Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Holiday Reading

I will be off on Holiday from Friday 7th to Monday 24th of August, so it is extremely unlikely there will be any updates until then after today. Which means I need to give you some holiday tales to pass the time.

How about another of my tales in The Longer Form, as Dominique is asked to carry out a Mole Quest.

In addition, how about a special tale from Mordaca that could only be related Off The Record.

Please welcome Sir David J to the list of contributing authors on the site, with his tale of Carol's Big Break.

In the On My Own section, I offer a cautionary tale of the importance of Safety First.

For those who consider Robbery at the Sorority House a favourite, what do you think will happen if we Return to the Sorority House? Read the tale, and see if the linked pictures help.

An unusual tale has just been coughed up from the WABAC machine - could this be a case of Sour Grapes?

Finally, a special Reflections tale called Special Request. I cannot be the only one who could relate to this tale, so share your thoughts on this or any of the other stories here or at the discussion board.

Finally, a special request of my own. With all the moves between hosts and sites, I've lost my copy of a tale called "Safe at Home" If anyone has this tale, please send it to me for uploading at some future point.

That's it - have a good time and I'll see you all on the 24th!



  1. "Special Request".

    That ending SUCKED!

    The story? Hot as heck! I was soooooooooo into it! But what a sad (albeit potentially ture-to-life) ending.


  2. Yup - it was meant as a downbeat ending. Without going into particulars, I've lost several relatives to various cancers - including a niece to cervical cancer at 30. I just applied my thinking to that situation.