Friday, 1 December 2017

A month is too long

and I am truly sorry, but real life in November was a bitch.  No excuses - I am just so glad it is the holiday season.

I also need to make an announcement - due to a change in policy by e-book carriers, the only place you can get new collections by me and others under the KP Presents banner will be my Lulu store here.  Mind you, I also get more if you buy them here...

Anyway - onwards, and we complete Fresh Starts with the CS awards show, and some life changing decisions...

Ever wonder how Jay Edwards and Mrs McPhee really got started?  If you did, read some Taped Tales.

One man discusses what is In My Room

We meet the Go Go Gone Intruder

And finally, Marcos offers part 2 of The Wrong Choices.

I am hoping to be back next weekend, God willing, with the Gentlemen Robbers, the China Dolls, and Objects of Beauty, but until then, I remain,


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