Thursday, 30 September 2010

Updates for the next couple of weeks

are going to be a bit spotty - let me explain why.

I have the usual batch of stories in preparation and lined up ready for loading, but in my real life I'm also making final preparations to spend two weeks in the US delivering training courses. As a result, I just don;t have the time to dedicate to my usual weekly full update.

Instead, I'll be adding new stories one at a time every couple of days from now until the middle of October. On the positive side, you will see more posts here in October, and can come more frequently. On the negative side, the updates will be small, and at what to me are strange times. Bear with em on this - especially as I'll be doing this in the spare hour or two I'm going to get each day.

Also, if you think this is easy for me, remember - not only do I have to cope with jet lag, I also have to avoid all the Election talk in the US at the moment. With that in mind, here's a little treat - join me tomorrow for the first mini-update.


Are you going to the party?

Friday, 24 September 2010

Time and time again

So, we end one story, present the latest part of another, and provide something a little different.

First, the third and final part of Dottie's Arabian Nightmare, as Dottie, Nelson and others gather for an ending - and possibly a beginning...

I recently posted a story called The Pastel Pink Rose, which proved extremely popular, so from the pen of Jim from Michigan comes part 1 of Sorority Rites. In addition, as part of the ongoing changes I've rearranged the contributiosn folder by writer, to make their tales easier to find.

Finally, some time ago Tull dropped me a line and asked me to explain what was going on in this drawing by Dark Hiro. More recently, Tex was idly speculating elsewhere just how effective the "smog masks" you sometimes see in photos from Japan and China were as gags, and what must be underneath them. Both collided in my brain, and the result is The Japanese Steal Ceremony.

More next week.


Friday, 17 September 2010

Chchchhhh Changes...

Ah, Bowie - gotta love him.

Anyway, in response to suggestions I have received, a few changes have been made to the site, as well as some new stories. Let's see....

Links - re-arranged into categories, and a new link added to Van;s Fiction. As always, if you have a link you think fits here, drop me a line.

On My Own and Multiple Maidens - I've moved some of the stories out into a new section, namely...

Dottie's Dilemmas - the tales of Dottie now have their own place, and the finale to Dottie's Arabian Nightmare will be appearing next week. I need to send it to her in the next couple of days first. Also new as a section is...

The Chase Files - I've obtained permission from a lady known as Chase, who my be familiar to the fans of Bondage Harem and is known elsewhere as ChaseBound, to write some stories around her photosets. I'll say this now - she has approved all stories that appear here, and given permission for me to link to her photos. These are also most definitely not for minors, so don't go there if you are under 18. Having said that, we start the collection with a little tale called Home Alone.

Madame X - We have promised this for some time, and now we begin - the story of who she is and how she came to be, in the first part of Portrait of A Lady.

Rayron D'Olier - another tale of crime, fear and arousal in Paige's Day Off.

Are other changes coming? Could be - but your ideas will be considered.

More next week.


Monday, 13 September 2010

Friday, 10 September 2010

Where Dreams Come From...

So, let's talk inspiration...

For example, over at DeviantArt I was asking for ideas of what people The Gentlemen Robbers should meet next, and Nid (a lovely girl there who has just got engaged to DavidPresents of the same community) asked why they never visit a museum. At the same time, I was looking through some Hiro pictures, and... Well, the result is Private Collection.

Then, I was out for a meal the other day when I saw this woman wearing a top and trousers straight from the eighties. That got me thinking of my student days, the styles of the time, and other things, which leads to A Picture of You.

Finally, Mordaca gets his ideas from somewhere else - so the idea for A Small Town's Biggest Secret comes from the same place. Just with a slight twist.

Before I go, some advance warning - I'll be taking a trip to this funny place called the UsofA in three weeks time, and updates in the first half of October will be sporadic.

Come back next week for the end of one tale, and the beginning of another long promised..


Friday, 3 September 2010

One, Two, Three....

One - we present the next part of The Netterton Jewels, set in 1920's britain as the notorious collection comes under the gaze of a certain pair of rogues...

Two - From the pen of Rayron D'Olier, a girl is Forced to Play The Game

Three - Modaca invites you to consider at leisure The Kidnapped Sheriff Affair.

More next week,


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Autumn leaves...

Well, it nearly is - but as we are in a new month, time to look back at what happened last month, even if I was away for half of it...

We had 2,856 viits from 1,599 people – 48.7% of whom were new visitors. Welcome to people from Latvia, Peru, Falkland Islands, Iran – but still no-one from Alaska, nor this month Arkansas, Wyoming or Montana. Must try harder..

the usual large crop of referring sites – although nowhere new this month. As for the search engine, the unusual terms this month included...

Ball gagged harriet – The Babysitter Bandit
Mother in law tied up and gagged – Early Opening
Nurse scarf gagged sleepy – Pay The Piper
“gloved hand over her mouth” – Wiccan Woes
Blouse skirt gagged tv story – Moral Freedom
Gagged managed to free herself – Replaced
Hogtied woman dressed in a skirt – The Case History
How tight they tied my arms – Family Legends
Mother daughter tied gagged wear each others panties – Bound with a View
vrouw handen vastgebonden rok hakken – Charity (Translated from Dutch...)

Now, given I was away for half of the month, the top stories were...


She Asked For It by Rayron D’Olier
Family Legends
A Week In The Life
A Week of Living Dangerously by Tull
Flattery Will Get You Nowhere
After The FACT
The Pastel Pink Rose by Jim from Michigan
Turning The Tables
Garage Sale
The Netterton Jewels Part 1
Dottie’s Arabian Nightmare Part 2
Working Late by Rayron D’Olier


Ms McKenzie in the USA Part 4 by Gillian B
Garage Sale
Return of the Vixen
Breaking the Silence
Lady Winterbottom’s Pearls
The Adventure of the Epping Sapphire by Gillian B
Cat in the Cradle
Home From The Mall
Reflected in a Cat’s Eye
A Wellness Day by Rayron D’Olier
Christmas and The Cat
Guests For The Weekend

This month - more from The Gentlemen Robbers... We start to peel back the veil on Madame X... What is the connection with some of our characters and the Netterton Jewels... and more from the usual gang of contributors.