus

So  - onward and upward.  Join me next Friday, God willing as always, but until then I remain.